Thursday, April 14, 2011



It has begun.  A best buddies, no one loves and supports you like I do, deep brotherly love.  These two adore each other. (Most of the time.)


Anderson and Max are mutually over the moon to greet each other in the morning.  Anderson goes into his high pitched voice (I guess that’s what I do?) and says, “Hi Maaaxx.  Hiya Max.  Mom, put him on the floor so I can see him!”  I comply.  Anderson launches into his collection of special nicknames, just for Max.  “Bookie-bookie baby.  My bookie-bookie-baby.”  Then it’s “Book-a-book-a BAAAAAABY” as he tickles Max.  They both think it’s hilarious.  So do I.


Anderson’s favorite thing to do is make Max laugh.  Which Max does.  It’s pretty easy since Max thinks Anderson is the bomb-dot-com.  Which Anderson is.




In case you didn’t catch that Anderson asks Max,  “Is this your best day in the whole wide world?”  That question is pretty standard during this activity.  When Anderson isn’t saying that he’s saying to me, “Are you kidding me?  Look at that silly face.  Take a picture of us, Mom!”  So I do.


DSC_0018-2  DSC_0014-3  DSC_0023-3

Gee, I wonder where Anderson learned to spin people? 

Speaking of Harley, for all who expressed concern with his long hair, HE CUT IT.  He showed up to TA a class, a student noted his haircut, complimented him and the entire class applauded.  Yes, that happened.  Guess I wasn’t the only non-fan.

Back to these two.



Anderson is Max’s greatest supporter.

*Note:  We recently potty trained Anderson.  He’s not usually pantless or just chillin’ in his undies.  Not usually.  And let’s just ignore the boxes left from our move.  I haven’t gotten to this room yet, umkay?


The other day during dinner my kids were screaming at each other.  At least that’s what I heard.  Back and forth, back and forth.  So loud.  I was about to scream myself about my head hurting when Harley said, “They’re talking.  They are talking.  To each other.”  And they were.  There was eye contact.  There was turn taking.  There was pausing.  Anderson had digressed to baby talk, or baby screaming, and Max was echoing his sounds.  My head ceased to ache.  My heart started to swell.


The only thing better than experiencing my love for my boys is experiencing their love for each other.DSC_0229


Ali Snow said...

That is precious. I can't believe Anderson is almost 3. In that pic in fab right now he looks so old. Anderson is a great big brother.

I thought for sure this post was going to take a spin though and say, "Now that Max is standing and pulling up on Anderson's's a different story."

I hope they're always best buds.

jeanette said...

Adorable. My heart is swelling too!

Kricket said...

I love siblings!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I was with Ali and thought the story was going to evolve into the latest in their relationship. But SO CUTE!! They really do LOVE eachother. I see a lot of that in Lincoln and Sawyer too. It's so fun. Lincoln loves making Sawyer laugh. He doesn't really try to, but then when he randomly does he loves it and keeps doing whatever it was that made him laugh.

Excited to see your playroom....from the spinning video it looks like you've made lots of progress!!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

PS. Lincoln loved watching all three videos. We watched them a couple times. I think he'll be really happy to see his cuz's on Tuesday :)

Mom said...

I love this post. Hearing and seeing Anderson cheer Max on while he crawls is priceless. I love my little Kings.

Pink Panda said...

so cute!!! Happy Birthday Anderson!

Ming said...

Siblings really are the best! Adorable!!!

Jill said...

So cute. And I'm jealous that you've toilet trained Anderson. I haven't attempted that with Lainey yet.