Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mister Max

I’ve got about seven too many projects going on right now. I’ve got about seventeen projects I want to start. Sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to chaos. My parents always told me I thrive in it.

I need to slow down. I need to remember this. (It was my favorite. Anyone else relate?) Max is growing too fast, and I feel like I’m missing it. Today I am staying home from church with sick Baby Max. He is congested and has a barking cough. This seems to be round two of whatever he had two weeks ago. I decided I’m going to be sick with him. Sick from projects. Just for today. (Though one could argue blogging is a project. One I’m definitely behind on.) Today I am just going to cuddle Max. Kiss his cheeks, squeeze his chunks and drink up his sweetness. I am also finally going to finish and post this entry I started months ago.

Enjoy, while I go back to enjoying Max.

DSC_0602 3 months

Dear Maxwell,

I love your navy blue eyes.

I love your loads of dark hair. It reminds me of a minky blanket. I love twisting it in my fingers. Let’s do whatever it takes to keep it.

I love calling you Mr. K., Max-Max-Max-Max-Max, Baby Max and the Great Great Maxamuzi (your dad says that’s your magician name).

I love your peaceful nature. You are our Mellow Max. You are such a good, calm, easy baby. Are you really this easy or do I just know what I’m doing this time? I think it’s a little me and a LOT you.

I love your mad sleeping skills. Six hours a night at 5 weeks old. 8 hours at 7 1/2 weeks. These days we’re up to 10. Last night you went 11 hours. Thank you.

I love the way you put yourself to sleep with a swaddle and a pacifier.

I love how happy you are.

I hate that I don’t get to hold/snuggle/stare at/gush over you as much as I want. Things are busier when you have an older brother. That’s been the biggest difference for me with number two. Less time to sit and snuggle baby. How can I bottle up all your baby, put it on a shelf and save it for later?

I love how you smile with your whole body. I love how all we have to do to get you to smile is look at you.

I love your wide-eyed wonderment.

I love your “coo”s and “ohhh”s.

I love the way your chin moves when you suck on your pacifier.

I love how you look more like Anderson every day.

I love watching you watch Anderson. Eyes fixed right on him.

I hate how fast time is flying. Next week you’ll be 4 months. How did that happen? I packed away your newborn-3 month clothes. I swear I just pulled them out.

I love your new laugh. We heard it for the first time last week.

I love your chubs. Oh how I love your chubs!

Sometimes in a quiet moment, I look at you in all your peace and beauty and you nearly take my breath away.

I am so happy you are here. I am so happy you are ours.



(My mom capitalizes her entire name when she emails us. I’ve decided I will too.)

DSC_0160-13 weeks

DSC_0039-4 1 month

DSC_00166 weeks

DSC_0012-12 months

DSC_0074-12 months

DSC_0073-12 months


2 months

DSC_02402 1/2 months


3 months

DSC_06093 months

DSC_0063 3 1/2 months


jeanette said...

Wow. I can't believe I am the FIRST ONE to post a comment on one of your postings! That is like getting a backstage pass or getting to sit in on a sound check or something. Let me take a second and get over my sense of shock and awe....okay. LOVE the love note to Max. I think you have the title page for his eventual scrapbook.

lys said...

Precious. I can't get over all that great hair.

Ming said...

Very sweet. Love all the darling pics. Max is an angel!!!

Sarah S said...

Love the video!! He is so sweet and such a good talker :) Your note to Max is very sweet and makes me want to go climb into bed with each of my boys that are growing too fast and squeeze them.

P.S. - You are SO LUCKY to have such a fabulous sleeper!! That's awesome.

Mom said...

Very well said Wendy. Ditto on everything I love my baby Max. I didn't realize I sign my name in all caps but I'll keep doing it now.

Anonymous said...

Uchdorf is my favorite. That was a great - right on talk. Mister Max is a real dude.



Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

So precious. I feel the same way... i want to bottle up all the baby and save it on the shelf. Glad to hear you took a break from all your projects to "drink up" Max. Love our boys.

K said...

What a beautiful post. Really beautiful. Yes, that was my favorite talk of conference, too! How wonderful that you took it to heart to spend some time with Max. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. That's the kind of mom I want to be. One who talks to my children and engages them like adults from Day One. I love it. Thanks for your example.

Lisa Weiler said...

those are some great picts. what a lumpolove

Joo Lin said...

I'll say it again: beautiful post. I love your eloquence and love toward your boys. Great pictures of baby Max :)

Gwendolyn said...

This adorable little guy looks SO MUCH like Harley! Sorry I just called your husband adorable, I think you know what I'm trying to say!