Sunday, July 11, 2010

She came, she shopped, she conquered.


The last few months have been a non-stop party. I’ve loved it. But it’s been exhausting. It all ended with a bang: Jessica Diva visiting for a week! After the DMDG, she flew back to DC with me. We had a great time. We (and by “we,” I mean mostly Jessica) did major retail damage, namely at a certain Ribbon Outlet Store. Jessica decided she needs to be mummified in grosgrain ribbon when she dies to justify her investments. The best part was when Jessica confessed, “I’m not even crafty. What am I doing with 23 huge spools of ribbon?!”

It was great to spend time with Jessica. We hung out. We laughed. We caught up. When she volunteered to paint my toenails (I can’t reach them), I nearly cried. That is a true friend! I introduced her to my favorite places. We visited some of her DC staples, and together we discovered a fabulous new store! Here’s a look at our good times. (And here’s a look at our good times last time.)

DSC_3461 DSC_3458

IMG_0136 Hmmm… maybe I need to look into this 1960’s invention on display at the American History Museum.


Best friends @ The White House


More Best Friends @ The White House


Anderson & Harley at Old Ebbitt Grille


Georgetown Cupcakes. Yes.


Jessica met the Theatrical Thursday Ladies (Me, Jessica, Kara, Bethany & Rachel). The night included chocolate, funny stories and, as always, a healthy dose of theatrics.

I introduced Jessica to some of my favorite DC friends. Little did I know she’d already been covertly communicating with one of them to plan a surprise non-shower for me! My ever-thoughtful friend Ligia was dead set on giving me a baby shower, but she knew I was very anti 2nd child/same gender shower. She decided to be sneaky and give me a “non-shower party” anyway. When Jessica and I happened to lunch at one of my favorite spots Saturday and my friends just happened to be there, I knew something was up. Ligia explained, “It’s not a shower. It’s just your friends having lunch to support you and celebrate this GREAT thing about to happen. Oh and maybe there are presents.” Well, how can I argue with that? Each child IS a great thing and does deserve a celebration! It was really fun to have Jessica in town for my “non-shower,” and to have her not just meet, but 100% hit it off with my friends. They loved her and she loved them. Jessica’s just kind of great like that.

DSC_0027Abbie (and Madeline), Ligia, Shauna, me and Jessica at the “Non-Shower”

I loved your visit Jessica. Come back soon!



Kell's Belles said...

Yay! I'm so glad you published this. I was dying for details about that trip. You two look gorgeous!

LOVE that you got a non-shower and that Jessica got to be there.

Jessica Taggart said...

I feel so honored to have my very OWN post! We had fun, didn't we? SO glad my little ribbon fiasco made the final draft : ) I mean seriously, WHO doesn't need 23 spools of ribbon???

Rachel said...

yay for Jessica! and for TTL + jessica! I heard they had a great time in Peru...miss you!

Joo Lin said...

You and Jessica look just gorgeous! That sounds like such a good time.

I had a friend who was against 2nd showers also... so I threw her a baby "sprinkle" and it was good times. Yes, every baby needs to be celebrated :)

Sarah S said...

I still have my 30 rolls of grosgrain ribbon from my visit to the ribbon factory w/ stephanie five or so years ago. That place is dangerous. Really dangerous. But I love my ribbon!! I'm so glad you were able to have this time together!! What a great trip. And those cupcakes look soooooooo good. Great photos.

Ligia said...

oh, thanks for the shout out friend. You really are just so fab, how can we not honor you?! And don't worry, Matt still has yet to find out about my spools of ribbon purchased on that lovely Saturday. Perhaps when he does find my stash I'll just pretend like I've had those spools for a know, like those new pumps I supposedly had for 2 YEARS!

Marie Davies Howick said...

OK I am DYING to try Georgetown Cupcakes. Don't ask me how I have already cycled through all the must-try bakeries in NYC and now moved onto other metropolitan centers, but it has happened.