Saturday, March 3, 2012

I’m Bringing Joy Back

One thing that brings me absolute joy every time I think about it is JT Diva singing the real JT’s “Sexy Back” with an Irish accent.  I realize only the three people who have seen her rock this besides me will appreciate what I’m talking about, but trust me (us) it is a joy. 


I love you Jessica and think of your family every day.

With that gem kicking things off I will now share, as promised, two things that have brought me joy, amid the crappy, in 2012.

#1.  Pinterest.  I don’t think I’m doing it right since I only scroll its glory on my iPhone (the actual site overwhelms me), I rarely change the description to my own and, since I never go to the actual site, I never pin my own findings, just copy all y’alls (you guys find great stuff!) but still.  Still!  In my rudimentary scratch-the-surface way I am exploring and discovering and repinning like a grandma with her cross-stitch.  Somebody stop me!  At least long enough to see to it I follow through with one or two of the brilliant ideas I’ve pinned.  This has been the perfect way to detox at the end of every day, good or bad.  For the record, I have taken the time to name my own boards.  That was fun.


#2.  febphotoaday.  First I should remind you I’m also obsessed with Instagram. (How did I live before my iPhone?)  A few friends and I took on the February Photo a Day challenge, via Instagram, (real cameras and real photo shoots are too overwhelming) meaning take a picture of the following things and post them daily. 


I really enjoyed this little challenge.  It was just enough to bring a bit of creativity and interest into my dark days.  Looking back I want my results more permanently documented, as I think it documents the month itself so well, so to the blog it is.  Here was my February life in an Instagram #febphotoaday nutshell.


My View Today:  66 degrees and sunny, 2 happy February park boys.  P.S.  I could totally live in California.


Words:  Fake calendar (I always read these!) in Pottery Barn catalog schedules “family night.”  Go PB!


Hands:  Max and his hands can’t quite navigate yogurt.  But don’t tell him that.


A Stranger:  This may be cheating (I call it creative) but books are sadly a stranger to me.  I’m in a reading rut and I don’t like it.  Throw me your fave recommendation!


10am:  Breakfast staple.  Even when I’m not trying to lose weight.  These shakes are that good!


Dinner:  Harley made this tonight and all agreed it was fantastic!


Button:  My mom is here.  She is playing, helping, cleaning, cooking, bonding and mending.  I want to keep her forever.


Sun:  No sun, gross snow drizzle instead.


Front Door:  New welcome mat.  Hello birdies.  You cheer me.


Self Portrait:  I’m feeling a big large for 18.5 weeks.


Makes You Happy:  Everything here (except the table and mustard balls) I scored at Home Goods.  That places makes me SO happy.


Inside Your Closet:  Weak maternity wardrobe.  I’m struggling, especially in the dress up dept. 5x this week with only 3 options!


Blue:  Lots more of this in our future.  Baby #3 is a boy.


Heart:  Best candy ever!  I’ve polished off two bags and plan to stock up tomorrow.


Phone:  I love, love, love my iPhone case (cheating a bit here).  Bonus:  had no idea it was Kate Spade until it arrived!


Phone 2:  The inside.  I mean really.


Phone 3:  It’s a calculator.  Don’t tell him that.


Something New:  New serving ware.  This color and shape makes me smile.


Something New 2:  The Jill in me wants to fetch water.


Something New 3:  Loving pewter.  My living & dining rooms are coming together (finally)!  Happy day!


Time:  Up with Max.  Poor baby coughing up a lung.  I’m so sick of sick.


Drink:  My sweet sick (pneumonia!!) baby kicking it back in style.


Something You Hate to Do:  Use my shower and it’s lack of water pressure.  And general heat.


Handwriting:  Mine (while holding Max) smeared with Anderson’s as we explore our first Friend magazine.


Handwriting 2:  Cards and packages to loved ones, some facing greater battles than I.  Good way to lift my own spirits.


A Fave Photo of You:  Me in NYC October 2009.  This sums up how NYC makes me feel.  I missed an opp to spend last weekend there with friends. :(


Where You Work (Warning, I went a little nutso with this one):  Today, it’s hosting preschool.


Where you Work 2:  The letter U so naturally we stood upside-down.


Where You Work 3:  Underneath. :)


Where You Work 4:  Making a puzzle of…


Where You Work 5:  the USA!


Where You Work 6:  This is where the real work comes in.  Max has been doing this 90% of the morning.


Where You work 7:  Coloring.


Where You Work 8:  We made umbrellas then danced to the most appro song.


Where You work 9:  Our U items.  Can u name all 5?  I’m officially done hijacking instagram.


Your Shoes:  Today is happy boots, happy sun and very happy news.


Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet


Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet 2:  More excitingly, outside my bathroom cabinet.  Get it?  W2K!




Night:  My favorite window from the outside looking in.  P.S. I love that star.  Thank you Alaska.


Night 2:  Star shines at night too (from the inside) via street lamp.


Something You Ate:  Dry toast and water.  All I’m allowed as I redo my glucose test.  Did it wrong last time.  Ugh.


Money:  This is my couch cover.  8.5 years=threadbare.  Think it’s time I justify $$ into a real couch?


Something You’re Listening To:  Classical music.  Sometimes I like to blast classical music in my car.  Especially when it is dumping buckets outside.  Stirring.

Way more random details than you ever wanted to know about my month right?  Right!  Isn’t it fun?!

Another joy is finally decorating my living/dining room.  More to come when it’s finished.  We let a certain someone help paint today, and I’m pretty sure it was the greatest day of his life. 


Would you believe #febphotoaday and Instagram led me to my dream (at least for the moment) sofa, loveseat and statement chair?  Thank you thenewgoldrush (aka Mark Taylor) for having pity on my sad couch and tipping me off to Belfort.  We’re visiting next weekend and hopefully soon we’ll have some decent joy to sit on.

I’m off to a Blue & Gold Banquet.  In my sexy scout uniform my belly doesn’t quite button into at this point.  That is joy people.  J-O-Y.  Brought.