Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. K


He’s 9 months old. He has two teeth. He’s got the quickest wounded soldier crawl you’ve ever seen. He pulls to a kneel. He is still chubs and I love it. His eyes seem bigger and brighter than before. He devours crackers. His hair is getting lighter every day. He adores his brother. He says “mama” and “dada.” He is oh so grabby. His cheeks get warm and super rosy sometimes and I love to press them against mine. He doesn’t like toys too much. He prefers cords, keys, strings and necklaces. He is sweet. He is squirmy. His strength when arching his back is incredible. He’s growing like a weed (21 lb 4 oz, 29 in). He’s a whimperer. Except when he’s really mad, then he has a LOUD cry. He loves being tossed and tickled. He is easy going. He is happy. He makes me SO happy.



Last Saturday things were unusually slow at our house. All four of us snuggled the morning away in our bed. When Harley and Anderson got non-snuggly I kicked them out and Max and I did this.

DSC_0028-1We both fell asleep. Me and my 9 month old who is normally way too busy and squirm wormy to cuddle, let alone sleep on me, slept together. For an entire hour. It was a dream.


The next day (his actual 9 month mark) I decided to do a little photo shoot. It was pretty spontaneous, but I’m learning sometimes (most times?) that’s the best way to go.DSC_0163




March 2011_1


Oh how we love him.



Ming said...

OH how I love him! He is so stinkin cute! I want to squeeze and kiss those cheeks I LoVE the pic of just his eyes and his blurry room in the background. Very cool. I'm tellin' ya Wendaline you're good!

Dear Max,
I hereby betroth you to my daughter Addie.
Your future MIL

Jessica Taggart said...

LOVE the pics. I cannot wait to meet the newest King family's gonna be great!

Mom said...

Be still my heart! Max looks so cute and his eyes are so bright and beautiful. Very nice photos Wendy. I love you Max!!!!!!

lys said...

Cuteness. He looks so much like Harley in that last pic.

Ali Snow said...

What a cutie. The picture in the bathtub is very cute. I miss his little cheeks. I can't believe he's 2 months younger than Hannah and weighs more than 3 pounds MORE! (Not to mention all the other stuff he can do). My fav part is his hair.

Ali Snow said...

Oh - and so precious that he slept on you. I LOVE that!

Harley King said...

Dang, we love him.

Emily said...

This is very very sweet.

anna banana said...

He is so darling and Allen was looking over my shoulder and said "That is a mini Harley King if I have ever seen one." He didnt even have to ask whose blog I was looking at. :)

I second Mindy, love the BW of the top of his face with his name in the background. Stellar!

Also master bedroom looks gorgeous. Love the playbill wall, such a great idea!

jenn said...

Your kids are so handsome Wendy! I love reading your blog and your fabulousness! ;) Thanks for the comment the other day. I miss you guys! Life is good right now, I am just ready to have this girlie already! Like I said, gorgeous family makin' skills you and Harley got!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh Max...I want to live you in Maryland. Hopefully I will. You are very cute and chubby. "Oh Max, your cheeks are red and your thighs are chubby".

Checked out the fabulous blog in your fab right now. Liked it a lot. Great pics. Great writing.