Friday, December 17, 2010

‘Tis the Season to be Crazy

Because December isn’t busy enough?

Because I love flying across the country with a baby?

Because I wanted to farm out my 2 1/2 year old 4 times in 4 days? (Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU friends!) ,

Because it gave me the opportunity to pull an all-nighter getting stuff done the night before I caught a 7:30AM flight? (Let the record show I canNOT pull off 36+ hours with no sleep like I used to.)

No, no, no and definitely no.

Because this amazing Diva and her handsome prince got married at Sundance, in Utah, December 9th?

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-56

Yep, that’s why. That’s why I made a quick trip to Utah last week.

I had to celebrate with her. I had to embrace her, hold her hand and tell her how happy I am she is so happy. The happily ever after of her fairy tale has been a long time coming.

So I did it. I held my breath, bought a last minute plane ticket ( “Name Your Price” success!), arranged for play dates and a sleepover for Anderson, delegated the heck out of my calling, schlepped 5 1/2 month old Max and hopped on a plane to spend 3 1/2 days in Utah. I didn’t check luggage, I might add. And I went back to DC with a GREAT hand-me-down double stroller. Thank you Kelly!!


I wasn’t sure it was all going to come together, but it did. I made it. So did 8 other Divas from all corners of the US. It’s what we do. And we do it together. As we joked with the wedding photographer (who I’m sure was annoyed by our, um, Divaness, by the end of the day), “We go together. We’re a package deal.”

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-36 Kelly, Asialene, Emily, Wendy, Nicole, Gwendolyn, Sarah, Amber, & Sally


Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-2

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-7 Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-9

I love Nicole’s dad. I love her entire family of 9 (and 28 nieces and nephews) actually. They are warm, incredibly supportive and super fun on the dance floor.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-19


DSC_0154 Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-21 Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-24

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-32

Take 1

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-33

Take 2

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-31

Take 3

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-34

All of Nicole’s girlfriends. We are privileged to be counted among them.


Amber and I showed up for Day 2 events in the same Shabby Apple dress.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-50

It’s cool, we’re still friends. Plus we styled them differently, so we don’t think anyone else noticed.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-51

Of course the coincidence turned into a photo shoot…

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-43

Which pregnant Emily joined in on, adding to our sex appeal.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-44

Oh these pictures make me laugh.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-45

Back to the main event. Nicole’s husband Meindert is from The Netherlands. I couldn’t have been more impressed with his family. First time to America. First time on an airplane. The mother’s toast required translation! Yet, you could feel their love for Nicole and her family. Both families are amazing. It was inspiring to watch these two worlds come together.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-52

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-59

Frank & Ella, Nicole’s parents, are the Diva Parents to us all. They have opened their Provo home for many Sunday dinners, showers, parties and our first DMDG. They recently celebrated 50 years of marriage. I think they are darling.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-57

It was a joy to spend two days celebrating with these girls.

Between wedding events, late nights chatting and early breakfasts with girlfriends, I spent time with my family. (What I didn’t do a lot of: sleep. I was happy to carpool down the mountain after the wedding because I’m not sure I would have stayed awake driving alone.) Max met Uncle Tom, Great Grandpa Queed (GQ) and Great Grandma Weiler (GG).


DSC_0161 DSC_0167

He also hung out with cousin Hannah a lot. Thanks for babysitting Ali!

max & hannah



I find Hannah especially adorable in these polka dots.

It’s not a real Utah trip unless it includes the following:

*Papa doing something that is best described as “bad babysitting.”


*A delicious meal at Willow Creek.

DSC_0130Beer-battered halibut tacos. Mmmmm!



*A what-not-to-wear moment. Below I am pictured head to toe in my brother’s clothes. Here’s the short version of the story: I was tired, I wanted out of my wedding attire, my luggage was outside in the truck and Tom’s clothes were staring at me from their “place,” all over the basement floor. Who knew we are the same size? (Shoes were a little big.) Thanks Tom! Best part is you had no idea. And you never will since you do not read this blog.

DSC_0155 This is what exhaustion does to you. The best part is I’m still rocking my wedding accessories.

