Monday, July 2, 2012

Jerome’s 7

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We spent seven days in Jerome, Idaho with Harley’s family. 


It was low-key and relaxing and Ed & Debby spoiled us with new toys, splurge-style snacks, and perfectly suited activities.  Here are seven things you need to know.

#1.  Harley’s sister, Janna, recently eloped.  We met our new brother-in-law, Roland, and we think he’s great!  He scored big points in game night, guitar playing and uncle skills.  His fort building abilities were also impressive.


#2.  Speaking of uncles, they don’t make ‘em much more fun than Jimmy.


#3.  Katie and I are both pregnant and marginally miserable while growing this pair of cousins.  My mother-in-law tried to come up with something two pregos would want to do in Idaho and landed on this best idea ever:  a spa day.  I know!  A SPA DAY. She’s amazing!! My maternity massage was the best 60 minutes of the last nine months of my life.  For sure.


Katie=22 weeks, Me=35 weeks

#4.  Jeddie got busted at least twice for giving the under aged caffeine.


#5.  This is the part of the trip when I got the sickness.  I swear we’re a healthy bunch at home. Max has thrown up only twice in his entire two years of life.  Both times, while traveling in Utah. Why????????


#6.  There was (unsuccessful) fishing, dog piling picnics, movies, eating out, cousin bonding, waterfall watching, a root beer float party and excellent snacking and treating.  There were also multiple trips into town (Twin Falls), because when you live in teeny-tiny Jerome, you go to the big city a lot.

DSC_0401DSC_0400DSC_0411 DSC_0417DSC_0419DSC_0379 IMG_2232DSC_0453DSC_0456 DSC_0423

#7.  The worst part, every time, is leaving these people.

  IMG_2272   IMG_2277  IMG_2293

We were all together, except Alex, Katie’s husband, who was home studying for the Bar Exam.  I have the best in-laws! DSC_0437

Up next, my sister’s wedding.


Lisa Weiler said...

I love your inlaws too

Harley King said...

I wish Jimmy would have tied the knot, but otherwise a successful trip.

Kara said...

LOVE all these pictures! A spa day? Jealous beyond words- what a fabulous MIL you have:)Looks like such a fun trip, minus the sickies.

Ming said...

Your inlaws really are the best. You are very blessed! I'm so glad you had such a nice visit in Jerome, and oh my is your MIL a genius for planning a spa day. LOVE HER!!!

Max is SO stinking cute. Him with the Mt. Dew melts my heart. I need to kiss him like yesterday.

anna banana said...

What a wonderfully long time you got to spend with all your families! That is great!

I feel like my comments are all over the place and on the wrong posts, I read everything, then went back and started commenting. So I leave comments and then realize they are on the wrong post.

Anyway this comment belongs on the last post but just wanted to sympathize with feeling huge and nasty in all these important pictures. I hate every pic of myself here on this trip. But I think you look gorgeous! Way to rock your prego bode!

Also love the brainwashing of your kids to go to BYU, we do that all the time. ;) (again I know this belongs on the other post)

Ali Snow said...

The Kings are great. Glad you were able to go up there. For how laid back the Kings sounds like you guys did a lot.

jeanette said...

Fantastic! Love the nod at the diet caffeinated beverages. Uncle Jimmy would get along GREAT with my almost 3 year old, who is a notorious diet Coke sip stealer.