Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life is Fabulous… in eCards.

2012-07-12 09.37.40

Y’all were right.  Three kids is crazytown.  Some days I’m freaking Super Mom.  Other days it’s kicking my butt. The biggest sacrifice (close second being my sorely neglected hair) is this here blog. 

Remember when I blogged?  Remember when I was productive and got stuff done?  Remember when my house was clean?  Several of my friends have maids. I’m not the jealous type, but I am crazy jealous of this.

pick 2

A maid would allow me to pick three.

Hats off to mamas with 4 or more.  Right now three kids has me feeling this:


And this:

2012-07-02 08.35.46 

And this:


This too:


By the way I totally love ecards.  That’s right.  I don’t have time to read books, (I have the best intentions of reading Les Miserable before the movie comes out… except I haven’t even started) but I am totally up to date on funny online cards.

Another round of hats off to mamas before me who didn’t have online shopping.  How???????? 

Speaking of things that bless me, my minivan with it’s glorious sliding doors, is rocking my world.  The kids and I had a weekend on our own while Harley and the van were doing this.  We went out two times, cramming everyone in the backseat of our Corolla.  It can be done, but it ain’t pretty. 

The point of all this is to say, I miss my blog.  I miss reading blogs.  A big thanks to those special few whom I didn’t even know were following me and sought me out to tell me they miss me in the blogosphere. That means so much!  I want to get back.  I’m devising a plan to get back.  Don’t count me out. 

I’ve just been very much consumed by this trio of turkeys. 

 DSC_0012  DSC_0030

Worth it right? After all, I’m the one who taught them how to shake those tail feathers.


For now, I leave you with this gem.




Codi said...

Oh it is all so true!!!! Only I felt this way after #2! And I would say so much more on the subject if I could keep my eye open.

Mom said...

Welcome back. I have missed you!

Lisa LaBanc said...

that middle picture of max in the turkeys- he looks so much like tom!! i've missed you too

hayleymaree said...

As usual, this post is inspired. I love it. And with just two weeks left to go before I enter this whole world... am I ready? People keep asking. The answer is "never". I will never be ready, but it's coming anyways and at least I can laugh about it right? And your CD's have been wonderful. I listen to my Mama CD all the time. Thank you Xx

Crystal said...

Amen! It gets better, a little when number three is one. Or maybe that is just when crazytown just feels like the new normal.
Of course if you are truley mad that is when you'll go ahead an have number 4.

Ming said...

Welcome back friend. Three kids is crazy town! These ecards were all very appropriate and hilarious. Amen to it all!!!

With that said...I'm off to catch up on my blog. Never ending.

Love you and all your adorable little turkeys!!!

PS is it just me or are the "prove you're not a robot?" things getting ridiculously hard? It takes me like three times everytime. ugh!

spudette said...

I agree with every word of your post! Life with three is totally crazy town! I can't get anything done. As soon as I get the baby down for a nap the two year old wants to be held and snuggled. And if the two year old is entertaining himself the four year old wants something. I'm not really a neat freak, but my house is driving me crazy - it's disgusting! I just have to remind myself that taking care of the kids is more important! Good luck to you!

Jess said...

I am totally getting a maid when I get pregnant with #4. Except it will be awhile, because 3 is still kicking my butt. And also I'm the nursery leader, which is pretty much divine birth control, right? :)

Thanks for the smile today.

Sarah S said...

Amen to all of that Wendy!! I just have to laugh at how crazy our daily life is. Having three young kids is a total circus, especially when I am running on fumes, staying up too late and getting up a million times in the night. And trying to maintain a business during busy season when I prob. should have just taken the rest of the year off after having this baby.

But I've had some epiphanies lately. Three is hard. But really, having a baby is hard, especially when there are other kids in the picture. I had a very hard time going from one to two because they were 20 months apart and Eli was crazy sensitive and emotional. This time around has been a little easier, I think in huge part because Charlie and Andrew are 3 1/2 years apart. Not my first choice, but definitely a little easier. (however, Charlie doesn't nap, so I really miss the luxury of napping during the day!!)

And with the maid - I have two cleaning ladies who come twice/month for a few hours and clean my house. It most certainly is wonderful and I am very grateful. HOWEVER - every other week, the night before the ladies come, I am a crazy person running around my house trying to de-clutter and clean up the messes everywhere so the cleaners can do their thing. They don't come and organize my stuff, they come to clean. So in one sense it's good because I declutter that often. But in the other sense, it is so much work to get ready that I get really stressed and sometimes feel like it's not worth it. Partly because the next day after the house was cleaned, the house is back to being its normal messy self.

Hang in there and I'll look forward to more of your blog posts this winter :) I'm looking forward to some more quiet months ahead to get caught up on life, since right now I feel behind 110% of the time.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh Wendy. You are so funny. I loved the last e-card. That is so how I feel with you so often...but I feel lucky you make time for me. :)

Carter said...

My favorite is this;

anna banana said...

Oh all so so so true. I love all the ecards and all your comments, and all I can really add is if someone (probably an older person whose kids are basically grown up) says to you "after you have 3, you can have a million and nothing changes"

Dont believe them. Its not true, every new baby is ANOTHER NEW PERSON, to take care of.

K Radwill said...

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