Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here’s Looking at You 30.

It’s a new year. Both on the calendar and in my life. This happens when your bday is one week after New Year’s. I get extra reflective in January. Then it comes: Inspiration. New goals. Clean start.


This is me. I’m 31 now.

I’m over catching up on this blog. Today I free myself of almost (one or two gems I’m saving) all old drafts. All those posts I began last year and never finished were building up and stressing me out. Today I’m taking their main points and slapping them here with a picture or two and calling it good. Turns out, this post is a look back at the last six months of our lives. Makes sense because we moved in August and that’s when I really fell behind. Harley and I analyzed 2010 over dinner on New Year’s Day, and we decided the beginning of 2010 was pretty not so great (sick, Harley work woes, so cold, sick again, Snowmageddon, pregnant, babysitting, more sick, funk, living in da ‘hood, etc.) and the back half was pretty fabulous. Yay for the fabulous half.

So here it is, my Top 10 Back Half of 2010 Shoulda Woulda Coulda But Didn’t Blog Post.

1. My in-laws visited in August. They kept things calm while I STRESSED about having no place to live in 2 days. Ed & Bo entertained my kids and ran errands, while Katie & Debby cleaned and packed their brains out, while Harley worked, while I dealt with house-hunting horribleness and via true miracle and true miracle only scored our Dream Townhouse. In the middle of it all, we blessed Max (and spoke in church, and taught lessons and nearly missed the entire event because half our group was lost an hour north, then hosted dinner for 12+ at our ghetto apartment amid moving boxes packed with no place to go). Memorable.



My FIL told us before he arrived: “I will not be abused.” Pretty sure we abused him alright that week. But we rewarded him with a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch in our new home. We even gave him a pie pan and measuring spoon to eat it. Of course then we made him share.



2. We moved. In August. Sweaty.


3. The kids and I drove to Pittsburgh in September to visit my mom, Cheryl & co. and meet my new nephew. Little did I know my dad, Allison & her baby would be there too. HUGE, WONDERFUL SURPRISE! Get the full story here.


The “Triplets:” Max, Hannah & Sawyer. All born within 4 months.



4. Anderson started preschool. It’s a once a week, swap between moms, joy school-esque gig. He loves it. We’ve hosted twice, teaching the letters G and N. We made Glitter Gs and Noodle Necklaces. The inner school teacher in me rejoices.DSC_0054-1



5. Halloween happened. Dinosaur & Monkey. Cuteness. DSC_0062DSC_0033-4DSC_0137-2


6. Cheryl and her boys visited for 2 weeks. We hosted a small cousin reunion, shopped, swapped clothes, spent time in the ER and bonded a lot. We were sister wives. Sort of. More like sister moms. This is pretty much what it looked like:


There were some calmer, cute cousin moments.




7. Our dear friends hosted us for a perfectly decorated, deliciously satisfying Thanksgiving meal. It was the first time in nine years I didn’t travel or work on Thanksgiving. So what did I do? Wake up at 3:40AM the next morning to door bust on Black Friday. (Not pictured.)




8. Then there were those days in between when my kids were especially cute, hilarious and loveable.



DSC_0040-1 DSC_0014-1


9. December came. We got festive in so many ways.



ford night

Theatrical Thursday ladies at Ford’s Theater after A Christmas Carol. You can’t tell because of our cute coats but we served as ushers… which got us free seats!

10. Max started (inhaled) solid foods.


Bonus 11: Anderson succeeded in quitting the tat (pacifier). Cold turkey. With a shockingly low amount of drama. May be my best thing of 2010. Oh, after having Max.

Bam! I am free! Free from the ghosts of drafts past that haunt me every time I turn on the computer. Time to move forward without being bogged by the blog. How I love a good clean sweep.

2011, back half and front, welcome.



janaemadsen said...

I love max's mop of dark hair. hooray for 31!

Kaija said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a GREAT recap post -- I love your resolution to START ANEW! -- and I LOVE (and covet...don't tell) your FABULOUS GREEN COAT!

Lisa Weiler said...

i love the "max started solid foods" pict

Ali Snow said...

Great post. Way to get caught up. I'm sure that would have taken you weeks to catch up the way you normally blog but this was good. Move more catch up. Can't wait for next week!

Crystal said...

Two thoughts-
1. It sure still is funny when Sean Whalen pops up in some of your pictures. Have you told him I was your friend long before he was your friend, :)
2. Why are we old now. How did this happen. This past weekend I was describing somebody to a girl friend and I said " oh she is about 35" my friend responded with "oh so she is our age". She was right, I was surprised.

Love the post, especially the sister wives part.

Ming said...

Hooray for clean sweeping the blog. Nice work. Concise, informative, well done. It's like you have experience writing this way or something. ;)

Lots of great pics! Fun to finally put pictures with all the stories.

Random thought...I really like you in headbands. Have I ever told you this before? Every time I see you in one I think, "She looks so cute!"

Love the new pic/look on the top of the blog. So fun!

Mom said...

Excellent recap. So many cute pictures. Such a busy life. Such a cute family. I am a blessed mom and grammy to have you and your family in my life.

Swanky Mommy said...

Okay. So no fair that you are a wonder mom of two kids and still hot! You do NOT look 30 (or 31 as the case may be). :)

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

man, I should have taken notes on all the things I wanted to comment on. Love the new back drop. Are you changing it for the seasons now?

Hate store bought frosted cookies...YUCK!!

Thanksgiving dinner looked amazing. Who's house was that again? Love her walls and the place settings were great.

Oh, such good times being sista wives..except the ER part.

I know there was more but can't think of it. Max is adorable.

Glad you're all caught up. Must feel good. :)

anna banana said...

You have two darling boys! I am so happy for you!

Ligia said...

ooh, our thanksgiving made your list. I feel so honored!! We're so lucky to have you close by and near our hood now. What am I going to do without you for the next 2 weeks?! Hurry back so we can get our Eastern shore on!

Davis & Asialene said...

What a fun post! I think it's especially neat that the cousins are so close in age.... those pics were so cute.

Marie Davies Howick said...

You look smokin' hot at 31. Enough said.