Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey, where’d you get those cute genes?


We STRUGgled coming up with a name for Max. I had my short list. Harley had his short list. We weren’t wild about anything on them. We waited and waited for inspiration to strike (Anderson’s name came to me in a dream) and, well, it never did.

Our frontrunner was Maxwell. We had a few reservations about the name, but overall, we liked Maxwell. We loved Max. My sister Lisa convinced me to test drive Max during my last weeks of pregnancy. The more we tested it, the more it grew on us. It grew on Anderson too. I’m not sure he would have tolerated calling our newborn anything but “Baby Max.”

On Max’s second day of life, we agreed that Maxwell he was. Now, of course, I can’t imagine calling him anything else. I love his name. It fits. Ironically, our new struggle was his middle name, which, up until just before his birth, we were set on. From the minute we found out we were having another boy I wanted his middle name to be Harlan, after Harley. Harley didn’t care about passing on his name, but I sure did and he was happy to make me happy by committing to it. But then my Grandpa Robert “Bud” Barnes died. Two nights after he died, which turned out to be the night I went into labor, I mentioned the possibility of Robert, after my Grandpa, to Harley. We talked about it a little, but made no decision, figuring we had some time to think on it. Of course we were wrong. The next day we were in the hospital not only debating the first name but now the middle name as well. I hated the idea of not naming Max after Harley, but I loved the idea of paying tribute to my Grandpa. Max’s life began only three days after my Grandpa’s life ended. It seemed appropriate to honor my Grandpa’s great life with my baby’s new life.

I was really close to going with Robert. I really wanted to. But I wasn’t 100% convinced to ditch Harlan. Then I looked at Max. Max with a full head of dark, thick, gotta-be-Barnes hair. No denying, Max looked like that side of the family.

But I was still torn. Harley needs a namesake and this was our last chance. (Oh, in case you missed the memo: I’m only having girls now.) Then my Dad pointed out someone else, Anderson or Max, for example, could honor Harley with their kids. Just because we don’t use Harlan doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

Then Harley pointed out with the initials MRK we could call him Mr. K.…


So Maxwell Robert King he was.

No more debate on the name. However, there is still quite the discussion over his looks. Chunky, dark eyes, tons of dark hair…. Who does Max look like?

I’d like to believe he looks at least a little like his brother:

DSC_0473 DSC_0169

Anderson (3 days), Max (12 days)

As much as I “dye” to cover it, my roots are dark, so maybe it’s me:

Wendy at 3.5 months DSC_0030-4

Me (3.5 months), Max (7.5 weeks)

Some suggest Harley’s dad:

DSC_0142-1 DSC_0048-2

Ed (seasoned), Max (7.5 weeks)

Our friend Garrett points to Harley’s brother Jim:


Jim (24 years), Max (24 hours)

And then there is my brother Tom, who physically, is 100% Barnes:

08-17-2010 09;45;59PMDSC_0103-2

Tom (4 weeks), Max (3 weeks)

What do you think?

Meanwhile, my long time Piggity Pimp peep, Clark, thinks Anderson looks like this guy:



the present pantry said...

I originally thought he looked like Harley's side of the family, but since you posted those pics. he looks like your side too. A nice mix! I still can't get over that full head of hair! So adorable!! - holly h.

Claudia said...

I love the story of Max's name, and he will be thrilled that you put so much thought into it. What impresses me the most is that you have so many great pictures of family members organized enough that you can pull up so many of the exact expressions you've captured on your baby. Fabulous!

Kara said...

HA-larious! I am amazed at how well you matched those pictures up- amazed! I'm sticking with Ed.

Lisa Weiler said...

Woooooow. He looks like all of those people. You did a good job of matching the perfect pictures of max with the look-a-likes. Psss how did you get your baby picture? i tried scanning it but it only scanned to your chin. glad i got a shout out in the blog :)

Codi said...

So Funny! He really does resemble all of you.

Ming said...

LOVE the name Max! Love that you honored your grandpa.

After seeing the photos I think he looks the most like you and Tom! What a lucky little guy!!!

Oh, and Anders does look like the Jerry Maguire kid. So cute.

Mom said...

AMAZING side by side comparisons. Each picture captures a little of everyone so I guess the answer is..........HE LOOKS LIKE MAX!

Sarah S said...

I'm up late getting things done and decided to take a break and read some blogs - HELLO Wendy! This was my fav. blog post of yours. Seriously awesome. I think Max looks like his brother and both sides of your family. You proved that with those awesome photos. You are amazing.

J. Ed King said...
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J. Ed King said...

I agree with your Mom....HE LOOKS LIKE MAX!! Remember - you feed anything long enough it looks like you. On more thing - I considered myself well spent... not seasoned -you're too kind.


Harley King said...

Want girls, huh? Harlana?

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Love this post! Wow...his expression is identical in so many pictures. I think he looks mostly like Ed and Tom...but even the Anderson pic kind of looks like him.

And Anders looks exactly like the JErry Miguire kid! HOly smokes! He could be him.

Mike said...

Wendy ... I go with Ed. I am comparing a picture of me at 1 month with Max. We are dead ringers, sort of like a giraffe looks just like a panda bear. If I wasn't so technologically challenged I would scan it in.

Love Grandpa

K said...

artful comparisons!

anna banana said...

Love the name story! Hope you get girls from here on out! ;)

I loved the side by side comparisons. I think Anderson and Max look totally alike, different hair color, but besides that they could be twins. Definitely same eye shape.

He also looks a ton like Tom, and I just love the pics of him and Jim. What is not to love?

Lauren F. said...

Oh my gosh. Max looks like all of those people. Exactly. How does that even happen?! Oh ya, genetics :)

Ali Snow said...

That's crazy how he looks like everyone. Great job finding the pictures.

Anderson's cheeks
Jim's hair
Your nose
Tom's chin
Ed's eyes

A perfect mix.

Joo Lin said...

This is the coolest post I've seen comparing baby pics. Your little Max has the perfect name and looks like each of those people you put up there.

We are still undecided about a girls name, but have a boys name... good thing we find out in a couple weeks if we have family debates coming up or not.

Oh, and loving the memo - good luck with that!