Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Febcation Part II

Wait! Stop! This is Part Two. Go here first.

Caught up? Okay, great. Continue.

The best part of the Febcation was the perfect ski day with my sisters and Dad. It was PERFECT except that Cheryl’s camera battery died and we have no pictures.

So here is a picture (mental people, go with it) of us tearing up the slopes. Here’s a picture of us laughing on the lifts. Here’s a picture of the shining sun in the beautiful sky over the greatest snow on earth with an incredible view of Timp from the top of a mountain. Here’s a picture of us sipping hot chocolate in the lodge. Oh wait, we were with Dad. Scratch that last picture because it definitely didn’t happen. When you ski with Mike Weiler you do.not.stop. You just play hard. But the rest of it did happen and it was a blast. Guess you’ll just have to trust me.

Oh wait! I took one crappy picture with my crappy phone. Then I took a crappy picture of my crappy phone with my nice camera. Here we are on The Perfect Ski Day.


The OTHER best part was the surprise combined birthday party we threw for my parents. And guess what? I have plenty of pictures of that.

PREP We painted little hands and feet (for the gift) and decorated with old pictures.

IMG_3504 IMG_3507 IMG_3509 IMG_3633 IMG_3638 IMG_3639

SURPRISE A little blurry. Poor Jonathan was holding a baby and a camera. Also I swear we aren’t always this tone deaf.

DINNER Ali made awesome pork chops.


GIFTS Dad wore his shirt for three days straight.


GAME I made up a game called Pictionisms. It’s like Pictionary, but you’re drawing –isms, as in Momisms and Dadisms, as in things they say all the time and we kids quote all the time. Some examples: Give your feelings a voice. I need a day at sea. Show interest. Contemplate your navel. Just to name a few. (I had about 60.)



It was a hit. And Tom joined us virtually in the end.


We also took a bunch of group pictures.

IMG_3749 IMG_3712 IMG_3695IMG_3676

Wanna know what it takes to get these shots? This.


In the end, Grammy’s birthday wish came true. What a party.



Mom said...

It was a dream come true! I love my family. Thanks everyone for the all the fun we had in February.

Ali Snow said...

Fab Febcation. What a great time. I do hope you change your mind and decide to come again...oh wait, you are...in June :) I miss your boys.

Skiing was AMAZING!!! Too bad about Cheryl's camera because that really was the best ski day in YEARS.

Ming said...

Oh where to begin? SO many cute photos. LOVE all those cute kids. Adorable little faces. Cousins are the best! I've said it already, but LOVE the bangs! You're a knock out. I didn't realize your hair was SO long. Seriously it's long. Beautiful. The party looked so fun. Love the pictionary game of isms. So clever and fun. I've totally heard you say all of those sayings. My fave being "contemplate your navel." Skiing sounded great. I'm dying to go but not sure what to do with my kids for an entire day. Love the old photos of your mom. So cute and fun! My fave pic of Anderson is when he's sledding. Priceless. The pic of you with Becky = gorgeous! (new shirt?) Love the Jamberry nails. ;) Darling Vday party with the kiddos. NBD I spent mine with Brad too. :) Oh wait I love the pic of Anderson on campus with his back pack and hoodie too. Future coug for sure! Why are you all holding up the number 2 in the Cougar eat? Second generation cougars?

Okay last but not least where did Lisa get her swimming suit? I LOVE it! I want it. I said the same thing on Cheryl's blog but she didn't respond. I know you will. :)

anna banana said...

Looks like such a fabulous trip and I love your hair! I cant believe how long it is!

The kids are all so darling!

Jess said...

I am super impressed with those great pictures of all the kids looking the right direction AND smiling! The effort was worth it!

Jess said...

I am super impressed with those great pictures of all the kids looking the right direction AND smiling! The effort was worth it!