Thursday, October 28, 2010


Morning at the park.

Creative project de jour.

Fall collage for kitchen frame.

Starred Photos


Now if I could just buckle down and write Sunday’s church talk…

Thursday, October 21, 2010



This picture makes me happy for many reasons:

Fall weather is beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right for playing outside.

We’re back in our old area with our old peeps. These three are best buds.

They’re hanging out at our place today as part of “Errand Day Swap.” Next week I get a turn. HAPPINESS.

Best of all, this is my back yard.


So happy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mister Max

I’ve got about seven too many projects going on right now. I’ve got about seventeen projects I want to start. Sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to chaos. My parents always told me I thrive in it.

I need to slow down. I need to remember this. (It was my favorite. Anyone else relate?) Max is growing too fast, and I feel like I’m missing it. Today I am staying home from church with sick Baby Max. He is congested and has a barking cough. This seems to be round two of whatever he had two weeks ago. I decided I’m going to be sick with him. Sick from projects. Just for today. (Though one could argue blogging is a project. One I’m definitely behind on.) Today I am just going to cuddle Max. Kiss his cheeks, squeeze his chunks and drink up his sweetness. I am also finally going to finish and post this entry I started months ago.

Enjoy, while I go back to enjoying Max.

DSC_0602 3 months

Dear Maxwell,

I love your navy blue eyes.

I love your loads of dark hair. It reminds me of a minky blanket. I love twisting it in my fingers. Let’s do whatever it takes to keep it.

I love calling you Mr. K., Max-Max-Max-Max-Max, Baby Max and the Great Great Maxamuzi (your dad says that’s your magician name).

I love your peaceful nature. You are our Mellow Max. You are such a good, calm, easy baby. Are you really this easy or do I just know what I’m doing this time? I think it’s a little me and a LOT you.

I love your mad sleeping skills. Six hours a night at 5 weeks old. 8 hours at 7 1/2 weeks. These days we’re up to 10. Last night you went 11 hours. Thank you.

I love the way you put yourself to sleep with a swaddle and a pacifier.

I love how happy you are.

I hate that I don’t get to hold/snuggle/stare at/gush over you as much as I want. Things are busier when you have an older brother. That’s been the biggest difference for me with number two. Less time to sit and snuggle baby. How can I bottle up all your baby, put it on a shelf and save it for later?

I love how you smile with your whole body. I love how all we have to do to get you to smile is look at you.

I love your wide-eyed wonderment.

I love your “coo”s and “ohhh”s.

I love the way your chin moves when you suck on your pacifier.

I love how you look more like Anderson every day.

I love watching you watch Anderson. Eyes fixed right on him.

I hate how fast time is flying. Next week you’ll be 4 months. How did that happen? I packed away your newborn-3 month clothes. I swear I just pulled them out.

I love your new laugh. We heard it for the first time last week.

I love your chubs. Oh how I love your chubs!

Sometimes in a quiet moment, I look at you in all your peace and beauty and you nearly take my breath away.

I am so happy you are here. I am so happy you are ours.



(My mom capitalizes her entire name when she emails us. I’ve decided I will too.)

DSC_0160-13 weeks

DSC_0039-4 1 month

DSC_00166 weeks

DSC_0012-12 months

DSC_0074-12 months

DSC_0073-12 months


2 months

DSC_02402 1/2 months


3 months

DSC_06093 months

DSC_0063 3 1/2 months

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monkey Business

#1. We’re keeping the shoes. The blog votes were split almost 50/50. 17 keep ‘em. 18 kick ‘em. For the record, we had more verbal votes for kick ‘em, including two from Harley’s parents. Funny how parents on both sides always seem to support the in-law, not the child. Actually I think that’s pretty great and speaks volumes of our relationships. Anyway, back to business. It was a close vote. We’re keeping them as running shoes. Let me remind everyone I like them as running shoes and the right outfit shoes. Harley promises he’ll change shoes if ever I “express concern” over a particular outfit (ie one involving a bright red shirt). We’ll see how this goes.

#2. I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get Anderson excited about his monkey backpack. We’ve gifted it to him on multiple holidays. Finally this summer he started carrying it, but he refused to wear it.


This week, a backpack breakthrough.


We have his “guy problem” to thank. Anderson is going through that stage where he collects (read: hoards) his favorite items (read: everything) and takes (read: lugs) them places (read: everywhere). Here are Anderson and his “guys” watching a movie.


