Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Other Stuff

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There was, of course, schlepping, on this big Utah trip.  I totally packed my snoogle.  One suitcase just for that blessed pregnancy pillow.  Worth it.


There were delayed flights and long layovers.

IMG_2028 IMG_2482

Let’s recall I did the return end at nearly 37 weeks pregnant.  I wore compression socks.  Did they save me from death by blood clots?  Debatable.  Were they uncomfortable and unbelievably unsexy?  Definitely.

 IMG_2459 IMG_2461 

That was the bad stuff.  In between, there was a lot of other stuff.  Fabulous stuff.

There were visits with dear friends.


Ben & Brynn Zimmer.  Not pictured:  Harley’s eyes.

IMG_2456Nicole, Kelly & me.  We squeezed this Diva Cafe Rio lunch in four hours before my flight.  I look tired.  I was.

DSC_0006Chris & Becky Wickstrom and their twins!

There were bonding moments with friends’ scrumptious new babies.


There was my adorable new nephew, Jackson Jonathan.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  Neither could my kids.


DSC_0301 IMG_2196DSC_0308DSC_0304

We were lucky to be there for his blessing, the day after Tom’s wedding.IMG_8382

There was a sentimental visit to BYU. There was a nervous breakdown when I learned L&T wraps changed its menu. Good thing our other favorite treats were well stocked.

IMG_2170 IMG_2175

There was some early converting (brainwashing?) as we told our boys, “That Y on the mountain represents all things wonderful and amazing in this world and your life.  You want to go here someday.”


There was a crazy, large pregnant woman.  Oh brother, I pretty much hate myself in every picture, but I will document it as my belly was an ever present, mostly miserable, part of the trip.



36 Weeks

There was terrible sleep deprivation.

IMG_2140 IMG_2024

There were spontaneous outdoor pizza parties. They were the last ones we’d have before our family grew and dynamics change forever.  I could have had ten more.IMG_2072

Let me pause here to say I LOVE Utah’s summer weather! Evenings outside are unbelievably pleasant. No bugs. No humidity. Cool, fresh mountain air. And how can you beat this view?


As usual, there was cleaning up after Tom. IMG_2151Guess what is disgusting when stuck on a getaway car? Peaches. As in the sugary ring candy. Yep.

There was jumping.

DSC_0343 DSC_0364 DSC_0333

And swimming.IMG_8401IMG_8417

There was a super fun Bee’s Game.  I was maybe one of my favorite non-wedding events.DSC_0496 DSC_0488DSC_0467I tried to suck up all precious time I could with this beautiful bride to be.  It was not enough.


Did I mention there was sickness?

IMG_2039IMG_2166 DSC_0326DSC_0494I brought an entire roll of toilet paper to the Bee’s Game… and blew my way through the whole thing.

My other favorite non-wedding event: seeing What to Expect When You’re Expecting with my sisters and mom. Two words: belly laughs. Oh, our bellies laughed hard. And that particular night, we all needed it.


There was bonding with those we don’t see often enough.DSC_0321IMG_2298IMG_2137DSC_0008IMG_2393 Lisa’s wedding morning.  First thing she did was come snuggle in bed with my kids. 

There was pampering.  There were pedicures.IMG_2377IMG_2056IMG_2067

There was a crash course in New Uncle. Austin aced it.IMG_2341IMG_2340

There was a semi spontaneous bachelor party hike up Lone Peak the day before the wedding.  All Harley’s idea. He took the groom. Amazingly no one died or even got sunburned.


Can you see them?  Yeah, we couldn’t either.  That didn’t stop us from scanning the mountain from the back porch praying they each were still in one handsome piece.

There were cute cousins and their silly shenanigans.DSC_0335DSC_0498IMG_2328

IMG_2318 IMG_2346 IMG_2363

There was an abundance of fun wedding stuff.  Like bridal showers.IMG_2362

Theme=dots.  Genius!  My aunt’s new decor=gray and yellow.  Hollah!


One shower was at the cabin.  Happiness.


There was Lisa’s first time through the temple.  Very special. DSC_0503IMG_2336DSC_0500

There was a lovely LaBanc &Weiler family dinner the night before the wedding.  Lisa’s husband’s (whoa… weird) family is in the military and is stationed in Japan.  His cute mom decked out our private room at Market Street Grill in all things oriental.  It was such a fun surprise!


I drooled over the details.IMG_2382 IMG_2383

And the food.IMG_2386DSC_0550Surprise! Happy Birthday Austin! His bday was their wedding eve. His mom’s bday was their wedding day. Much to celebrate!

DSC_0544DSC_0537DSC_0556 Loving a fancy meal sans kiddos.

DSC_0560Lisa and her fun new MIL.  The sign says,“Good Afternoon.”

DSC_0534Channeling our inner geishas.

I love my family.

There was also a week in Idaho with Harley’s family.  That’ll take a separate post.  So I lied.  Four suckers to cover this trip.  Whoa.