Monday, November 21, 2011

I Think I’ll Go to Boston


Harley and I marked eight years of marriage on September 27th.  To celebrate we planned a getaway to Boston.   We’d never been.  We’d always wanted to go.  We’d heard fantastic things.  We had all kinds of hopes and dreams and expectations for this time alone together.

Guess what?  Boston did not disappoint.

DSC_0148One of the best things we did:  walk the Charles River at sunset.

But first things first.  First we ditched the kiddos.  Cheryl was crazy kind to not only take them for a long weekend but also to meet me halfway from Pittsburgh to pick them up at 11pm.  Who does that?

IMG_0544 Goodbye my sweet babies!

IMG_0546 I have THE BEST sister.

Then I got my hair done.  Pretty much whenever I have any kind of free babysitting, I’m taking care of important things.  Like highlights.  Little did I know I was ticketed for speeding TWICE on that errand.  Thanks speed cams, thanks.

IMG_0555Is this color worth two speeding tickets to you?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Kids gone, hair done and blissfully unaware of my speeding tickets, we had just one more crucial stop before we hit the road.


Some people might dread an eight-hour road trip, but for us, it’s half the fun.  Without kids it was nothing but our music, our treats and our casual conversation.  Sometimes it’s our best way to reconnect.


One of our main hopes was to find Fall in all her New England glory.  We planned the trip to coincide with peak color changes.

DSC_0403DSC_0047We found her.

DSC_0362DSC_0342DSC_0089I learned I love mums. So happy. So fall. So fun to say. DSC_0261-1

We toured Harvard.  Harvard was lovely.  Harvard was smart.  Oh, and Haaaahhh-vard is for Jessie Spano.  (I couldn’t get it out of my head all day.)

DSC_0003 DSC_0079DSC_0005 DSC_0013We kicked it on campus, acting all Dead Poets.  Except we laid on grass instead of standing on desks.  We’re rebellious like that. DSC_0060 DSC_0052This is what you see when you stretch out on Harvard Yard in the middle of October.

DSC_0081-1With my glasses and Harley’s hand pose we totally pull off ivy league, right?  Riiiiiight.

We shared two of the best almond croissants I’ve ever had in my life.  I’ve have some amazing almond croissants in my day.  I LOVE them.  This one took the cake.


We wandered around MIT and marveled at the funky architecture.  DSC_0102 DSC_0103 DSC_0105 DSC_0106 DSC_0114-1 DSC_0112-1DSC_0116  DSC_0160

Little known facts about us:  Harley applied to MIT. I was thisclose to applying to Emerson. We both may not have gone to BYU, and instead both gone to schools in Boston.  What different lives we would have led.  Maybe we would have met.  Maybe not.  A little mind boggling to think about our lives the other way.  Or any other way.


Hello non alma maters.

We saw Blue Man Group.  It was mildly entertaining and mediumly disappointing.  These guys aren’t messing around with that name.  Definitely very blue. I’m grateful for a partner who, independently of me, chooses a theatrical performance over a ball game when we visit a big city.  I know I have a rare find there.  I’m sure Fenway Park is awesome and all, but we share other priorities.

  DSC_0156  DSC_0230 Priorities like bald blue men.

Harley may love theater, but he does not know 1980’s television (outside Star Trek). The man honestly didn’t have a clue when I started singing “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” as we passed the Cheers bar.  He was also lost entirely by my Saved by the Bell reference at Harvard.  Seriously, where was he that decade?  So you know, like with any spouse, you win some, you lose some.


We strolled the Freedom Trail and hung out at Faneuil Hall.  Rich history intersects with festive marketplace.  I like it.

DSC_0165 DSC_0172  DSC_0184

Can we talk about my boots for a quick minute?  I love them.  They are comfortable, stylish and the color makes me happy.  Today, a random dude at the mall called them sexy.  Feet down, my best purchase of the season.  Hope you’re not sick of them because I’m going to wear these puppies out.

  DSC_0208DSC_0203 DSC_0204This may be Harley’s 2032 presidential campaign tagline.  You saw it here first friends.

DSC_0212DSC_0224Can we spend another minute on Boston’s food?  There was more than life-altering almond croissants.  Like the best clam chowder EVER.  And lobster rolls the size of my arm.  And my first cannoli, which I actually thought was overrated, but the rest was taste bud heaven.  Not pictured:  the biggest Italian dinner of my life and our fancy seafood feast at Turner Fisheries.

