Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where’d ya go August?

Yikes stripes. It’s been awhile blog peeps.

We had a busy, awesome summer. We were gone a lot. 41/92 days to be exact. Most recently to Salt Lake, Denver, Cody, Springville and Salt Lake again. No wonder I haven’t blogged and no wonder catching up is a bit overwhelming.

DSC_0232I just want to join them. Can you blame me?

But we’re back. We’ve been back for 2+ weeks. It doesn’t feel that long. For some reason this re-entry was rough. We’re slowly getting a grip on reality, and I want to get a grip on blogging because, well, I miss you guys.

So good things are coming. Meantime I have thoughts running races around my noggin I have to share.

1. You may have heard, DC experienced an earthquake and hurricane in one week. Both were kind of much ado about nothing in our ‘hood, but great catastrophe stories we’ll share forever. That’s the best case disaster. No damage, no injuries or deaths but a life experience you can add to your “yep, I’ve been through that” list. Hurricane Irene knocked out our power for a spell and provided a stormy soundtrack to sleep to, but that’s about it. However, she was a big deal in Ocean City, MD. I’m proud to say Fox 5 News was all over the storm. I beamed as I watched my old weather producer, Tucker Barnes (no relation) get slammed with seafoam in every reporter’s dream live shot. The one where you’re so captivating, and the story is so incredibly visual viewers cannot tear themselves away. Then it becomes an internet sensation. Then David Letterman picks it up. Go Tucker!

2. I feel like the last two weeks of my life have been lost. Partly because of the rough re-entry but mostly because Harley and I started LOST. I know, we’re so hip. We may start texting soon. Starting LOST was simultaneously the best and worst decision of the month. Best decision because we love it. And Sawyer is hot. And funny. And I learned my nephew, who turns one TODAY!, was named after him. You gotta admit, both these studs are pretty great looking.


Worst decision because oh my word it is ruining our lives. We’re exhausted. We’re highly unproductive (which I hate). We’re up until 2AM because we just. can’t. stop, then we’re worthless the next day until the evening when we suddenly have bounds of watching power energy and repeat the cycle. Vicious cycle. We’re eating more treats than usual because, well, we’re camped out with a laptop for hours on end. Plus when the characters are hungry I’m hungry and they’re hungry a lot. Life ruining all around. This was not a great time for us to get into this show as we have a lot of important daytime stuff going on. Then again, when do you ever have 100+ hours lying around with nothing better to do than get addicted to an old TV series? And we are addicted so no turning back. We’re one season down, six to go. At this rate we’ll finish by Thanksgiving. That overwhelms me and excites me all at once. See? Best and worst.


By the way, if you are watching LOST and experience your first earthquake you will undoubtedly think polar bears, wild boars and/or The Smoke Monster itself are running through your kitchen long before the possibility of earthquake crosses your mind. Just sayin.

3. LUVS diapers are terrible. Cirque Du Soleil is amazing. Twix Ice Cream bars taste like Snickers Ice Cream bars at first, but then they’re different. And delicious. And the perfect treat at 1AM while watching people starve.

That is all for now. Peace.


Pink Panda said...

I am the first one to comment! Yay! Welcome back! I love your new blog lay out! Glad you guys made it through the crazy weather okay! Phew!

Kell's Belles said...

A Sawyer girl. A woman after my own heart. Except for Season 3 when I was a Jack girl . . . a brief bout of fickleness on my part. I was back to Sawyer worship by the last season. Don't worry. Ah, to be Kate/Freckles and stuck in that love triangle!

I could have told you that about LUVS. I learned that painful lesson about seven years ago! Hope it wasn't TOO big of a mess. You've been through way too many disasters this month!

Crystal said...

You are hilarious. " we may just start texting soon" ha! Twix bars are like snickers bars, but then they are different" Ha Ha! keep posting because it makes me laugh!

Crystal said...

Also, Jack and Sawyer... blah blah... where is your mention of CHarlie. He is my fav. Although his character may still be a little rough in Season 1. You'll learn to love him. A rock star, with an accent, who is a hero too! Just try not to remember he is a hobbit in Lord of the RIngs.

Ali Snow said...

It's nice to have you back. I have had the thought many a times to start LOST but just don't feel I can...well - I can, but Jonathan really has better things to do with his life and I don't want to watch it alone.

Jessica Taggart said...

I am so laughing right now! I should be in bed, because NBD I have to go to work tomorrow, but I was just missing you. Every time I read your blog I am reminded as to why--you are so damn funny!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

So funny! Many people's blogs I just breeze over the pics but your's I always read. Great post. I especially loved Sawyer's shout out! They are both very cute I must agree.

anna banana said...

So you are team Sawyer :) Thanks for the fun post!

Amanda said...

Wendy, I love you. Love this post. You just make me smile and wish we didn't live on separate sides of the country! I, too, love Twix ice cream bars. I, too, seriously need to blog. =)
Also, I can't remember if I commented about your basement - but I love it, and...can you come do our playroom?

Ming said...

So funny. I love the randomness of this post. I feel like these are the kinds of things Harley gets to hear late at night before you both fall asleep. Great stuff.

Sawyer, I love you!

PS can we agree to refer to it as the smoke monster? Not storm monster?