Friday, December 23, 2011


We’re not going home for Christmas this year.  And it’s okay.  Really, it is.  (Except when I think about it too much.)


We’ve been having all kinds of local Christmas fun.

December 2011 We visited Santa twice.  I’m not sure what was up with this one at Harley’s work party.  He was a little sketch.  And a lot hatless.  But he gave the kids real gifts!


Anderson and I made these.  Yep.  Christmas craftastic right here people.  Thanks Kelle for the idea.  (Are you reading Enjoying the Small Things yet?  Give yourself the gift of following her.  Best decision you’ll make all year.)


I’ve been losing stuff lately. It’s ridiculous. My watch, (no, I’m not one of those people who can just look at her phone) items of clothing, and key Christmas presents.  It’s becoming a real problem.

We’ve all been sick and spent a lot of time in our sweats and pjs.  Even in public.  We don’t let it bother us.


My baby had it the worst.  Double ear infection and difficulty breathing.  It broke my heart.  He had to go on a nebulizer for five days.  At first he HATED it.  Child torture, it was.  But then, overnight, he decided to cooperatively wear it, patiently keep it on for 10 whole minutes 2-3 times a day and not make one bit of fuss. 



A movie and big brother joining him helped Max’s Mask Time.  (Say that 5 times fast.)


DSC_0015-1  These moments melt me.

We rewarded Max with special treats.


Hello peppermint milkshake.  You were a fun holiday discovery.

Allison and Hannah visited and we had such a great time!  Okay, that was technically Octoberings/Novemberings, but still worth sharing a few pictures.  For the whole shebang, go here.


We were the cast of Despicable Me for Halloween. Gru and his minions.


We’ve been pulling some big fat triggers on the home decor gun lately. BAM! The dining room and living room are coming together. Just in time to put on Christmas brunch and dinner. I finally have a dining room table! BAM! And really cool statement chairs. BAM, BAM!! Yes, they’ll have you talking, or at least me blogging. Soon… in the new year.


Michael Buble Christmas  is making my holiday. Manheim Steamroller, on the other hand, is not. In fact, I get stressed out every time I hear this song. I feel the heart attack coming and have to change the station.

We’re fixing to host 11 visitors in four groupings over the next 34 days. Wahoo! Today is the long overdue deep cleaning day. Boooo.

DSC_0120This is what it needs to look like.  This is what it looked like 3 weeks ago.  This is not what it looks like now.

Merry Christmas all.


Note:  Apparently I’ve been using my ipod touch for pictures a lot this month.  Maybe it’s because I finally got on instagram (yay!  follow me!  w2kdiva, so fun!).  Maybe it’s because our camera lens jammed and is now useless.  (I get sick just thinking about it.  Elves are working hard to fix this one.  Cheryl, so glad you’re coming today because we have to rely on your camera all weekend, mkay?)  Maybe I’m just practicing for my hopeful upgrade come birthday time…


Crystal said...

Those boys are SUPER adorable! Seriously. Anderson is getting to be a big kid i can tell. Dang it those kids and their growing up.

Ligia said...

Darn colds, ear infections, and all keeping us away from eachother. And at Christmas time too! Next week, my friend, next week. Can't wait to see this dining Table. And statement chairs?? Even more excited to see those.

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas card. You are missed.

Love Dad

Tami H. said...

Hope you enjoyed your 60 degree and sunny days - one perk to being in maryland during christmas! (I am in cold cloudy IL) We must get together soon, any January ideas??

Ming said...

Despite all the sickness it looks like you are all managing some good family fun. That Santa really does need to put his hat on. What is up with that?

Hooray for new things and way to go on the Kelle craft! Love it!!

Lisa Weiler said...

Merry Christmas! Wish we could all be together, but happy you and the Harris' can enjoy today together :)

anna banana said...

Hope your day and weekend have been wonderful! Love you!

Ali Snow said...

Wow - busy month...and I feel like it's just getting started. I'm excited to see your dining room table. And you're getting an iphone? Cool. Is Max over his ear infections yet? Hannah had to go on a second round of meds...and so now - a month after discovering it - I think we might be done with it. We go to the dr. on Wed. Can't wait to hear about Christmas. Your decorations look great!

Joo Lin said...

I love that you catch the tender sibling moments. I'm glad you were able to have a non-working Thanksgiving :)