Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Sister’s Wedding


In a word it was… lovely.


In a ridiculous amount of pictures (with some commentary) it was… lisa2IMG_0007 copyc8 IMG_0027 copy lisa3 IMG_0029 copyIMG_0047 copy

And just like that, all my siblings are married.  Crazy.DSC_0611DSC_0598Draper Temple

IMG_2400DSC_0583c1DSC_0577IMG_2404 DSC_0573 DSC_0582

Lisa was stunning.

L#3 L#5 IMG_0244 copyL#6

Even when she broke for a casual lunch with a trove of bachelors.


The reception was held at The Canyons Resort in Park City.  Guests arrived at the top of a mountain in gondolas.

IMG_0388 copy IMG_2432

Lisa had this vision for soft and woods and light and lace and ivory and gray and white and peach and nature and elegance.  In the planning stages it was, at times, hard to see this vision and we teased her for her “soft” theme.

Ah, but here it is.


And I saw it!  Why did I doubt?  I stand corrected in your light and loveliness, Lisa.

anotherIMG_0777 copylisa7 IMG_0748 copyWhen did my family get this big? And two of us are missing! Three if you include Bennett.

IMG_0762 copylisa6  IMG_8629ch2   Sisters w Lisa

How many adults does it take to get a few kids to cooperate for a picture?IMG_8594

Add in an uncle banging big sticks for attention catching purposes.IMG_8610

And still, sadly, this is the best we got.IMG_8597 IMG_8604  IMG_8631IMG_2455 IMG_2454

Lisa and Austin had a small ring ceremony atop the mountain.  Guess who got to melt hearts again being the cutest ring bearer to ever rock an aisle?

IMG_8636 IMG_8639

Yep.  Swoon.

IMG_8640 IMG_8642

I love the groomsmen in this picture.  Boys know a cute thing when they see it.c11

Hannah was a doll as flower girl.  Again.

 IMG_8650 IMG_8656 lisa9 lisa10 lisa11

We had a delicious dinner followed by toasts (the kinds that make me cry and wish Lisa was five years old again), followed by celebrating.

IMG_0503 copy

lisa12 IMG_0547 copyIMG_8688IMG_8666 IMG_8670

Max killed me this night.  Two deaths:  death by crankiness and simultaneous death by cuteness.


Seeing as I was super great with child, my doctor advised against heavy lifting and dancing.

IMG_1436 copy

Whoops on both counts.

IMG_8692 IMG_8697

Couldn’t help myself.


I wasn’t the only one.

IMG_1435 copyMoves like Jagger right there.

IMG_8685IMG_8684  IMG_8690lisa18 Sissy PicLove these girls.  Miss them.  A lot.

When the party was over Mr & Mrs LaBanc were off to their honeymoon suite.  Via gondola, of course.IMG_8734

I don’t think I’ve ever known two people more suited for each other than Lisa and Austin.  And by suited for each other I mean they are both amazing. 


Lisa is charitable, smart, fun, hard working, thoughtful, peaceful, humble, optimistic and is without guile.  She is one of the most Christ like people I know.  She thinks of others first and herself last.  I am the oldest, she is the youngest; yet for years, I have looked up to her.  Watching Austin and hearing stories about him, I see and understand he has those qualities as well.  We couldn’t be happier about Austin joining our family.

IMG_1377 copy

If all those pictures weren’t enough, check out the preview to their wedding video.  Like I said, lovely.

Find the rest of this epic trip here, here and here.  That’s a wrap.



Rachel said...

love all of these pictures!! Glad her vision worked!

Mike said...

Thanks so much for posting. Love all of the pictures and the video. I love Max & Anderson in their multi colored striped ties. So handsome. Did you take the pix? They are really good - professional quality I think. And you always amke such a clever narrative. A truly lovely day.

Love Dad

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Should have just waited for you blog it and linked everyone. You tell it so well. I still need a blogging lesson from you. Can't figure out how to center to vertical pictures next to each other.

Ali Snow said...

Wonderful post. Beautiful pictures. We totally teased Lisa about her "soft" vision but her wedding was soft and wonderful. I'm sad the cousin bonding time is over. I love all the pictures of the cute kiddos together. I also love our sissy pics. I love my sissies.

Ali Snow said...

PS - that cake from market street grill was to die for. Thanks for sharing Austin.

Mom said...

Another beautiful post Wendy. Lisa and Austin's wedding was as lovely and beautiful and soft and sweet as they are. I had a hard time catching the vision of her day in the beginning stages so I am glad she kept throwing it out to me until I understood. You said it well Wendy, it was lovely, just lovely.

Roslyn Housel said...

Your sister’s wedding is beautiful! You have a beautiful family and guest right there. Everyone’s so happy and looks like they were really enjoying the event. I look forward to seeing my sisters get married too!

Roslyn Housel

Lavonne Seaton said...

The wedding is beautiful! The pictures captured very precious moments of your sister’s special day. Everything and everyone looked absolutely lovely! I especially love the shots of the kids! They are adorable!

Lavonne Seaton