Monday, January 17, 2011

Tour de Jour: Anderson’s Big Boy Room

People ask me what theme I picked for Anderson’s new (yeah, yeah, it’s been 6+ months) room. I reply: Design on a Dime. Which turned out to be a sort of jungle theme, because that’s what was on sale. And I liked it. And it fit my monkey child. So I embraced the jungle and went wild. I love the way it turned out.

But let’s back up a bit.

When we moved to the Dream Townhouse I asked Harley to assemble the crib for Anderson (meaning mattress on the floor), but somehow Harley heard “assemble the crib for Max” (meaning mattress at the highest level). This was probably a good miscommunication as it forced Max into the crib and me to get going on Anderson’s room. Otherwise I’d probably still be in analysis paralysis over every little decorating decision (I tend to do that) and my 2 3/4 year old would still sleep caged.

So I got going on his room, but I was still slow. Meantime Anderson, his 80 tats (pacifiers) and Halloween spiders, slept -- no doubt uncomfortably -- in a pack n play. Pretty sure one of my sisters called it child abuse.


We upgraded to a sleeping bag. The first few nights he wouldn’t get in the bag and he’d have nothing to do with a pillow.


Eventually, his room started coming together. I framed the final pictures last week. And here comes the blog post. At last I can say, done, Done and DONE! I can also say SCORE because the ONLY things I did not buy on sale, clearance or with a great coupon were the bunk beds and the mattresses (and those were very reasonably priced at!).





Let’s go section by section, shall we?

I’ve been hauling around (and using) three of these peg racks since college. They were all natural wood. I spray painted this one dark brown for Anderson’s room. The best part is he uses it.


When we were house hunting I hoped and wished and prayed we would find an affordable 3 bedroom. It was kind of a wildest dreams thing. But it happened! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I really wanted a 3rd bedroom so we could get bunk beds. I love these bunk beds and I love that Max will share them someday.



This is an old picture from September. Max is only 3 months. I actually thought I was going to finish this room and blog it back then. We removed half of the ladder rungs so Anderson can’t get to the top on his own. But Max can . ;)

Speaking of love, I love the stenciled animal sheets. Special shout out to Bear Bear & Blue Bear. They’re like members of the family.


I kept Anderson’s initials from his nursery but re-painted the J. Was red. Now orange.


On the other side of the bunk beds hangs Anderson’s personalized growth chart. Great gift from Sara.


Every bedroom window in our new casa came with drapes. I wasn’t sure about the yellow at first. I added brown ribbon. I think it works. I bought the canvas at Target on clearance for $11.38. Harley thought it was too mature (or modern?) for the room. That’s why I liked it. Plus, hello, it’s a jungle leaf. In the right colors. For $11.38! DSC_0066DSC_0072

I found the chest of drawers below on Craiglist. One coat primer, 4 coats “lemon grass” paint, 2 coats “espresso” spray paint on the knobs and I was staring at my first furniture painting success. (Remember that big ol’ wood pile?) Thanks Mom for teaching me all the tricks. Thanks Mindy for convincing me to go green.

DSC_0011-6 DSC_0015-6

DSC_0031-5DSC_0016-5 DSC_0019-6




Sometimes the best way to capture a small room is from the top bunk.


I was going to spell Anderson’s name out in blocks again, like I did in his nursery and like I did in Max’s nursery. That’s kind of what I do when I decorate. Grab an idea, love it and never think to do anything else next time. I forced myself to try something else here. So what if that something else started because I didn’t have the right letters for his full name? The point is I did it. Behold the Pyramid of Anderson Adjectives. (AB is one of Anderson’s nicknames. It used to stand for Anders Babe. Now it stands for Anders Bug.)


I give you AB having fun, wild, happy times in his jungle room.

DSC_0112 DSC_0142



Let’s not talk about Anderson’s unbuttoned pants. Let’s do talk about how much I love that rug!


Anderson: 2 3/4, Max: 6 1/2 mo.

Anderson’s room has a good sized closet with two things I love: shelf space to spare & nothing on the floor.

DSC_0096 DSC_0105

Harley’s happy I stayed below (!!!) budget.

I’m happy it’s finally finished.

Anderson is just plain happy.



Mom said...

LOVE THE GREEN CHEST OF DRAWERS! I have to admit when you said green I was not so sure but the color is bright, fun and unexpected. Good job Wendy, you've got skills, and you don't even watch hours of HGTV to hone them. Your mama is proud of you.

Codi said...

Love it! The green dresser is perfect! The whole things is adorable!

Kaija said...

AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!

Mom said...

P.S. The pictures are hung just right........not too high.

Ali Snow said...

Love the leaf canvas

Did you always have "no more monkeys jumping on the bed?"

Love the green dresser - LOVE LOVE LOVE

Love the orange lamp shade

Great closet. Jealous of the shelves.

Well done.

Kara said...

So cute! It's PERFECT. Glad you finally got it all done, just the way you wanted it. I think my favorite find may have to be the Target canvas! LOVE it!
Now what are you onto next?

Jessica Taggart said...

LOVE IT! It is so cute. I cannot wait to see more!

Sarah S said...

You did a great job!! I'm so impressed that you finished TWO rooms now. Everything looks great and so neat and organized.

Rachel said...

love. love. love. p.s. just saw that you ARE going on an Alaskan cruise this summer!! Yay!!! I never got the follow up...just your suspicions. So fun!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Aww.....the bird whistle sits perched on the green chester drawers. That makes me smile.

The room is perfection. Love all the wild, fun, happy pictures of Anderson.

Laura said...

I want to eat your baby for lunch. With a side of mashed potatoes. Or maybe just one of the rolls under his chin. Eating light, you know?

Lisa Weiler said...

Impressed with the green dresser! And i love the theme, so fitting for ab

Ming said...

Oh where to begin...
Top 3 faves in this room:
1)the green dresser (SO glad you went for it. You did a great job painting it and it's just so bright and fun!)
2)the 3 frames of Anders pics. You can't beat darling pics of your little boy!
3)the ORGANIZATION! I consider myself to be a good organizer, but my friend you have me beat! You are a force to be reckoned with. (when can we just organize together? organizing with your best friend = heaven.)

Okay other thoughts...
love the leaf canvas, the growth chart, the rug & the way you placed everything so perfectly in the room. You have a knack for displaying things.

Well done my friend! I REALLY hope to see it all in person someday. Anders is a dang lucky boy to have you as his mama!

Anonymous said...

Hello, could you tell me where did you buy your shelf? Thanks!