Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here’s Proof

I have to brag for a minute. About my friend Brooks Dame. He. Is. Awesome. 168778_487466946826_628081826_5747233_6428270_nThe first time I met him I thought, “Brooks. Huh, that’s a weird name.” That was the only time I thought anything other than 100% positiveness about this guy. Harley and I play this game where we talk about the top 5 most amazing people we met at BYU. Brooks Dame tops my list.

We met while in the same ward at BYU. I don’t remember much about the first time I met him (other than the whole “is that a girl’s name?” crossed my mind) but the second time we met it involved me yanking off my breakaway ski pants to reveal BRIGHT PURPLE LEGGINGS. That’s another story for another time dear friends.

Back in our BYU heyday I knew Brooks to do some cool stuff. He donated bone marrow to a complete stranger. His face was plastered on a billboard because of it.


He collected thousands of shoes and donated them to children in El Salvador. And he hosted the best darn Unforum that side of P-town. (Written, produced and directed by yours truly thankyouverymuch.) Oh if only I had digital pictures of this great affair.

He’s funny. And he has a stellar personality.

Plus he shares his birthday with my firstborn. Which just happens to be the same date Brooks (and I) rocked BYU campus with our aforementioned Unforum.


He made this for my second born. Because when he’s not busy saving the world he designs baby clothes and wall decor.


I’m tired just knowing him. I’m also inspired just knowing him.

I think I have a bit of a crush on Brooks. Don’t worry, it’s cool, because Harley does too. (He even admits it.) Brooks is that fabulous. And we’re not fabulous, because every time we travel to Idaho to visit family we promise we’re going to visit the Dames, then we cancel. Every time. But here we are in a random picture in Arizona in 2006.


Here’s what I really want to brag about: Proof. The latest and greatest from Brooks. He’s started a company that makes wood sunglasses. Check them out:

proof-sunglasses-2 They’re cool looking, right? Pretty sure I’m going to rock this pair very soon.


It wouldn’t be Brooks if it didn’t help someone in need. That’s just how he rolls. When you buy a pair of Proof sunglasses a large portion of your sale goes to provide a sight-giving surgery to someone in India. You can sport your shades knowing you helped someone see. Proof also has this great recycling program. Mail your old Proofs back and Proof turns them into fuel pellets to heat homes. And you get a discount on your next pair of shades. Fabulous, right? That’s just the beginning of their do-gooding. Read more here.

It gets better. This week only Brooks is taking ALL PROFITS from Proof sales and donating them to disaster relief in Japan. You get a stylin’ new pair of shades. Japan receives aid. Now through Wednesday (midnight MST). ALL PROFITS.

Told you he’s awesome.

Did I mention their tag line? Look Good, Do Good. Yep, I think so.

1 proof group shot

P.S. His wife is an outstanding photographer. Check her out here.

P.P.S. His sister-in-law is a crazy talented musician. Check out her interview with MTV here.


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

What if everyone in the world were like Brooks...Oh what a world that would be.

Missy said...

This is awesome. I've been wanting to find a way to help... This just might be the way! Thanks for sharing.

Ali Snow said...

Brooks is amazing. How can you not love Brooks? Serious shout out for a seriously great person.

Pink Panda said...

Wendy, I LOVE your blog! So fabulous! Those glasses look awesome!

Ming said...

Seriously Brooks is amazing. Not to mention the time he totally helped me out of a depression day during my 4 day break up with Jeff. Remember? Yes, love this man! I'm SO buying a pair of Proofs right now. How can I be more like Brooks? I need to do more.

Anonymous said...

Brooks is ok, i guess if you're into that kind of thing. You know who is cool? Harley. He's named after a motorcycle now that's awesome.

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Not gonna' lie, I was disappointed when I scrolled down & didn't read that I was #1, but then I read about Brooks, remembered hanging out with him a couple of times, and thought "oh yeah, he's #1...with the bar set as high as he did, i just hope i made the top 25." Besides, at least it's fellow native Oregonian.

womens ski pants said...

This is so cool!

Woody said...

Nice Guy. His wood sunglasses are cool. Nice stuff.