Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ode to Edamame

I am having a love affair with edamame.

Maybe it’s because I buy it in bulk here. Love that place.

Maybe it’s because it tastes delicious.

Maybe it’s because the word is so fun to say. Ed-a-ma-me.

It’s a high maintenance food, meaning, you have to work to eat it. Typically I’m not so into those.

But these are worth it! And they’re good for you.

The main reason for my edamame infatuation is because these little pods of soybeans have fed a daily ritual with me and my kid.


Promise he loves it. This is one of his thrilled faces.

Anderson and I enjoy a bowl full of edamame together. Every day.

I didn’t know edamame existed until about 5 years ago. Anderson is almost three. He not only knows edamame, he devours edamame, he shells edamame (with his mouth – clean and fast – it’s impressive) and says the word EDAMAME accurately. He’s an edamame champ.



DSC_0028 DSC_0027

He gets his hankering for healthy foods from his dad. I love it.DSC_0030

Mr. K. is there too. Every day. With his squash face.



Suzette Selden said...

I agree - I love edamame. And I only recently discovered it.

Julie Broadbent said...

Wow, That picture of Max really reminds me of Uncle Mike

Kaija said...

Wonderful photos of Anderson in action. And as for "fabulous right now", yes! GLEE is good again! Yeah! (Although last week's episode was weaker than the other two this season...) I have high hopes for Gwenyth tonight!

Ming said...

We are big edamame fans too. You can never have too much soy! Yum!

Mom said...

Really Julie, are you talking about Uncle Mike Weiler? I don't see it.

Rachel said...

ditto. LOVE it!! Love your cute pictures, too. And that it is a ritual with Anderson! Too fun!

Laura said...

I'm also a fan.

And I have it on good authority that Happy Sumo gets it's edamame from Costco, too.

anna banana said...

I dont think I have ever had edamame...

jeanette said...

In all fairness, I think you should make squash a ritual with Max, too...although it might not be as satisfying as the edamame. Oh, and AGREED that it is a high maintenance food! If only we could invent a way to get the fresh goodness without the shell.