Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Brother’s Wedding

We went West for 17 days.  I was 34 weeks pregnant when we left and almost 37 weeks when we returned.  I did not have a baby on an airplane, the possibility of which gave me anxiety-ridden nightmares for weeks.  There was great celebration when our last leg was complete and our family of “just four” finally landed at Dulles airport at 1am.  Whew!  Max was two weeks shy of his 2nd birthday (today!! hooray!!) making him a very large, active lap child who does not fit on my lack of lap.  So glad Harley was with us.


WHY would I travel so pregnant with two kids for so long? Simple:  my brother and sister both got married 13 days apart. My OB refused to give me his blessing, but I wasn’t about to miss the festivities. I’m so glad we went. We got sick (I’m still stick). We got a lot of people sick, including both brides. This seems to be our travel to Utah thing now, which totally sucks.  We missed out on seeing a lot of family and friends due to our nasty sickness. Reentry back home has been extra tough this time around.  Still sick, so tired, time twisted, so much to do. Traveling for long periods of time with kids, while super pregnant, while sick, is really, really hard. But I’d do it again. It was exhausting. It was intense. It was wonderful.


There is not presently time, nor energy in my life to properly document all that happened.  Sad, because, oh the novels I could write about these 17 days!  Alas, I’ve got scout camp and baby prep to get to.  I’ve thought about how to best sum up our experiences and decided to leave it to mostly pictures in three installments:  My Brother’s Wedding, The Other Stuff and My Sister’s Wedding.  I’m limiting myself to my favorites shots.  (I swear!)

Tom got married first.  June 2nd.  Millennial Falls.  Beautiful!

DSC_0055DSC_0069DSC_0060 DSC_0074DSC_0200DSC_0043DSC_0097DSC_0125DSC_0241DSC_0084

Ryan and Lincoln were sorely missed.  Cheryl was a trooper, flying (literally and figuratively) solo with Sawyer, bouncing back and forth between weddings in Utah and hospitalizations in Pittsburgh.  She’s amazing.

IMG_2119DSC_0080 Oh how we love our one, cherished niece! May she one day get a girl cousin from someone.

DSC_0158DSC_0075DSC_0272 Triple trouble right here folks.

The aunt and uncle photo shoot was a disaster.  Even with the help of Skittles, this is the best we got.DSC_0122

Anderson was the ring bearer.  I will shamelessly admit this was such a highlight for me.  He was apprehensive about his role and decided weeks ago he did NOT want to wear a “suit.”  Pretty sure he didn’t even know what a suit was, but he had it in his head it was a terrible thing.  We told him instead he got to wear a “tux,” which we actually pronounced in a long, drawn-out voice, “tuuuuuuuuuux” while making a funny face.  It worked.  He not only wore the “tux,” he rocked it.  He played the role perfectly, complete with a slow, steady walk, shy smile and hug for the groom.  A small part of my insides blew up with pride, exploded in love and just died right there.

June 2012 UTAH WEDDINGSDSC_0062My little man.

Hannah was a darling flower girl.  The two them together?  Ferklempt!DSC_0182 DSC_0212     IMG_8326

This guy, on the other hand… well, below may be the only picture we got where he wasn’t upset. We couldn’t figure out what was up with Max that day. He was grumpy and uncooperative.  The next day when he threw up all over my parent’s deck it all made sense.

DSC_0115DSC_0264DSC_0244Fast asleep in the Groom’s Room.  His best wedding moments.

Hannah got sick the following week.  I think I know when and how she caught it.DSC_0285

Back to Mr. Personality in a Tux.  I mean really.  I can’t help myself!IMG_2084  IMG_2097   DSC_0142

Congrats Tom & Carrie!  I love you!


More coming…


Crystal said...

1. Nope- you still don't look 8 months pregnant in these photos either. I'll believe it when I see baby pictures in a few weeks :)
2. My insides exploded with love seeing him and reading you talk about Anderson being the ring bearer. Whose getting married? Who cares, the ring bearer is stealing the show.
3. I hate traveling to family weddings and events for the exact same reason. we always seem to spend it still, get sick, get everyone sick or drive home with puking kids.

Lisa Weiler said...

you should be proud of that ring bearer, he is one dang cute kid!

Ming said...

That kissing cousins pic of Max is to die for! Anders as the ring bearer..are you kidding me? I can see why you took so many pics. It doesn't get ANY cuter than that. Love it! What a good boy. Who are all those bridesmaids and groomsmen? I didn't recognize any of them. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Oh, and that black dress was a good choice...nice and slimming, you look great!

anna banana said...

Congratulations Tom! Looks gorgeous! So sorry about the sickness and Utah for you guys. That is lame a million times over.