Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a lovely Easter Weekend.DSC_0117

Disclaimer: lovely does not equate perfect. Our weekend had its issues. Max is having crazy, messy bowel problems. I have allergies and am feeling not so much prego glow as prego pudge.  Harley has a cold.  I ran out of spray paint half way through a project, and it set me back three days. Anderson threw a fit with a touch of spoiled at the breakfast table Sunday. And one of us ended up with a really bad haircut. But we’re going to focus on the lovely. I live for the lovely.


Friday kicked off with a rare treat:  a double date. We dined here and finally saw this, which did not disappoint. Remember how Woody Harrelson is not at all how I pictured Haymitch but he is piercing blue-eyed perfection?

Saturday was full of productive errands including stops at two of my favorites: Home Goods & Cafe Rio. Can we talk about my obsession with Home Goods? I’m decorating my entire living and dining rooms on a budget thanks to that store. The best finds! Incredible prices! Wandering, aisle by aisle, finding the perfect piece to complete my end table or that eye-catching spoon rest I’ve been wanting, um… my entire marriage, or the ideal birthday gift for our friend’s party next week completes me. I didn’t find my statement chair (it exists and I will meet it one day!) but I did score a Ralph Lauren tablecloth.  It has brought new life to my slowly dying kitchen table. Note: the kitchen table will be my next, next, next big project. Yes, that is three nexts.



A little errand fro yo break for the mini shoppers.

Saturday afternoon Harley and the boys worked in the yard, then he took them to the park and to our neighbor’s house where they loved on her dog. 

AB puppy

Meantime our landlord re-caulked our shower (yes!), and I did some online birthday shopping (two birthdays in this house next week) and prepared to sub as music leader in primary. I’d never done that job.  Harley spied on me and observed I was caught between traditional leading and making up my own actions for the songs. Pretty sure the combo left the kids confused and me feeling like this.

The weekend went from lovely to ugly when I accidentally shaved Harley’s head Saturday night. Should have read the directions to our new clippers. Should have listened to my gut when it told me the clippers sure looked like a bare blade with no guard (because, in fact, they were). Should not have tried to give haircuts while supervising egg dyeing.  Oh Sheryl, you’re so right.  The first cut is the deepest.  Baby, I know.

april instaDSC_0052

Thank goodness hair grows back. Thank goodness I did Harley first. Anderson was nervous to let me near him after witnessing what I did to his dad. He told me, “Mom, you made him look like Gru. And it’s not a good Gru.” Thank goodness Harley’s actually always wanted this cut and is thrilled.  The worst part is, I’ve done this before.

Back to the lovely.  Back to the pre-cut.

DSC_0047DSC_0039DSC_0035DSC_0057 DSC_0019

I LOVE this holiday.  The colors, the treats, the renewal, the weather, the clothes (but I’m proud to say I resisted and bought ZERO items of new clothing for anyone this Easter), and most importantly, the focus on Christ

I enjoyed bunny-ing it up Saturday night. 


I upcycled old baskets with polka-dot ribbon.  I filled plastic eggs with candy.  I placed quality-only gifts in the baskets.  This no-junk, long-mileage thing has become a personal holiday challenge for me.  It’s a game and I like it.  The challenge steps up when I add “affordable” to the requirements.  What do they need anyway?  New toothbrushes and sippy cups.  What have I been wanting to buy them forever but have not justified?  These books.  What do I already have around the house?  Bubbles and a giant Cars beach ball.  What’s on super sale at Costco?  A new DVD.  I worked my magic while listening to big band and swing music.  There was no stress or mounds of work.  Pure enjoyment.  I cannot say this about every holiday, but somehow, this Easter, we hit the balance just right.  I went to bed Saturday night with a clean house, an accomplished feeling of a productive day, a solid but flexible plan for Sunday, a sense of peace that I hadn’t overdone it and the anticipation of meeting little excited faces in the morning. 

Oh yeah, I also went to bed with a bald man.


Sunday morning paced just right.  I love 11am church!  The boys found their baskets, hiding in our shower, after a simple scavenger hunt (thank you Pinterest).  I had Anderson color the clues a week ago, then we “mailed” them to the Easter Bunny who hid them in the cleverest of places. 


Speaking of color… shoot dawg, my hair could use some.

DSC_0067DSC_0081DSC_0097 DSC_0100














DSC_0105 DSC_0120DSC_0123 DSC_0147DSC_0135-001 DSC_0163DSC_0170

I love love love this book.  I read it to them with an exaggerated Italian accent.  It just feels right.  And it makes them laugh.

