Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mob Me!

I have a dream.  It is to dance in a flash mob.  Or at least to witness one.  But I really just want to be in one.  In high school and especially through college I used to say, “I wish life was a musical.  Where you sing your  story and everyone jumps in magically knowing the words and choreography.”  Like this.  Or this.  I won’t even start with the Broadway examples.  How fun is that life, right?  I wasn’t alone in this wish for musical utopia (cough, cough, Jessica, cough).  Synchronized stepping and singing your feelings in public.  Oh this is my heaven! liverpool But wait.  It’s happening in this mortal life?  Oh yes. Oh yes!  It’s flash mobs!  And I love them!  The first (and arguably still best) one I saw  was this one.  Other favorites include this, this and this (the last link is new-ish and has vocal percussion!  Check it out!  Oh my!).  Of course the Cougs got in on the action.  I mean flash mobs just scream zoobie right?  My whole family digs them.  My mom sent us this one last week.  A few months late, but how cute is she for figuring out how to share a You Tube link?  When two of my favorite TV shows featured flash mobs?  Whoa… whoa… needle on the love meter about to shatter to a new record!!!

And now… NOW… there is a reality TV show dedicated to flash mobs?!  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.  And Howie Mandel is greeting me at the gates.  And “Everlasting Love” is playing.  And everyone is singing and dancing

mobbed sign

I heard Mobbed was coming (thank you Kara!).  I told my sisters.  Then I forgot.  Then my sister watched and reminded me.  Last night I watched it with Harley.  And I loved it!  And I cried!  Just look at this girl’s face. 


She gets flash mobbed.  And then she gets proposed to!  And then all her bffs and family pop up!!  And then she gets married!!!  My goose bumps are having a heyday.  I dare yours to sit still.

What I find fabulous about this show:

  1. The behind the scenes!  I’ve always wondered how these things work.  How is the word spread?  How does everyone learn the dance?  The internet, of course!  Twitter, well duh.  An empty parking garage, genius.  The mass communication, large scale organization, successful execution and details behind it all F.A.S.C.I.N.A.T.E. me.
  2. It is music dance theater on the streets of real life.  HELLO DREAM, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CAME TO LIFE!
  3. Howie Mandel is funny.  Didn’t so much see that with his other whatwasitcalled game show I watched that one time, but I see it here.
  4. The battle between the executive producer demanding more, bigger, next leveler and  everyone else trying to be realistic brings back fond, and terrifying, memories of my TV producing career.  Oh that was fun.  Oh that was so much work.nappy
  5. Nappytabs choreographs!  What the what?  As our friends Mindy & Jeff say, “I just wanna hang out with those guys.”  I love getting to see their personalities in Mobbed as opposed to them just clapping all the time in that other show.
  6. Mobbed uses real people.  Who don’t look like models.  Endearing and refreshing.
  7. They sell the idea as secret sharing.  Do you have something you’re dying to tell someone?  What are you hiding you want to shout from the rooftops?  Everyone loves a good secret and a great reveal.  Smart Fox.  So smart.

mobbed dance

Is it my communications major?  Is it the party planner in me?  Is it my producing experience?  Is it the cheese factor in my personality?  Is it my love of making everything an over the top production (which sometimes equates making things waaaay harder ((BUT BETTER!!)) than they need to be)?  Is it my crave of a good surprise?   Is it the feeling of camaraderie… when for a few minutes the world pauses and all these strangers share this unexpected moment of beauty, energy and joy?  Is it my love for all things music, dance, theater? 

Oh wait, it’s all these things!!!!  All my favorite

things wrapped up in a nice 43 minute production with slick multi-split box editing cherries on top.  Treat yourself and watch the whole thing here (or below). 

If you ever hear of a flash mob coming my way, please tell me so I can live out my dream.  ‘Cause if you don’t, I just might feel like Cam.


Not really.  I would still close to wet myself with excitement just to be a witness.

What’s your favorite flash mob?


Lauren F. said...

I just watched that episode and I *might* have cried. . . a few times.

lys said...

I feel like I just learned a new language reading this post! I'm now officially informed on the art of "mobbing."

Harley King said...

There were many, "Get a holduv yourself"-es last night.

Ali Snow said...

I need to come back and re-read this later. We are having computer issues and have no flash therefore can't watch any of your favorite flashmobs but I can't wait to see them. I also LOVE flashmobs. It was so great to witness the one at BYU...and be in ones at BYU - remember how I did that a few times? I think this would be amazing to be a part of.

Ming said...

Oh how fun is this post?! I LOVED all of the links. I'd seen many of them, but a few were new. That percussion one...incredible! I love the look on peoples faces when the person standing next them suddenly joins in. Priceless.
I definitely need to watch Mobbed. I forgot to set my DVR, but am going to now. I too would LOVE to witness/be involved in a flash mob one day. Preferably a dancing one since I don't sing. ;) So so so fun!!!

Codi said...

I have the same DREAM! So if you hear of any, I WILL drive down to join you!

Holly said...

wendy, you should submit this post to your local newspaper or one of those community newspaper things - like a food critic but tv or something! seriously.

john and i couldn't believe they did the whole fake girlfriend thing to that poor girl - i'm sure she could have done without that... and modern family is one of my favoritest shows, that was a funny episode!

Your bangs look so good!

Mom said...

My favorite link is the airport scene. That was really amazing. I'm with everyone else I want to experience this!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

LOVE THIS! I hadn't seen the Oprah one or the T-mobile vocal percussion one. So great. I love how much happiness and joy it brings to the onlookers. They are so surprised and beaming with wonderment.

Great writing too. Favorite line "I dare your goosebumps to sit still"

Kara said...

GREAT post. So after telling you and Rachel about it...I FORGOT to DVR it! Oh, what luck. So I need to watch it. Favorite flash mob- Antwerp, hands down.
Again, such a fabulous post:)

Heather Ross said...

I'm a friend of Cheryl's, linked here from her facebook post. I love flash mobs big time too. I wish I had been a part of the Single Ladies mob because I secretly love leotards even though I don't look that great in them.

I live in Richmond, just 2 hours away. If you want to start a two-woman flash mob, let me know. Seriously. I'll totally drive to wherever to do it... so long as I can bring my baby.

anna banana said...

Maybe instead of waiting for a flashmob to happen near you, you should start one! Plan it, choreograph it, spread the word. Sounds awesome to me!