Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tour de Jour: Travel Wall

I love to travel. (I know I just said I’m tired of it. And I am right now. Still, I generally love it.) I love seeing new places. I enjoy meeting new people. I have a personal goal to visit 50 states and 20 countries by the time I’m 50. I have 18 states and 8 countries to go.

I love traveling so much I decided to dedicate a wall in our home to travel. So great the Dream Townhouse came with built-in shelves on the landing between our stairs. Also so great I scored 10 matching frames for $12 at Target on Black Friday.


For the most part, I limited the pictures to places Harley and I have visited together. That was kind of the point. This wall is OUR travel wall. Most of the featured travels have been kid free, which I was also going for. A lot of my home is dominated by kid stuff, kid pictures, etc. I love it, and I certainly love them, but I felt inspired to keep this wall about me, Harley and our journeys together. On the other hand, the keepsakes are almost all from individual travels. It seems we travelled to more exotic places and were better about picking up souvenirs before we came into each other’s lives. I also included some gifts representing places we’d like to visit.

Here’s the travel wall up close.


Places represented: Southern Utah, Manhattan, Amish Country, Hungary (Harley’s mission), Manhattan, France, Armenia (gift), Florida, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Paris, Shenandoah Valley, China (gift), Ocean City, Manhattan, San Diego, India (gift), Italy, Salt Lake City, Niagara Falls. (How do I not have a keepsake from England? How is NYC represented so much? Oh yeah, I couldn’t narrow down the NYC pics I love!)

This post begs for a complete list of our destinations, right? Maybe not, but for my record, here goes: the places Harley and I have traveled to together. (Layovers in airports do not count.)


  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Delaware
  6. District of Columbia
  7. Florida
  8. Idaho
  9. Kansas
  10. Maryland
  11. Massachusetts
  12. Nevada
  13. New Hampshire
  14. New Jersey
  15. New Mexico
  16. New York
  17. Ohio
  18. Pennsylvania
  19. Tennessee
  20. Texas
  21. Utah
  22. Vermont
  23. Virginia
  24. West Virginia
  25. Wyoming

25 states in a little over 8 years. Not too shabby. In June we can add Washington and Alaska to the list. Yippee!


  1. Canada
  2. Mexico

It’s my dream to travel to Europe (and about 80 other places) with Harley. Stateside, San Francisco (never been!) and Boston (we’re so close we have to go!) are on my short bucket list. There I wrote it down. Now it has to happen.


Ali Snow said...

Does this list include places you've driven through? That's impressive. Great idea to do a travel wall. Love the theme. However, I don't see my gift to you from you have no interest in going to Russia???

DC Diva said...

Uhhhhh! Good call, Ali. I'm using that box in our kitchen. It holds fridge magnets. Very useful. Come to think of it, I'm using many of our favorite travel keepsakes as functioning items throughout our home. Inspiration to travel is everywhere! :)

And yes, driving through counts. The whole move cross country SLC-DC by way of Dallas was very helpful.

Kell's Belles said...

Ooh, love this! I think your travel wall is fantastic. In fact, it inspired me to FINALLY frame the gorgeous prints I bought in Italy and get them up on the wall before the end of the week (now that I wrote the deadline, it HAS to happen).

Your list is very impressive and I'm all about travel goals. I wish you many bon voyages over the next 20 years ;)

JLPierce Ohana said...

I see one state that's missing- Hawaii! It was cool when I got to see Nicole here at the grocery store a few months ago.

Ming said...

SO fun! I LOVE this post!! I did a similar post years ago and this inspires me to update it. Love the travel wall. Love that you love to travel. When can we start traveling together again?! I miss that. No, seriously lets plan something. A couples trip. What say ye?

Brittany said...

Loved this post! And love love love the wall! Btw when are you coming to Washington? What part of washington?Maybe I could see you! :) that would be awesome!

Holly said...

how cool to have a wall dedicated to it!! good idea! john and i are doing the 50 state thing, but we are trying to finish within the next few years!! We have about five or six left. I think alaska will probably be our hardest one (and last). Lucky you!! Anderson will be like Trevan - two days ago, I figured out he (at 6 years old) has been to 36 states! so fun!

Kara said...

Love that this wall totally came together- even better than I pictured! Love the matching frames. Love that you represented the boys' Mother Land.
Boston and San Fran- two of my most favorite cities in the whole country. You HAVE to go.
Alaska- how excited am I for you!!!

Sarah S said...

I agree that Boston and San Francisco are great cities to visit, but I insist that you add Chicago to the list at some point in the future :) I love your travel wall!! I love functional and fun decorating.

Lisa Weiler said...

mary tyler moore

anna banana said...

Love it! I want to make a travel wall...

Emily said...

Impressive! I say that I like to travel but I am only good for about five day's and I want to come back home.... Love the wall. Em

jeanette said...

So let it be written, so let it be done! Looks great.