Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Life Just Got 10,000x Better.


#1. Cheryl and posse are moving here in July. For a whole year. Next summer when they move to North Carolina we’ll likely be moving to Whoknowswhere so it works out perfectly. They’ll probably be about an hour away, but I am still THRILLED! Who would have thought our looooong, husband-induced, upper education journeys would have landed us in the same place in the end? And Maryland of all places! I’m looking forward to many, many, many more days like today:

DSC_0034Anderson thanking Lincoln for his birthday presents.

DSC_0084 Little guys on little chairs sharing little puzzles. Melt me.




DSC_0067-1The Fearsome Foursome. Oh the fun we will have.

#2. Cafe Rio is opening 12 miles from my house next Wednesday. This is Cafe Rio’s first east coast location. They picked Olney, Maryland. I find this very random. And very miraculous.

cafe rio

I guess if you wait long enough people and things you love you moved from move to you.

Given #1 and #2, here is what I am now calling my loop of love. A/D=us. B=Cafe Rio. C=Cheryl. I will be making this loop a lot.loop of love

I just might stay here forever now.

Oh, and today I learned I was published.

Dreams coming true all over the place baby!


Ming said...

SO fun! I'm so jealous. I want my sister an hour away!! Hooray for finally getting the Rio, but this does NOT mean you should stay out there forever. Don't forget that.

GREAT article in that magazine. You haven't lost your touch at all. PS I know the guy in the pic you took too. He was in our ward in NY.

Sarah S said...

Great news and good job with your article!! Congrats!

And can I tell you I have contacted Cafe Rio's headquarters at least once/year since living in Chicago, asking them to come to Chicago/Evanston? No luck yet. I'm so jealous of your soon-to-be easy access to that delicious food.

Rachel said...

YAY!!!! Such happy news. When can we meet up at Cafe Rio??

lys said...

Congrats on so many levels!

Wonderful news about your sis.
Random, but AMAZING, about The Rio.
And, your publication deserves an entire blog post of its own. Impresssive!


Codi said...

Happy News! That is so exciting for you guys! And CAFE RIO!!!! I am going to start making more frequent temple trips! haha

Crystal said...

What fun blessings for you! Really Cafe Rio, and a sister all coming to Maryland. It sounds like your dreams coming true

Kell's Belles said...

I'm loving that Loop of Love! Congratulations on so many happy things :)

Mom said...

What are the chances you two would end up in the same state. I am very excited for both of you and just one plane ticket for me to see 8 of my favorite people!

Kara said...

Wonderful news with Cheryl moving so close. Dream come true! Also wonderful news for both of us, Cafe Rio has decided to build one in Manassas too (16 miles away) opening "soon." I am in heaven, dreaming of pork salads.

TTL at the Rio???

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Those are seriously the cutest pictures of the boys! (and the worst pic of me....which I knew would be). I am so thrilled to move closer to you. Oh the fun we'll have.

SO awesome about the Rio. We will be frequenting that often.

Way to go being published. Can't wait for the full blog post on that!

Carter said...

I can't help but think that more Cafe Rios in the world = less trips to Cafe Rio for me when Divas come to town. So this truly is a great thing.

Harley King said...
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Harley King said...

Is there a destination for H on your Loop of Love?

Michael said...

The fearsome foursome huh. They are getting big.

Jessica Taggart said...

SO proud of you.