Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final Prego Thoughts: Unabridged & Unedited

*Unexpected events have thrown a wrench in my labor plans. Cheryl is flying to Utah for the funeral, so she isn’t coming to watch Anderson during my induction. We’re now scrambling to solidify Plan D. Good thing we have so many great, local friends who are so willing to help us. It’s been a stressful, exhausting week. Honoring the end of one life and celebrating the beginning of another has me weepy. This circle of life stuff is emotional.

*Sometimes I just want the catheter now. Then I wouldn’t have to walk to the bathroom EVERY. FIVE. MINUTES.

*Remember that one time Harley said to me, “Be honest. Is having a baby just like taking a really, really satisfying dump?” Um, yep, just like that. The worst part is he was completely serious. This is the same man, who, when my epidural wasn’t working properly with Anderson rolled his eyes at me. You know how they ask you to rate your pain on a level of 1-10? I gave my pain an 8. It was bad. I mean, of course, it could get worse. It can ALWAYS get worse. I could be DYING. Jack Bauer could be cutting a SIM card out of my stomach with a knife (anyone else not able to shake that scene from their nightmares?). I supposed THAT would be a 10. But an 8 is still pretty bad. Harley’s response, “Only an 8? You’re fine.” I know it’s because he hates to ask anyone for ANYthing. Even if they’re working for you and their job is to help make you comfortable. You know, like an anesthesiologist. Harley doesn’t want to “inconvenience” them. However, he apparently doesn’t mind inconveniencing me. I had one request when we entered the hospital with Anderson. I didn’t want him to have any hint of the following on his breath: onions, beef jerky, vinegar or garlic. Harley loves these foods, but they don’t exactly leave his breath very loveable. So what does he snag from the vending machine within an hour of arriving at the hospital:


I was so bugged.

*I’m a little worried Anderson will have a negative association with the baby. He understands I’m in pain and knows it’s my big belly/baby’s fault. I moan, groan and sigh quite a bit. I’m beyond the point of noticing, but I realize it’s bad when Anderson says, “Oh Mama, dat hurts!” and points to my belly. Yes, Anderson, it does hurt. I also yawn. All the time. To that I get, “Oh Mama, are you soooo tired?” Yes, Anderson. I am.

*We’ve been going through Anderson’s baby book, calendar, web albums, pictures, etc. in preps for the baby. Anderson loves seeing himself as a baby and hearing the stories. I hope this will help him transition. Also, Rachel bought us this book which has been GREAT.

*I’m feeling confident going into this scheduled labor and delivery. I am ignoring everything the neonatologist said about traumatic vaginal delivery and instead embracing the optimism my OBGYN has I’ll be 100% successful. The awful labor issues I had with Anderson weren’t pushing issues, and I actually had a good recovery. I mean, it was no walk in the park, but it wasn’t in any way “traumatic.” Just normal. My issues were the epidural only taking on one side and my sssssslllllllooooooowwwwww dilation. Everyone I talk to (thank you for all your supportive, positive comments!) has convinced me the epi thing was a fluke and the dilation will naturally be better since it’s my second child. I believe them.

*Why is Anderson picking this week to fight his naps (he’s NEVER done this) AND learn to climb out of the crib? Again. The mattress is already dropped to the floor because he climbed out at the lowest level. We can’t trap him any more. We don’t have room for a big boy bed until we move. Help!!!

DSC_0009It’s all shenanigans with this one.

*Harley eats rice cereal. And likes it. Same with baby food.

*We have big plans for our last weekend as a family of 3. We’re running errands and digging out, cleaning and assembling baby stuff (car seat, swing, activity mat, bassinette, etc.). We might go swimming or take Anderson to his first real movie. Then we’re all going out to dinner. Just me, Harley and Anderson. I have this weird feeling I’m going to miss Anderson when the baby comes. Never again will we be just this:


On the other hand, I’m all sorts of excited to have a new baby. I watch this about 10 times a day and get sentimental. I’ve been re-organizing all our pictures and videos on the computer (ugh, such a major undertaking) which results in watching hours of Anderson as the cutest little Bug I’ve ever seen. It has been the perfect emotional preparation for this new baby. I can’t wait to do it all over again.


Sarah S said...

love this. harley and his funjuns is hilarious to me!!

Dolphinsbarn said...

Harley deserves Funyuns... it's no picnic getting those little critters in there, you know. :)

I LOVE your aversion to Beef Jerky and other deliciousness. Mindy and I talk about it every time we're on a road trip.

I'm kind of the same way as Harley. When Min wanted her epidural and had already requested it, she kept asking me to go talk to someone about it... I was like, "they already know you want one... me asking is just going to annoy them." I think what I was really doing was annoying my lady friend.

Janna_Dorsey said...

Hi, Wendy! Mom and I were just reviewing your blog (looking for little Max and Anders pictures) and we noticed that Harley likes rice cereal! I love rice cereal! .....with butter and a little sugar, mmmm! Mom said that neither one of us ate rice cereal when we were babies.