Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swing Through Utah? Don’t Mind If I Do.

After our Alaskan cruise the boys and I spent a quick few days in Utah.  The boys started in Idaho, where as I mentioned, they were in excellent care.

DSC_0417 DSC_0419

After a looong road trip with waaaay too many people from Jerome to Sandy we enjoyed 3 1/2 days in Utah.





   IMG_5493 IMG_5502 IMG_5504




We boated.  And by boated I mean we took a spin around the neighborhood while riding in the boat. Next time the USS Neversail will be registered and ready to go, right Captain Mikey?



The kids played together a lot and fortunately, everyone got along really well. 


This is what it looks like when Papa babysits.


Sometimes Anderson uses force to get his attention.


I dined with Divas. There were six of us! Two live in Utah. FOUR just happened to be in town at the same time. Only in Utah.


We attempted family pictures.  This is the best shot we got of the grandkids with grandparents.

IMG_9053 Group shot turned out a bit better.


I’m sure you feel you didn’t see nearly enough of our Alaska pics here, so I’m giving you one more opportunity.  Ali & I spent my last day in Utah putting together this vacation video. (Cheryl wrangled kids and Tom and Lisa were busy being busy with their busy lives.)  That night we all gathered for a delicious meal my mom whipped up, which turned into a  last minute celebration of Tom’s birthday and Father’s Day. We presented this little ditty to my parents as a surprise thank you for an awesome trip. They liked it. And now I have it documented on the blog for family history sake. (Which, of course,  is the real reason I’m posting it as I’m very certain you DID get your fill of pics!)

Untitled from Jonathan Snow on Vimeo.


Harley King said...

Oh, no, never get tired of pictures.

Kell's Belles said...

Yay for Diva Mini-Reunion 2011! I loved that night.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Love the pic of Max outside by the flowers on the deck.

LOVE that my friend Danielle is on your Fabulous right now column. I should sent you the actual utube clip so you can see her dancing.

Love you papa babysits.

Ming said...

Excited for all these details. Love the pics of the kids with your funny. Boating around the blog, perfect.

I'm finally saying the new sunglasses! :)

Great video...such a wonderful trip!