*Finally, a complete home remodel. Oh wait, that’s not typical of my visits, but it’s happening and it was at its peak while I was home. My dad (who fled to St. George mid-week) says he has “no place to put his head.” My mom says she has “no place to put the baby.” I say, “it’s going to look FABULOUS when finally finished!” We’ll see if my mom doesn’t die of stress before then. It was fun to accompany her on some home decor errands. Side note: the day Brian David Mitchell was convicted we learned one of the 5 painters in my parent’s home painted Elizabeth Smart’s bedroom the week she was kidnapped!




Almost everything I know about organizing I learned from my mother. The rest I learned from my dad. We all LOVE a good project binder.

DSC_0172 Can you spot the baby?

DSC_0175 There he is!

I loved spending time with some of my family. Missing from the picture below: Jonathan and Tom (working), Lisa (in Jerusalem), Cheryl & co. (in Pittsburgh) and Harley & Anderson (in Maryland).

DSC_0136 My mom on the phone with her carpet people. This is pretty much how the woman rolls these days.

I squeezed in a quick Meet the Diva Descendants gathering at Kelly’s. I think this is maybe 1/4 of the kids from all 16 Divas.

Nicole's Wedding Dec 2010-63

Sadie Durham, Sally Walker, Wendy & Max King, Kelly, Tessa & Chloe Durham, Sarah, Eli & Charlie Severson, Amber & Harrison Snow and Piper Durham

I also enjoyed Cafe Rio while saying goodbye to my dear friend Alyssa. Her family moves to San Diego in a few weeks. Wonderful for them. Very sad for us. It’s so convenient when my friends live in Utah. It’s such a bummer when they move. I’m glad this trip fell during a time I could see her before she leaves.


I bet thought it was giving me the hose with a three hour layover in Denver. Oh no, this was actually a HOOK-UP since it meant my Colorado-living best friend Mindy could race to the airport to hang out with us for a few hours. BONUS! We talked a million miles a minute, scoped out each other’s new stuff: coats, nail polish, strollers and oh yeah… BABIES! Then it was time to say goodbye. Too fast!


I love Mindy because she’s ALWAYS up for a good time. Even when it means hanging out at an airport from 9:30-11:30 on a Friday night.


Next wedding: Adelaide Lind & Maxwell King (5 months & 5 1/2 months, born 12 days apart)

From Denver I caught a red eye flight at midnight and arrived back in DC just in time to put on the ward Christmas party Saturday night.


It was a Christmas Cakes Party. The theme: “How Sweet The Season.” I’m not calling it a smashing success. I’m just calling it over. Which makes me very happy.



Costco’s bakery=fabulous. Their selection of cakes, including feed-the-masses sheet cake, was perfect.

Would you believe one of the hardest parts of planning the ward party was committing a Santa? Good thing we found someone, so he could hear this request: “I want cars, trains and Buzz.” Phew, I think we’re good.



I couldn’t have done it, any of it, without Harley. We do crazy pretty well together.


Max deserves a shout out too. The only person more sleep deprived than me last week was him and he handled it like a champ. He really is an awesome baby.


Sunday I slept in until noon. Okay, brief 9:30AM interruption to feed Max, but then ‘til noon people! Harley woke me up and warned me we had 45 minutes to get ready for church. I corrected him we had 20 minutes to get ready for our tithing settlement before church. Good thing I slept in my make up. I hadn’t done that in YEARS. I did it three times last week.

T minus three days until we fly to Texas for a Cowboy Christmas. With two small children. On a 7AM flight. Two cross country trips during the busiest month of the year.

Yeah, we know how to party.


Kaija said...

You seriously know how to party. And how to survive all the partying! And what a cutie that Max is!!!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh my...that was a long, but wonderful post. I have so many thoughts.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black Shabby Dress. Can't wait to borrow it. Looked great on you. Also looked great on Amber :) That is funny. But so true that you styled them so differently.

The wedding looked like so much fun. I'm glad you were able to make the trip and see all your girls.

Tell me dad really didn't drive holding Max. Sad that I have to double check on that.

Who did your eyebrows? I'm guessing not you. They look great. As does your make-up in the Willow Creek pic with Ali. Did you get it done?

