Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost & Found

I’ve got three kids this week.

IMG_0634You’ve always wondered if three kids could fit in the back of my car, right?  Me too!  Well, now we know.  They can, friends.  Oh, they can.

One of them is sick and missing her mommy (who’s off experiencing NYC for the first time!).


One of them is recovering from a cold which means he’s like Saran Wrap on my body.  He’s also incredibly jealous of the attention I’m giving Hannah.  He chokeholds my knees and shrieks his disapproval at me.  Sweet.  And headache-inducing.

IMG_0646 Dear mothers of twins everywhere:  How do you do it?

Sometimes he gives me a break. Like now while he’s dumping cereal all over the floor.

The other one is doing his happy dance because we are now proud owners of Cars 2.  Thanks Grandma.  You’re timing was perfect.


The Clingers need me, so I’m going to keep this short, but there are some things I just have to share with the internets.

#1.  I’m behind on this blog and I don’t like it.  So much to share!  October was big.  Allison announced she’s having a baby!  Harley had an emergency appendectomy (that turned out to be much more involved).  Lisa announced she’s engaged.  Here we are skyping as she and soon to be BIL Austin share the happy news.


Harley and I went to Boston without our kids and it was awesome.  I went to Pittsburgh to pick up our kids who were with Cheryl and her boys and it was chaotic as always but great as always.  Then Allison and Hannah came to visit and serious Halloween mayhem ensued.  Seven parties in five days and a pumpkin patch to boot.  Then we hosted preschool and toured the Hillary out of DC with three kids and a double stroller with a bad wheel.  I got really tired.  I hope to blog about all of this.  It’s hard having so much fun and being so behind.

#2.  Harley and I finished Lost.  Six seasons in 2.5 months.  I don’t want to add it up, but I can tell you that’s an intense amount of TV viewing.  We thought there were five seasons and we thought we were almost finished, then Harley learned there were six.  When he broke the news to me I didn’t know whether to rejoice, “Yes!  I LOVE these people and can’t bear to think they were about to leave my life!” or feel defeated, “I thought we were almost finished.  I thought I was so close to having my life back.”  I’m still sorting out how I feel about the finale, but the more I think about it the more I think I liked it.  It would help if I had someone to analyze it with.  When we finished all Harley could say was “Huh.  I’m going to bed.”   He went straight to sleep and I was left alone with my questions.  And my tears.  I know I LOVED the series as a whole.  Superb acting, great characters, highly entertaining story.  Overall too much supernatural stuff for my liking, but overall fantastic.

LOST - "The End" - One of the most critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade concludes in this "Lost" Series Finale Event. The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island, on "Lost," SUNDAY, MAY 23 (9:00-11:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO PEREZ)<br />IAN SOMERHALDER, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, JOSH HOLLOWAY, JOHN TERRY, MATTHEW FOX, EVANGELINE LILLY, EMILIE DE RAVIN (OBSCURED), HENRY IAN CUSICK, SONYA WALGER I have burning questions.  Important ones.  Like why did Kate change out of her little black party dress?  WHY?!

I will now stop talking about a show everyone else stopped talking about a year and a half ago. 

#3.  I made an announcement last February.  I said I was done traveling to Utah for awhile.  I dropped this bomb secure in the fact I had two trips booked home that summer, but after that… then I was serious.  Unless someone died, got married or bought me a ticket, it was over until Summer 2012, when we graduate, blow this pricey popsicle stand called grad school and move Whoknowswhere.  I told everyone if they wanted to see us they could come to us.  Guess what?  My little plan worked!  My sister just visited (and her kid is still here)!  My parents are coming!  My in-laws are talking about coming!  My best friend is coming!  Oh and Lisa’s getting married so we’ll be going back soonish.  Queen of Schlep re-crowns to Queen of Why Yes, Stay with Us!  Looking forward to it.

#4.  We got a free flat screen.  Harley went dumpster diving (he does this) in our neighbor’s trash and this is what he found.


A $6 part on eBay later and it works!  Do you realize what this means?  Next time we start an old TV hit series we can watch it on a small flat screen like the rest of 2004!  Future people, we are catching up.


Lisa Weiler said...

WHAT?! Flat screen and two cars?! I feel so confused. Yay 2012 visit!

Ali Snow said...

Wow - you have had a lot going on. Thanks for being so willing to watch Hannah for me even though you have so much going on and especially since she's sick and not a huge fan of her twin :( Someday they'll be friends again. We're having a great time in New York and couldn't do it without you.

Maybe I should watch Lost.

You're the best!

janaemadsen said...

oh I love the flat screen find- good job!

Ming said...

Harley and his dumpster diving. Classic.

Such cute kids! Good luck this week with all those babies.

Hooray for finishing LOST and getting to enjoy all those hours of Sawyer watching. Mmmhmmmm.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Is Lisa serious in her comment? Come on Lisa Cars 2 the movie...not a second car.

Sawyer has totally been doing the head between the legs cluch on me too lately! It's driving me crazy. And I don't have Hannah here.

Busy bod. That's what you are.

Did you really think "I might blog this so lets take a pictures while I'm skyping Lisa"? OR are you able to pull up the screen pic later always?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad Anderson was able to find his arm in the first picture.

Love Dad

anna banana said...

Loved this post and everything about you! My fav highlights

1. row of cars behind snderson, classic, evan is just getting started lining things up, and I love this phase.

2. "I will now stop talking about a show everyone else stopped talking about a year and a half ago. " LOL, you are so funny! I wish I was witty.

3. The pic of Sayid on your laptop, although I just realized that that is from the Boston post, but whatever, great capture of him.

4. Dumpster diving. Heavenly.