DSC_0214 DSC_0215DSC_0358   IMG_0563IMG_0568

We did a little scenic-inspired photo shoot, which I gotta tell you, is a totally different experience when it doesn’t involve children.


We stumbled upon beauty in all forms. DSC_0095DSC_0019DSC_0272DSC_0351DSC_0049DSC_0344DSC_0338

Late at night, curled up in our hotel room, we watched Lost.

DSC_0368 Oh Sayid!  Here we thought you’d actually died this time.  Again.

We visited the Boston temple.  It’s beautiful.

DSC_0376 DSC_0377DSC_0386-1

We stopped in Windsor, Connecticut to see our dear old friends, the Maddens.  Also beautiful.


Eight years baby.  Five of them in the East.  It was high time we experienced Beantown.  This trip was due.  DSC_0350

And this trip delivered.     DSC_0066

If you didn’t get my title reference then you don’t know me and you don’t even care.


Mom said...

I was so happy to read about and see so many beautiful pictures from your trip. I know it was an effort to make it happen and I am so glad you did. Who took all the pictures of the two of you? And yes Cheryl was AWESOME to take the kids and do it so cheerfully.

Lisa Weiler said...

Man, Boston looks beautiful. I love the water pictures and the crazy architecture pictures. Seems like such a nice little getaway. Happy 8. I'm glad you are in my life Harley.

Crystal said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, you both are gorgeous and I guess I'll have counting crows in my head all day.

Suzette Selden said...

So fun! Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures, y'all are so cute!

Rachel said...

I love your pictures and your boots and you. This post is so sweet. happy anniversary!

Harley King said...

The croissant was glorious.

Please stop talking about the boots; it'll just make the post entitled, "Harley, You Were Right About My Stinky, Leaky Boots" that much harder.

Ming said...

LOVE IT!!! Great song. Great post. Great pics. Sexy couple! The boots are adorable but nearly so much so as the two of you. Couples trips are the best. I just LOVE you two. Countdown to January!!!

PS so happy you got into the food....oh the glorious food! ;)

Ming said...

on that above comment I meant to say NOT nearly as much as the two of you. Whoops!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for all of the pictures. You are quite the photog. What is with those yellow shoes? It is going to take a while for me to get used to them. Are they the same ones that you make Max wear and makes him so happy. Now I get the family pix shot. I also did not realize that "fall" has a sex and it is a girl. But I like all of your pictures, my favorite is the one of the Charles River. I must admit I have no idea what the "title reference" means so I guess I don't know you. But you are wrong, I do care.

Love Dad

Kara said...

Loved all the pictures! Yay for Mike's Pastry! Awesome that you posed Ivy League. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Boston. Glad you finally made the trek.

Ligia said...

Reading all this and seeing those gorgeous pics make me want to go there even more. Not gonns lie, kind of impressed with your photog skills.

Kell's Belles said...

Fabulous! I feel like I just took a trip to Boston myself with all those glorious photos! Some thoughts:

*Thank goodness you chose BYU. I don't like to think about scenarios where DIVAS don't exist.

*I am in love with your yellow Hunters. Good choice!

*Maybe it's time to watch all of Saved By the Bell with Harley now that LOST is completed? How bleak his existence must be without Zach Morris references.

*I'm starving now after seeing all that amazing food!!! YUM!

*I love you both. Happy Anniversary (two months late)!

Jill said...

So fun. I can't wait to go there myself now.

Jessica Taggart said...

Wendy! Your pictures are AMAZING! Not only are the scenic shots lovely--you look gorgeous! I love the boots, except do yours make your feet uber hot? I almost couldn't breathe I felt so stapled when I wore mine this Spring (not Hunters, cheap Gap versions I purchased for $1.97 a few years ago...) Anyway, all of your funny jokes make me miss you and want to visit you? Can you squeeze out a time for me to come to DC before you move back? Love you!

anna banana said...

Looks like an amazing trip, it is already on my list for when we live on the East Coast someday! I sure loved all the pictures. You have a great eye and I love seeing your perspective.

boots - LOVE, send me a matching pair Santa, please.

Rob and Katie said...

Like it or not, you did get a taste of Boston sports after all (Boston Bruins (hockey) pumpkin). And let's not forget Sam "Mayday" Malone's occupation prior to running Cheers.

Very jealous you got to experience autumn Boston. Summer Boston was fun, but not nearly as colorful. Hope you got to see the freshman cafeteria at Harvard. Straight outta Hogwarts, or is it the other way around?

Happy Anniversay kids.

Bethany said...

Look! I made it to your blog :) Merry Christmas!