His guys (cars, planes, trains, pacifiers, Happy Meal toys, stuffed animals, Legos, fake spiders, plastic Disney characters and more) have become like members of the family. The collection keeps growing thanks to generous grandparents (pretty sure most of his guys have Jeddie & Walmart written all over them). Anderson never replaces guys, he only adds to his collection. I think we’ve amassed about 50 guys. Fortunately, I’ve convinced Anderson sometimes guys need a rest. He tells me which ones are resting each day and the remaining winners get schlepped. How? You guessed it. In the backpack. He used to carry the guys in his arms, but the collection grew too big. It was then my child finally saw the genius of the backpack. But only for carrying. Never for wearing. Every day Anderson takes inventory of his guys, “rows ‘em up,” then “packs ‘em up” and carries them around. He’s very organized about it. This has been going on for months.

DSC_0002-6 DSC_0003-5 Ah, the simple days when we had three toys, a collection of pacifiers and our couch cover was in the washing machine.

DSC_0015-2 Remember when we lived in that tiny apartment with the terrible carpets?





What can we learn from this series of pictures (besides I too often let my kid hang out in his pajamas)? Anderson loves his guys, he loves to line up his guys and he loves to transport his guys. Eventually all the guys couldn’t fit in his backpack, so he started carrying around a bucket, in addition to the backpack. Yesterday the collection grew into two buckets. Anderson’s no math genius (yet) but he quickly figured 1 backpack and 2 buckets could not be carried at once. (My child does not believe in making trips.) So when it came time to move everything from the basement to the main floor (oh how I love having multiple floors!!!!), he got frustrated. I gently suggested, as I had so many times before, he wear his backpack so his arms could be free to carry both buckets. His face lit up, he looked at me and said, “That’s a great idea, Mom!”


DSC_0022-1 DSC_0023-1

Amazing. Now EVERYthing can go EVERYwhere. I’m so… grateful?


Now of course Anderson won’t take off the backpack. He proudly wears it “just like Dad.” The timing is perfect since he starts preschool Monday.

#3. Where does Anderson get this incessant need to organize? Oh by the way, here’s what I’ve been up to:


Isn’t it great? And this was taken before I added pretty canisters for the crackers, goldfish, pretzels, etc. Does that glaring from the sun bother you? Sorry, can’t help it. It’s pouring in from our big, beautiful kitchen windows. Unpacking, decorating and organizing makes me so very happy. LOVING my new home and ALL!! OUR!! SPACE!! Next week’s project, Operation Paint:

DSC_0032-1 That’s a lot of wood, right? Wait ‘til you see it in colors. If this goes well I have a second set of stuff to paint. Everything pictured here (except the accordion peg rack which we already owned) was purchased for less than $120. I am addicted to Craigslist and yard sales. But that’s another post. Back to monkeys…

#4. This guy and his wild hair are going to be a monkey for Halloween.


Meeting adjourned.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I’m behind on this blog. The very word “blog” overwhelms me. While I’m at it, I’ll tell you Google Reader is too much to handle right now too.

However, something is going down in the King household (The Dream Townhouse household) that must. be. blogged.

I’m skipping the surprise family reunion in Pittsburgh. Forget Max’s blessing, our move, my in-laws’ visit, an NYC trip way back in August, Anderson’s new bunk beds, and my kids’ latest and greatest (and oh, there is greatness to be shared). Most of all, I’m dying to tell you the details of our new place. But no. All that can wait. This can’t.

We have a fashion emergency people.

My sweet, misguided husband seems to think these shoes are hot.


I think they look like an umpa-lumpa’s face.


He tells me they are his new running shoes. If that were truly the case, I’d say, awesome. I’m all about loud, fun running shoes. Plus his feet will glow in these, naturally acting as reflectors on the road, so that’s a safety bonus. However, Harley and I both know these will quickly turn into his everyday/date night/going out/traveling (“I only have room to pack one pair!”)/wear with non-running clothes/wear to the lab/wear EVERYwhere ALL the time except to church shoes.

That’s where we can’t agree. Harley thinks that’s okay. He thinks this non-running outfit is perfectly acceptable:


We both think the other is so wrong about whether or not these are cool, go-with-everything-everyday shoes and neither of us is willing to break. We casually left the shoes out (read: on the fireplace mantle) while I hosted three girlfriends for cookies and chatting this week. They were less than impressed with Harley’s new kicks. Some of their comments were almost as colorful as the shoes themselves. Still, Harley was not convinced. We took the debate to the most fashionable couple we know. I think they’re too busy being blinded by the sun trapped in these shoes to reply.

So we’re going big. Blog big. We promised each other the fate of the shoes remains entirely on the comments of this entry.

Let us reverently remember the flag shirt flies on. He won that blog battle. We take these votes seriously. So please, vote seriously.