Anderson’s favorite Easter basket gift: a new puzzle. It has 100 pieces. Most impressive to us, in less than one hour he completed the entire thing, all by himself. When I asked him how he did it he said, “Mom, I had the patience.”  Most impressive to him, “Look Mom, it’s taller than meeee!”


We enjoyed church, naps and two great friends for an Easter dinner feast.  I lucked out big time in the husband who cooks department.  It’s awesome.

DSC_0197Mint crusted shoulder of lamb, country-style mashed potatoes, string beans, berry & walnut salad and made-from-scratch rolls.  Ladies and gentlemen, my husband did this.

DSC_0199Yes folks, that is Brian Christensen pictured above.  He lives in DC now and he finally hung out with us.  The other guy is Bob, Harley’s soul… I mean lab mate.

Egg hunting commenced.  Max preferred to find and throw.  Anderson preferred to find and eat.  He downed five eggs in ten minutes.  Last week it was 12 grapefruits in 36 hours (Max helped).  The boy’s a growin’.DSC_0214DSC_0224 DSC_0203DSC_0188-001IMG_1461

Evidence of a good time had by all.

Bob surprised the boys with an Easter gift:  a 5 foot long rocket ship.  You construct it, color it, then, of course, build a fort inside it.   The boys have been in imagination heaven all day.

IMG_1459DSC_0254Anderson told me this morning “Mom, this is the best day of my life.” Yeah, I figured.


Today most of us never got dressed.  Two of us never left the fort.  And one of us is still bald. 


Like an egg, baby.


Jen said...

I am so impressed with Harley's cooking! What a lucky woman you are! You're family is adorable and will just get more fun when your new little boy arrives!

Crystal said...

this is a great post! Here is what impresses me about it.
1. your husbands cooking
2. your adorable pictures
3. your taste in llama books
4. the way your write

Rachel said...

I love everything about you and about this post, but the part that made me gasp in excitement was BRIAN CHRISTENSEN CAME TO YOUR HOUSE!! Tell him to bring me next time. :) XOXOXO

Harley King said...

You're forgetting the part where I packed a can of sardines in your diaper bag and suggested you give it to our hungry children during sacrament meeting.

I wish I could post a picture of your face.

Lisa Weiler said...

happy easter, looks like a great day. so great a team member got to come celebrate and so nice of the other man to bring a rocket ship, that looks fun.

RRW said...

I love reading your blog.

the end.
love, a cousin in Utah.

Ming said...

OH how I've missed your posts. Perfectly written as always. Love you.

- Seriously Harley's cooking skillz are amazing. Love that bald man.
- So happy home goods is so good to you because I'm loving all the updates! Tablecloth = adorable
- Look at you crafty scavenger hunt pinterest mom. So proud. So impressed. My kids totally got the Easter shaft this year. What do you do?
- That rocket ship is so fun!
- BC ACTUALLY came?!?! huh
- When can we just do these holidays together? sigh


PS cute blue and white stripped shirt.

Ali Snow said...

Happy Easter. BC is awesome. Glad you got to see him. You all looked cute in your Sunday dress. We didn't take any family pictures because I didn't feel cute.

Kell's Belles said...

Lovely is the perfect word for your holiday! Glad it was a good one. May your spring be equally lovely!

Derrald said...

Harley looks AMAZING with a shaved head. My shaved head looks like a falafel, keep it Har.

What is this obsession with HG? Seriously. Hayley just flew to her parents' in CA to "visit family," but really spent all her time trolling every HG is the Bay area. She loves it. My favorite treasure that completes her? Um, the LIVE SIZE Buddha head in blue. Come on.

Harley and I need some serious male bonding time while you ladies do what you do best. Please let our time involve incinerating plants for "research."

mike said...

Wow, two very good looking astronauts. I think I will start calling then, "Buzz" and "Lightyear".
Thanks for the pictures. So glad you enjoyed the whole Easter weekend.

Love Dad

Doug and Leslie said...
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Doug and Leslie said...

So fun! And I like Harley's hair or lack there of :)

Sarah S said...

Fabulous post! I'm glad you could see the lovely among the not-so-perfect moments. And p.s. - you do NOT look pudgy!!! I feel like I look 6 months preg. by the end of each day and I am only 4 1/2. You look fabulous!

Jill said...

Love the hair situation! I did that to Andrew right before a family event. Not good.

I totally miss you. Let's get together sometime next month!

Joo Lin said...

Wendy - your beautiful. Haha - I admit I'm partial to the bald-headed look. Your boys look so handsome! You're right - it was a lovely day. I love that you keep baskets simple, useful, and inexpensive. Great idea!