Monday, July 11, 2011

Season Set: Summer 2011

‘Bout time, right?

SUMMER SET 7-8-2011 4-37-44 PM

I have really enjoyed this creative project. Four seasons. Four season sets. It’s made our kitchen a little happier. See Fall, Winter & Spring.

Now the question is, do I continue the project with new pictures for a Season Set II or do I reuse what I’ve already shot and love? Stretch myself or simplify my life? Seems I ask myself this question in one form or another every day.

Speaking of stretching myself, the construction on this blog is almost over! (I think.) We have the bugs worked out! (Fingers crossed.) I hope my new layout allows for easier viewing of bigger pictures. Still keeping things fabulous with Fabulous Right Now, it’s just in a different place. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy that part of my blog. My little way of constantly counting my blessings and appreciating greatness all around me. So FRN is up and going strong. As before, expect three new items (sometimes more!) with every post. It’s moved to the right hand side, so find it there, followed by a whole lot of other fabulousness.


hello said...
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brooke said...

LOVE THIS! I want to put this up in my kitchen. It's so happy! Too bad I don't have a kitchen right now. Or frames. Or anything for that matter. When this living out of a suitcase thing is over, you'd better believe I'll be printing out your fall set. ps, HOW DO YOU FIND TIME TO DO EVERYTHING YOU DO??!? Travel! Blog! Travel some more! Awesome photo projects! Birthdays! Basement remodel! More Travel! Seriously, amaze. me!

(my blogger is messed up. sorry for the deleted comment above!)

Kell's Belles said...

Ooh, I LOVE these! They capture the season perfectly.

Ming said...

LOVE these pics! Once again you've done a beautiful job with this project...way to keep it up. I'll need to think about that push yourself or simplify's a good one.

Love the new layout. I do like seeing the pics bigger. How did you do it? I need a new layout desperately!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Love this spread. So beautiful! What a fun project you've embraced this year. You really did a beautiful job.