Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Season Set: Spring 2011

Spring Set

I love the color, newness and hope spring brings.  There is beauty all around our little Gaithersburg lives right now.  My neighbors have the loveliest tulips in their yard.  These pictures were taken within 15 feet of our house.  All over this great merry land (that was for you Dad!) daffodils and tulips pop up on sides of highways making running errands a true pleasure.

DSC_0026 DSC_0033



DSC_0036 DSC_0045DSC_0512 DSC_0538-1 

This is our backyard.  Two beautiful bushes of flowers surprised us, just blooming up out of nowhere without any work from us. 

DSC_0135-1 I love the red one.

DSC_0129-1And the white one.


Harley is seeing to it that many more flowers and “a year’s worth of vegetables” grow with them.  Who knew I married a gardener?! DSC_0130-1DSC_0133 April was really rainy.  And busy and travel-filled and tiring and wonderful.  I’m welcoming a calmer, sunnier, stay-at- home but equally wonderful May.

P.S.  Here’s a look at what I do with these season sets.  I print them, frame them and enjoy them in my kitchen.  All season long.  More here and here.



Kara said...

Perfection! Those colors are incredible. And look at your mad photo skilz!

Codi said...

Beautiful flowers!

Pink Panda said...

Those bushes that bloomed out of nowhere are azaleas! We have the white and pink ones in front of our house and some bright pink ones out back and just love them! Love the photos!

Harley King said...

Eternal hopes spring.

Can't wait for 'em 'maters to grow.

lys said...

You already know that you are amazing, but I'll go ahead and tell you again: you're amazing. My favorite pics? Shoe on pedal and hand on handlebar. Perfect!

Your backyard is beautiful.

Ming said...

I love your season sets! Beautiful pics once again. I love all the vibrant colors. Oh Spring, I just love you so much. Your backyard is fabulous! I really like all the green and foliage. So pretty. I love the moss growing between your stones too.

Mom said...

gerdiBeautiful pictures! I love your back yard with all the green tall trees and swing and a place for Anderson to ride his bike. I didn't know Harley was doing container gardening.....very smart. The tulips are beautiful. Lisa and Ali are taking me to Thanksgiving Point to see the Tulip Festival for Mother's Day...I have wanted to do that for years!

Mom said...

Oops! My word verification showed up at the front of my commet.........sorry!

Mom said...

Thank You Wendy. Beautiful pictures

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

So, So pretty! I love this time of year. I went jogging the other night and it was so pretty I decided that I might actually like Pittsburgh. Great photos.

Brittany said...

Wow you have become quite the photographer! I love all of the pictures! Those flowers are beautiful! And your backyard is amazing!