Monday, September 27, 2010

7 Years

A little kissy at the fountain

Lincoln Center Fountain, NYC.

May 2003.

Hours before Harley proposed.

I was 100% unaware of the greatness ahead. Both the proposal and our life together.


Lincoln Center Fountain, NYC.

August 2010.

Years after the proposal.

Somewhat aware. Still greatness.

Happy Anniversary Harley!



Mom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a great couple with a beautiful family.

carter said...

Happy anniversary! That photo montage for your reception still stands supreme amongst the pantheon of montages I've done before and since.

lys said...

Happy anniversary to you! I can't help but notice that the fountains shoot a little higher and a little stronger 7 years later. Hooray for you!

K said...

Beautiful beautiful! And 7 years is such a special anniversary -- a full cycle of perfection, of wholeness. Onto the next! We are so grateful that we were there to celebrate with you on your happy wedding day. Happy Anniversary!!!

Lisa Weiler said...

yayyyyy! happy anniversary :) :) :) ) :) ) ): ): ): :) ) :) ) : ):)

Kara said...

Congratulations you love birds! I remember your beautiful day and am so glad we were there. Cute pictures, if I do say so myself:)

Kell's Belles said...

Congratulations to a FABULOUS couple!!! Here's to many more happy anniversaries!

Are you guys doing anything special to celebrate?

Ali Snow said...

iHappy Anni. Here's to 7 more.

Ming said...

Am I the only one noticing the difference in Harley from fountain pic one to fountain pic two?! From kissyface to "why are you making me recreate this picture?" lol

Oh how I love me some Kings! Miss you both terribly and hope you are celebrating in style...and by style I mean taking a night away from unpacking;)

DC Diva said...

Ha! Mindy, you are right. Surprisingly, he was actually down w/ the recreation... it was just really, REALLY sunny. He struggles (more than the average person) w/ sun in his eyes during pics.

Kelly, celebration=bunk beds (for Anderson) and dinner out (for all FOUR of us). Terribly romantic, I know. :) Harley did have a few little surprises for me and it was actually a really great night. Low-key, but really just great!

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that first picture of Harley with a backpack and you with a Kate Spade bag. So you. :)

Brittany said...

Happy anniversary! That's so neat that you have pictures from different years in the same place!
BTW I hope the unpacking is going well. I'll be doing the same thing in 3 weeks. Nope not looking forward to it! :)

anna banana said...

Happy Anniversary! Allen and I were thinking of you guys on your day!