Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tour de Jour: Max’s Nursery

Whelp, it’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m grateful that after 3 months of being in The Dream Townhouse I finally finished unpacking, organizing and decorating a room.

Let’s not talk about why it takes me so long.

My sweet baby Max began his life with no room. Oh how things are different with the second child. He spent his first weeks in a bassinette by the side of our bed. When I couldn’t handle the newborn sleepovers any more we kicked him into the hall. The hall was his room until we moved in September. Max was 2 months old.



Max had to share his room with boxes during move week.

DSC_0188 On move day the boxes became his bed.

I am beyond happy we are now living in a spacious (average-sized) mansion (townhouse) where Max can finally have his own room. It was high time, since he was getting a little long for the bassinette.


We upgraded to the crib a few days after we moved. He seemed so small.

DSC_0262 DSC_0272

Three months later… I finally finished his room. I struggled with this room because the walls are bright white and so is the furniture. I was tempted to paint a wall(s) but that’s work (especially with kids) and I have enough painting projects right now. After I filled the shelves and walls with colorful things I decided it doesn’t look SO white and sterile, and I’m happy with it. (Still, in a perfect world the walls would not match my furniture.) I did this room on a tight budget, which made it a) a fun challenge and b) take forever. I’ll share some penny pinching tips as we go. Everyone loves a good deal, right?

Now to the onslaught of pics.




Anderson’s old bedding (made by my mom!) stuffed with new bumper pads=almost good as new.


I put Max’s birth announcement on a canvas. Affordably done at Costco. Love it.


DSC_0124-1 DSC_0126-1

Where would we be in today’s decor world without Mod Podged letters? I ask you, where?!


Love the built in shelves all over our home. LOVE “Max’s ABC Book” (black book, see what it’s like here) from Brooke Diva.


DSC_0070-1 DSC_0071-1 DSC_0072-1Behold the above failed craft. Thanks to Heather for a fun gift. No thanks to me for botching it. The white mold on a white shelf against a white wall was no good. The easel looked like it was holding air. So I painted it. And this is how it turned out. And now I’m telling people Anderson painted it.




Janae gave us these awesome Nerdy Baby flash cards two years ago. I bought cheap (!) wood frames, painted them and framed the letters M, R, K. Homage to Mr. K (nickname & initials for Max) and the science nerd in our family.DSC_0090-1

I spelled Anderson’s full name in painted wood blocks in his nursery and loved it. For Max I scored bigger, brighter blocks on the cheap at Ross. I love decorating with toys. I used these new blocks in three places in the nursery and in Anderson’s new big boy room. They make me happy.DSC_0112-1DSC_0107-1 The Dream Townhouse has beautiful wood blinds, energy efficient windows and drapes in every room! I wasn’t crazy about these denim drapes at first. Then I decided I loved the buttoned loops at the top. Then I realized denim goes well with the bedding. Then I tied them with ribbon. Now I love them! They bring great color to the white walls.

DSC_0108-1 DSC_0111-1

The room is organized too. Did I mention that? Wanna see?

DSC_0138-1 Drawer of onesies. Short-sleeved white, short-sleeved colored, short-sleeved patterned, short-sleeved striped, long-sleeved patterned, long-sleeved striped. (Say that three times fast.)



Max’s small closet is nearly impossible to photograph because it’s down a mini hall right by the room’s door. This is the best I got.

I think Max is pretty happy in his new pad.


How did Anderson stay busy during this little photo shoot? Dumping, sorting and rowing up pebbles, of course.


Behind Anderson is a sneak peak at my next project: master bedroom.

Wanna place bets? The rest of the house 100% put together by… the 4th of July?