I couldn't stop laughing when I read about you wearing Tom's clothes from the floor and that he would never know because he never reads your blog!! Classic. Lvoe that your accessories were still on.

Holy House remodeling binder. Go mom. She did teach us well. It was nice to see some pics of the madness that is the inside of 5 Swallow Wood Lane after hearing about it so much. Love the "Where's Max" pic.

You look so fabulous is so many of these pics. Love the belt your wearing with Alyssa and your outfit at the ward Christmas party.

Anders hair is super cute on Santa's lap. Miss and love him always.

So many great pics of Max and Hannah. Wish I would have had them for you know what.

How's that for a comment :)

Claudia said...

You are amazing - on so many levels! Any chance you'll squeeze in a visit to Dallas during the Cowboy Christmas?

Kell's Belles said...

LOVE IT!!!!! You always have and always will know how to party--and look gorgeous on zero sleep! Seriously, how do you do it?!?!?

Have fun in Texas!

Kara said...

SO happy everything worked out! Looks like you had a blast. Girl, you do know how to party. How cute are you in your Christmas party outfit? Too cute.

Rob said...

Major props to you for being there for your diva on her wedding day. So glad you could be there for her.

You are still the queen of long posts, but you do it well because you have lots of pics. And if that shot of Anderson talking to Santa isn't enough proof that he is Harley's son, I don't know what is.

Ming said...

Okay first I must say I'm impressed with Cheryl's comment! Have you been training her?! :)

Okay, LOVE this post (obviously)! Loved hearing about most of this IN PERSON, but so fun to put the pics with the words.

- You look FABULOUS!
- You are totally rocking the belt look in so many of these pics with so many dif belts that I've NEVER seen!
- I'm jealous you are skinny enough post baby to rock the belt look (oh how far I have to go before a belt will look good on me, blech)
- Nicole's wedding looked wonderful...SO glad I helped push you over the edge to go..worth it!
- Anders looked cute in is faux hawk
- Max in the bear suit = adorable!
- Really wish we'd pulled out your iPhone shot of us makes my hand look like Quasimoto's
- Our babies look cute together :)
- It was SO WONDERFUL to see you in the flesh even if only for 2 hours
- Last but not least...You've ALWAYS known how to party (duh that's why we're friends)!!!

PS You can sleep in May!

Anonymous said...

1. No way I can compete with you, Cheryl, or Ming.

2. There was no "bad babysitting". Someone was taking forever "Divaizing", Max got very impatient, and wanted to learn how to honk the horn.

Love Dad

Becca said...

How fun! It looks like you always have a great time with your Divas! Where in Texas are you going? If you are coming to San Antonio, you should send me an email! I'd love to see you again!

Mom said...

Wow, great post. I know I'm tired from the remodel, now I'm even more tired after reading your blog.

jeanette said...

I I grow older I find that my gift for succesfully pulling all nighters with class and style is waning. Sad that your friend is moving away from UT, but the good news is that now you have TWO people to visit in San Diego, so the trip would be really cheap (no hotel, two families feeding you, free tour guides). And, of course, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun. Idea planted!

Tami H. said...

I am exhausted from reading this post!! Why is Anderson so darn cute? Why do I love your sense of humor, the pose in Tom's clothes, love it.

Tami H. said...

oh yea, and everthing cheryl said

Amber Snow said...

Wendy, I'm totally exhausted just reading your fabulous post!! And I thought I had a crazy trip . . . yet I had no red eye, no ward christmas party to plan and no long layover. We were however pretty similar in our schleps out west . . . 6 month in tote - CHECK, no checked bags - CHECK, same Shabby Apple dress - CHECK, using friend after friend for playdates for child #1 - CHECK.

But what an awesome whirlwind trip it was. It was definitely worth it! It was SO great to see you and the other divas and catch up - I was in such desperate need of it!

Ali Snow said...

Oh my Cheryl. Way to go. My favorite part was wearing Tom's clothes. That's so funny. And yep, he'll probably never know.

I'm so glad you were able to come out and I could see you and play with Max. Can't wait for Feb!

Nicole said...

Can't thank you enough for being there...seriously. You captured some fab photos. I love the Divas forever!