Sunday, July 29, 2012



Dang Gina, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  I’ve got ideas for about 20 posts bouncing around in my head.  I’m going to attempt to sort them out over the next few weeks.  Much to express.  My heart is full.  Much to share.  My camera and iPhone are ready to explode.

For starters, I had a baby.

2012-07-05 00.28.29 Bennett Harlan King

And he is beautiful.

2012-07-06 10.46.22 2012-07-07 21.05.21

And good and easy and sweet and happy.  Dream newborn.


Smiling on Day One.

Bennett means “Blessed” which is perfect because that’s exactly how I feel about his pregnancy, birth and first 3.5 weeks of life. 


Blessed I had a healthy, albeit miserable, full term pregnancy.  Blessed I made it to the weddings.  Blessed I didn’t have a baby on an airplane.  This I am especially grateful for, since I had unforeseen Placenta accreta and had a scary emergency surgery 30 minutes after Bennett was born.  I hate to think what would have happened on a plane.  Back in the day, women without timely surgical help bled to death.  Blessed to have great doctors, an excellent (finally!) hospital and modern medicine.  Blessed I didn’t have a baby during the power outage.  Blessed I didn’t have a baby on Max’s or America’s birthdays.  (We  missed that last one by ten minutes.)  Blessed my epidural worked on both sides.  Blessed my surgery went really, really well and my recovery is going better than expected.  Blessed, despite a bout of jaundice resulting in an extended hospital stay, Bennett is 100% healthy and thriving. 

2012-07-05 14.46.12DSC_0386

I think my little glowworm actually liked sunning in his tanning bed.

Blessed my mom, whom I’d braced to have for only a few days, was able to stay two whole weeks during which we painted, decorated, projected and celebrated our brains out. 

2012-07-11 23.25.59 DSC_0593

Blessed Bennett has two brothers who adore him. 

2012-07-09 11.33.27 2012-07-21 16.26.39

Blessed Bennett has so far survived three weeks of brother smother, specifically Max’s 32 pound body landing directly on top of him as he slept in the pack n play his second day home.  Dangerous love. 


Blessed Max survived himself this month.  Since the day he turned two one month ago his face has worn at least one injury.  One of the worst came our first day on our own after my mom left.  My toddler supervision was lacking to say the least.  See the pictures.  Imagine the mommy guilt.


The boy wrestled with a rose bush and lost.  This, minutes after he high-centered a gate and fell three feet.

Mostly, I am incredibly blessed to be the woman surrounded by these three wild and precious boys.

 2012-07-05 20.26.18

These four actually.

2012-07-05 20.32.40

My sister, who knew learning Bennett’s gender was initially hard for me, asked me if when Bennett was born, I at all wished he was a girl.  I answered confidently, “absolutely not.” 


I got over that through some very personal and beautiful experiences in February.  Does my heart still long for a girl?  Of course.  But this is what I have been blessed with, and this is exactly right for me.  I know that.  And I am happy. 

2012-07-05 04.14.31

So very happy. 


I have embraced my lucky lot as Queen of three little Princes and their King. 

DSC_0015DSC_0012IMG_3523 IMG_3529

Three boys later, this joke is still slaying ‘em.

It may be a messy and destructive crown to wear.


Day 3 on our own, Max got artistic.

But it is mine.  


And I wear it with gratitude.


I’ll be back.  We have lots of catching up to do. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jerome’s 7

Just joining us? Go here, then here.


We spent seven days in Jerome, Idaho with Harley’s family. 


It was low-key and relaxing and Ed & Debby spoiled us with new toys, splurge-style snacks, and perfectly suited activities.  Here are seven things you need to know.

#1.  Harley’s sister, Janna, recently eloped.  We met our new brother-in-law, Roland, and we think he’s great!  He scored big points in game night, guitar playing and uncle skills.  His fort building abilities were also impressive.


#2.  Speaking of uncles, they don’t make ‘em much more fun than Jimmy.


#3.  Katie and I are both pregnant and marginally miserable while growing this pair of cousins.  My mother-in-law tried to come up with something two pregos would want to do in Idaho and landed on this best idea ever:  a spa day.  I know!  A SPA DAY. She’s amazing!! My maternity massage was the best 60 minutes of the last nine months of my life.  For sure.


Katie=22 weeks, Me=35 weeks

#4.  Jeddie got busted at least twice for giving the under aged caffeine.


#5.  This is the part of the trip when I got the sickness.  I swear we’re a healthy bunch at home. Max has thrown up only twice in his entire two years of life.  Both times, while traveling in Utah. Why????????


#6.  There was (unsuccessful) fishing, dog piling picnics, movies, eating out, cousin bonding, waterfall watching, a root beer float party and excellent snacking and treating.  There were also multiple trips into town (Twin Falls), because when you live in teeny-tiny Jerome, you go to the big city a lot.

DSC_0401DSC_0400DSC_0411 DSC_0417DSC_0419DSC_0379 IMG_2232DSC_0453DSC_0456 DSC_0423

#7.  The worst part, every time, is leaving these people.

  IMG_2272   IMG_2277  IMG_2293

We were all together, except Alex, Katie’s husband, who was home studying for the Bar Exam.  I have the best in-laws! DSC_0437

Up next, my sister’s wedding.