Friday, January 6, 2012

18 Mooze Months


Max turned 18 months last week. 18 months is a big deal to me. I meant to have a big Max 18 month photo shoot. I still want to, but we’re having camera issues, so a random assortment over the last few months and instagram highlights is what we get for now.


My Mooze at exactly 18 months old. A note on his nicknames: Harley started calling him The Great Great Maximoozi, saying it was his magician’s name. It shortened to Maximoozi and then to just Mooze. Harley has now moved on to calling him Mooze-a-licious Def. (Think this.) His rapper name.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 12-18 months is hard. My mother-in-law says it’s her least favorite stage because they are all body and no brains. I think it’s also one of the cutest stages physically speaking, which I believe the good Lord planned so you don’t kill them. I rejoice when my kids turn 18 months. Partly because we’ve (mostly) passed through the Troubs stage, and mostly because they go to nursery. Last Sunday Max went to nursery. He walked in like he owned the place. No sweat.



Anderson giving Max a pep talk (that he didn’t need): “Max, you go to nursery now and I go to primary. It’s good Max, because I’m a big boy and you’re in nursery. But you will have fun in there. They are nice.”

IMG_0025 IMG_0026

The two pictures I snapped after church. Oh I had great intentions… but this is all I got. Let’s recall the gem I caught of Anderson’s nursery debut.

Anderson rarely got sick. Still rarely does. Max, on the other hand, has had a cold since October. He’s on his second double ear infection and last night fell to his first head wound. We were thisclose to going to urgent care for a stitch or two, but in the end decided he’d be okay healing on his own. Let’s not forget his surgery at 8 months. What is it about the second kid? (Yes, Anderson accidentally pushed him into that fall. I guess that’s part of it.)


Max is trouble. Max is a handful. Every day I tell him, “Max, if you weren’t so cute I would sell you to the neighbors!” Anderson has picked up on this and says it to Max too and it’s hilarious. But Max is also delightful, especially lately. I have days where I’m on this Max high and I can’t get enough of him, his chubs, his kisses, his determined head nods and his snuggles. He’s so big and yet still so my baby. I feel very tender towards him right now. I could just drink him up. Gulp, gulp, gulp! Inhale every bit of his smoothy sweetness. Suuuuck it in!

DSC_0256 DSC_0129

November 2011 Christmas Morning 2011

Now for my traditional 18 month old word cloud. Yeah, I think I’m going to make this a thing.

climber TROUBLE big belly delightful pointer TOUGH nodder ADORES ANDERSON cuddler pudgy car dancer 10 words a dozen signs music lover SUPER MOOZE! hair puller playful long lashes crazy pooper super napper great hair screamer semi-picky eater validation seeker big smiler loud hummer 27 lb 10 oz (75%) 33 1/2 in (80%) toothbrush lover double cowlick SOLID milk & juice fan big waver HAPPY demanding sweet tooth social chip junkie Scout lover dog identifier toaster cheerleader light seeker boot fetcher chubs baby lovER impatient car rider Baby Einstein fan church terror phone obsessed belly-button finder funny wrestler so fast banana, berry & yogurt eater bath lover sweet wet kisser jumper toy lover silly water baby grunter noisy beautiful eyes LOVE so big

I love you with all my heart my sweet sweet Mooze! I’m so happy you’re in our family.



Ali Snow said...

What's a toaster cheerleader? Oh how I love my Mooze. I'm sorry he's still so sick. At least he's still happy most of the time. Have fun in nursery buddy!

Kell's Belles said...

Yay for Nursery! My dad always says that 12-18 months is the peak of baby cuteness :)

I think you'll notice an uptick in sickness from here on out. It's easy to keep the first baby pretty healthy, but with an older sibling who is "out in the world" (going to nursery, school, etc) bringing home germs, well, you get a baby who seems a lot sicker. My #3 was even worse than my #2. Such a bummer. Hope he feels better soon (and I'm serious, get to an ENT sooner rather than later if he gets one more set of ear infections. Been there, done THAT!).

Also, the pictures are great even if you didn't get a formal shoot in!

Crystal said...

I miss my little boy at this age. It went too fast. If I had to tell you what my happiest piece of life has ever been, I would say it was when sam was 11 months to 22 months. Two big kids makes for lots of fun days.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to get to know this troubled Moozer guy beter. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Love Dad

Lisa Weiler said...

I thought the same thing when you sent that picture of his head...the poor boy has had a lot of sick days/injuries. :( I love the last picture with the whole family, so fun

Ligia said...

Love his face in that last family picture. It's just so max!

Amanda said...

What a cutie pie! Goes by so fast, doesn't it? (Except when you are waiting to enter nursery ;).) I love your word list, and Harley's nicknames for Max!

Alex and Katie said...

LOVE him. And I have officially decided that he is looking more and more like Lincoln. Am I going crazy?

anna banana said...

I want to squeeze that boy! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh Max. I agree with your mom...I could just drink up those soft big cheeks..gulp gulp. I feel the same way about my bean. You boys are so precious and perfect and I wish you could stay so adorable and chubby and little forever. sigh.

Joo Lin said...

I love your pictures of the tender sibling moments. Your boys are super cute!

Mom said...

I am so excited to get some Mooze time........2 weeks from today!