Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wanna know why I’m the luckiest person on the planet?  Because these girls are my best friends.DSC_0076Jessica, Mindy, Anna.  We really laugh like that. 

We have “Comas” (kid-free, husband-free girl vacays that involve so much R&R you feel like you’re in a coma)  together every other summer.  Our first was two years ago in California.  This summer we went to Cody, Wyoming, Jessica’s beloved home town.  DSC_0017DSC_0078

It started with an 8-hour road trip from Denver to Cody with Anna and Mindy.  Eight hours of uninterrupted, quality girl talk interspersed with food, treats, music and car dancing.  I could have gone for 80.DSC_0001DSCN0943For me, it ended that way too.  Anna hopped on a plane in Cody, but Mindy and I drove back to Denver together.  Again, road trip + best friend – kids = bliss!  Bonus:  I got to spend an extra day in Denver with Mindy and her cute family.    denver5

The beginning and end were great and oh-so-therapeutic.  The middle?  The actual Coma?  We all know how the West was won (well, maybe I didn’t exactly know but thanks to Cody’s Buffalo Bill Museum I do now), but a Codycoma… that’s how the West was fun.

DSCN0959DSCN0950-1DSCN0969IMG_0962 DSCN0990DSCN0955IMG_0377 

DSCN0974 DSCN0986 DSCN0946anna26anna18 anna17

It wouldn’t be a Coma without hair experiments, spoils from Jessica and punchy-ness around 2AM.



We started a new activity that one can only hope becomes a tradition:  abusing the photo booth app.  Behold the abuse:

IMG_0965 IMG_0967  IMG_0966

  photo(2) photo(3)photo


My favorite moment came while listening to live music at The Silver Dollar Bar. I watched each of my best friends shine in her own way and was reminded of just how amazing each is. I was touched when Mindy, in all her thoughtfulness, stopped me outside a boutique, read me and just took care of me. Just when I needed it, just how I needed it. Many times there is no one who knows me better than her. I sat in awe and with pride listening to Jessica sing, laugh and work the crowd. She’s fabulous with music, people and fun. It had been too long since I’d sat back and enjoyed her unique gifts. I was inspired to follow my dreams as I watched Anna identify the unique story of Cody, then quietly, confidently and seemingly effortlessly capture it on film. (The old school kind. She’s legit like that.) Anna impresses and inspires me with just about everything she does. See (one aspect of) her talent here. These three separate friend observations happened within 15 minutes. And I sat there, taking it all in. Under the summer sun, sipping my Coke, while the sum of it all nearly brought me to tears. What did I do to deserve such talented, beautiful, good-to-me friends?





I met Jessica 13 years ago, our first day at BYU.  I met Mindy and Anna 10 1/2 years ago during our semester abroad in London.  As I flew to Denver to begin the Codycoma I couldn’t help but think about my flight to London more than a decade ago.  Jessica was serving an LDS mission.  We didn’t know it yet, but Mindy, Anna and I were about to begin countless adventures abroad.  We all came home and lived together in Provo.  In a way that flight to London was the start of the four of us, which led to best friendships in every possible combination, which eventually resulted in these Comas.  I’m happy we make the efforts and sacrifices to keep in touch and nourish our friendships.  It’s not easy, especially since we’re spread across the country right now.  But it’s worth it.  I’m grateful for both the individual and collective roles these girls play in my life.DSC_0020DSCN0993photo(5)

I am truly blessed to know them.  They have shaped me and influenced my world forever.  Our friendships are not without fault.  Over the years our dynamics have shifted, changed and evolved.  We’ve had our share of fights, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, rough patches and more.  But we always remain a key part of each other’s lives.  And my how we’ve grown and strengthened through it all.  Love you girls!


Mindy’s Codycoma account here and hereAnna’s Codycoma account here.


Ming said...

Oh where to begin. You spoke of each of our talents and this blog post, my dear, so brilliantly lets your talent shine. Once again you've written a beautiful post about friendship and I'm so honored to be in it. I'm already pining for our next coma. LOVE YOU!!!

PS It's so fun to see the pics big on your blog. My blog needs help. :)

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Such a fun trip you had. You guys really look like you had a blast. And you all look fabulous. You are blessed with good friends and they are blessed to have you :)

Lisa Weiler said...

I really am impressed with how well you do keep in touch with your friends. Such a fun trip! I love that we share Cody love :)

Ali Snow said...

Fun trip. I'm glad you were able to go and that I could spend time with your boys while you were gone.

Ali Snow said...

Fun trip. I'm glad you were able to go and that I could spend time with your boys while you were gone.

Kell's Belles said...

You girls know how to party! You all looked gorgeous the entire time you were doing it, too :)

Rachel said...

You are so good at sacrificing to maintaining girlfriends! So impressed! You are great! XOXOX

Mom said...

Fun, beautiful well written post.

lys said...

Amazing! I love everything from the matching t's, to the boots and hats, to the photobooth, to the hairstylin'. . . Everything! Makes me wish that I could be part of something so fabulous.

anna banana said...

Kelle shmelle, everyone should read you! Thank you for being wonderful and beautiful and having the talent of making every person who comes in contact with you feel loved.

ps. I too wish my pics were big, the sad thing about me is I know how to do it and used to do it, but am too lazy....sigh...it looks so good!