Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sandman Cometh

Max slept through the night. MAX SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!

My life is st-st-st-stressful right now. Mostly because we don’t know where we’re living in 13 days. But this morning, I am happy as can be. I want to shout from the rooftops: my 7 1/2 week old slept 8 1/2 hours straight last night! YES.

This is where I found Max, still sleeping, at 7:30AM.


Yes, my baby’s bedroom is the hallway. Sad. Sad, but hopefully changing in two weeks when we have more space.


Bless the SwaddleMe. It’s ALL ABOUT the SwaddleMe.


He’s still breathing. Phew! You always wonder that first time…

Of course, I didn’t fall asleep right when Max did, so I didn’t get that much sleep.

Of course, Anderson woke up at 3AM with a single, loud cry. He went right back to sleep. This morning I determined the sleeve of diapers that crashed to the closet floor around that time is to blame.

Of course, gun shots fired a few blocks away around 4AM.

Of course, I had crazy, CRAZY nightmares about our upcoming move.

Of course, Max spent half the night in the swing. Not sure if that contributed or not. At 3AM, when Harley got up to see if Anderson was dying, he moved Max to the bassinet. I put Max in the swing initially because he seemed a little uncomfortable after the 11PM feeding and didn’t quite settle down like he usually does. The swing is part of the reason I didn’t fall right to sleep. I worried the soft, fluffy blanket I’d put under him might smother him. Then I worried he’d slip out of the swing, since he was securely wrapped in the SwaddleMe and could possibly worm his way down. Then the loud crank of our ghetto swing started driving me insane. Then I remembered the perfect picture of Max I intended to use in yesterday’s name post that I’d totally forgotten about. Argh! Hate that. Oh well, I will use it now.

DSC_0098 Yep, our amazing (truly, he is) friend Brooks made this for Max. So great!

So, yeah, I had a hard time falling asleep.

Then, of course, I woke up at 6:30AM, shocked that it was 6:30AM and I hadn’t heard from Max. Then I was too busy being shocked and grateful to fall back asleep.

So, for me, it wasn’t the greatest, longest, deepest night sleep ever…

But yay for Max! I’ve decided this is my favorite sticker on the baby calendar.


As long as we’re talking sleep, remember when I thought Anderson might need to give up his nap? Remember that one time he woke up at 3AM and never went back to sleep? Remember when I wanted TO DIE?! I found THE solution, which is nothing short of a miracle because everything else WAS NOT working for us. One day we tried skipping the nap altogether. At 5PM I found him like this:


DSC_0004-1 So I moved him to a more comfortable position and let him nap for 45 minutes.

DSC_0005-1That was a bad idea. When I woke him up he was drive-me-crazy CRANKY and then unbelievable-clingy NEEDY. Yeah, we can’t do that again. Besides, if I somehow did manage to keep him awake until 7PM, then let him crash for bedtime, he’d never see Harley. More evidence we need our naps? Twice in one week he fell asleep in the car around his usual naptime, 1PM. Oh and the whole quiet time solution… we kind of have that already every morning. We had to keep the naps but maintain a reasonable nighttime schedule. How? My genius friend Kara suggested I wake him up early from his naps. I know it sounds crazy to wake a happily sleeping toddler, but I did it and it’s working fantastically! I don’t let him sleep for more than 2 1/2 hours… 2 3/4 hours max. I go in, raise the blinds, scratch his back and he slowly wakes up. Usually giggling. It. is. great. The best part? He takes about 20 minutes to come to, collect his stuff and decide he’s ready to get out, so I still get 3 hours of precious me time. Aaaand he’s falling asleep faster at night. Miracle, people. MIRACLE!

Anderson is back on a great schedule. Max had one amazing night. Will both continue?

Let us pray.

As long as we’re praying, please bless we have a decent place to live -- that won’t cost more per month than an entire semester’s tuition at BYU (!!!) -- on September 1st.


Rachel said...

so, I love your description of your night while Max slept. Love it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me come help you move! I don't have to work on Friday and am pretty open this weekend to HELPING YOU. Thanks! xoxox

Ali Snow said...

Good boy Max. What a great little kid. I like that he sleeps in the hallway. He doesn't know/care. And you let him sleep in the swing until 3 AM? Wow...I would have been nervous....but then again, she sleeps in her swing all day long so whats the difference.

Ming said...

Hooray for sleeping kids! Speaking of kids (plural) when does Max get a little fabulous spot along your right column?

Joo Lin said...

YAY for sleeping babies through the night. I remember that glorious night. Plus, I like the thoughts about Anderson's naps... I will keep that in mind when the time comes that Seoul doesn't want hers anymore.

You're awesome - get some sleep next time the long night happens and good luck with the move!

Kricket said...

We aren't even dreaming of sleeping through the night yet. That is such a blessing for you guys. It is the Lord's way of letting you know he expects a few more little Kings. :-)

Harley King said...

Isn't it a written rule that the ultimate party conversation killer is the sleeping patterns of your kids?

Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Wouldn't that be a dream if they both sleep like that every night from now on! (Minus Anders crying out at 3 am) Very exciting. Max is such a good boy.

marti said...

Hooray!!!! Now baby Max, just don't forget how to sleep through the night, okay? Hope all goes well with your move!

anna banana said...

Congrats on all the sleeping!

Marie Davies Howick said...

Max could not look cuter in the swaddle-me.