Monday, September 27, 2010

7 Years

A little kissy at the fountain

Lincoln Center Fountain, NYC.

May 2003.

Hours before Harley proposed.

I was 100% unaware of the greatness ahead. Both the proposal and our life together.


Lincoln Center Fountain, NYC.

August 2010.

Years after the proposal.

Somewhat aware. Still greatness.

Happy Anniversary Harley!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not Homeless

We moved. Back to Gaithersburg. Same town we lived in when we first moved to DC. We’re 3.5 miles from our old apartment. But we’re in a new area (Montgomery Village) and a new ward. We moved because Harley transferred labs for his final few (please only 2) years of his PhD program. His commute is now 6.6 miles instead of 28.

We started the apartment hunt, which quickly turned into a townhouse hunt, in June. Three months of searching. Hours on the internet and on the phone. Days wasted with a crappy real estate agent. We toured dozens of properties. We looked at dozens more online. We came thisclose so. many. times. only to watch it fall apart, then have to start all over again. We were committed, and by committed I mean we had a first month’s rent check signed, six – SIX! – different times. Five times it didn’t work out. We had all kinds of “If We’re Homeless” contingency plans, including Harley and a sleeping bag moving into his lab while the boys and I go to Utah for a few months. At the last minute, it worked out. Finally, FINALLY, we found it: The Dream Townhouse.

It’s better than all the other properties we looked at. Better than all the other properties we got excited about and committed to. It’s perfect for our family. Too perfect. We have no business being here. I found it last Monday. We applied that night. We packed all day Tuesday and Wednesday. After a ridiculous amount of phone calling and hoop jumping, we signed a lease Wednesday night. We moved Thursday. That was two days after our old lease was up. Two days after we were supposed to move. Five days before new tenants moved in.

It was stressful.

I’m tired.

But we are so happy. And grateful. We had help. So much help. Namely from Harley’s parents, sister and grandpa. Bless them. We could not have done it without them. This picture pretty much sums up how we felt by the time move day finally arrived:

DSC_0199 Aunt Katie, Anderson and our 24-foot truck

So much more… so much later.