Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bless You, Spring


We’ve had a wonderful spring.  Much better than our winter.  The weather has been amazing and we’ve taken many opportunities to get out and enjoy it.  My allergies, on the other hand, are not so amazing.  It’s time I come to terms with the fact that I’m allergic to something springtime.  I have no idea what it is, but I really ought to get it tested and under control because it is no good.

What was good?  St. Patrick’s Day.  The parade and the Mexican food.  Mexican food on an Irish holiday makes total sense, by the way.


Cherry blossoms are glorious in DC springtime but man, are they fleeting. You miss the peak (which always inconveniently falls during the week when it’s nearly impossible for me to get downtown with the kids), and one rainstorm later and they are GONE. Every year I’m disappointed we don’t time it right and capture that one magical, perfect weather day downtown. Sure enough, this year, the night before our planned DC blossom day a storm stripped the trees. I was so disappointed.  Harley pointed out it’s a good thing we’re staying another year.  As an alternative, we opted to stroll through Kenwood neighborhood where instead of walking under a canopy of pink flowers we treaded on a bed of blossoms. 


It wasn’t so disappointing.

DSC_0172IMG_1310DSC_0047-001  DSC_0056-001 DSC_0059-001 DSC_0065-001

We even caught a few streets with trees still clinging to the canopy effect.


At times, it rained blossoms.  That was magical.

DSC_0085-001DSC_0121-001 DSC_0128-001DSC_0139 DSC_0148DSC_0184

There was the day we picnicked in front of the Washington Monument and flew a kite.DSC_0013-001DSC_0038-002 DSC_0025-002DSC_0021-002  DSC_0083-002DSC_0080 DSC_0084 DSC_0109-001DSC_0072-002 IMG_1369 IMG_1371 

25.5 weeks prego


There were lots of good, warm, sneezy -- but happy -- days in between.

IMG_1084 IMG_1085 DSC_0008-001IMG_1159 IMG_1201 IMG_1256IMG_1029IMG_1030IMG_1157     DSC_0036-001

We wrap up spring and welcome a crazy, packed (but hooray, no sneezing!) summer.  Well, maybe not so much welcome, as ready or not, here it comes.  We leave for Utah/Idaho and two weddings in six days.  There isn’t a whole lotta time between our trip and the arrival of Baby #3, so my nesting instincts and To Do list obsessing kicked in weeks ago.  Too bad my body can’t keep up with my will, and I am a hot mess of aches and complaints by the time I crash into bed every night.  Much to accomplish before this little one arrives.  Buy a car, plan food for scout camp and come up with a name… just to list a few.  Oh boy.  But hey, upload a million spring pictures in one self-indulgent blog post?  Check.



Harley King said...

Lovely pics.

Crystal said...

So beautiful!
Our kids thought it was snowing everytime we would go out and there where white blossoms covering the ground :) Also if you need any help with scout camp food, I'm kind of a pro. Well not really, but I have done it every year for the better part of 9 years. Really message me if you are looking for ideas or tips.

Summer said...

You guys made it to Kenwood, yay! Love all the photos of your springtime adventures :-) Good luck with the nesting checklist.

Mom said...

Beautiful pictures!

mike said...

Great Pix Wendy. Will you be our wedding Photog?

Lisa Weiler said...

Wendy you have such a cute, fun family. I want to see cherry blossoms someday

Ming said...

You got SO many great spring shots!! Seriously one adorable pic after another! You captured your boys' personalities so perfectly. I love this post. It's so happy! Such a welcome post after your winter. My fave = the one of you and Max lying on the ground in blossoms. Priceless.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Beautiful pictures. What a fun city DC is. I'm glad you Spring has been better than your winter. Hopefully 2012 continues to get better and better.

anna banana said...

I love the shot of you and Max laying on the blossums. Love.

I also love the shot of Anderson and your belly on the train. Love.

I need more belly shots like those. They are awesome and so are you :)