Thursday, June 24, 2010

The 72 Non-DMDG Hours

I’ve been spoiled. My recent trips to Utah have been major staycations. They’ve included ample time to see (almost) everyone on my list, usually more than once. Last month’s trip to Utah was super short for several reasons.

1) I was 34 weeks pregnant. My doctor advises no traveling after 32 weeks. I didn’t tell him I was going. For the record, flying at 34 weeks is NOT ideal.

2) I traveled alone, which WAS ideal, but meant I had to hurry back to relieve my sitter, who was busy preparing for a move the next week. Thanks Cheryl!

3) I came to Utah for one purpose.

In the few short days I wasn’t at the DMDG, I tried to see as many friends and family members as possible. I saw four friends and just barely saw each member of my immediate family. I didn’t think I’d see my brother at all, but at the last minute, he showed up to drive me to the airport. We got a quality 35 minutes together on the freeway. Thanks Tom!

Fortunately, I got to spend time with these choice people:

DSC_0006Becky and new puppy Hazel


Alyssa and new baby Matisse

mindy2 mindy6

Mindy (who just happened to be in Utah too… okay, we may have planned this a little) and our 34-week bellies. We’re due two days apart. Our first kids are two weeks apart. Kind of amazing!


We joined Kelly and Jessica for a quality GNO complete with dinner, movie, dessert and a sleepover (that didn’t include a whole lot of sleep).


My dear Haley. Is this picture awkward to you? I actually kind of love it. This was snapped right after she begged to cut off my skin tags and I refused.

The real highlight was meeting my new favorite family member: Hannah Jean Snow. She is 100% adorable, and I got to spend time with her TWICE! I loved spoiling her with gifts, cuddling her and watching Allison do the Mom thing. Hannah was my first stop the minute I landed and my last stop before I flew back. I ache to live closer to my family!

W and H 7 My first niece!

I guess it shows how brief my trip was since I didn’t take a single picture with a family member other than Hannah. Not my Weiler grandparents who made an extra effort to see me on their way out of town, nor my Grandpa Bud whom I made an extra effort to see before the DMDG. I wish I had pictures with them. I also wish I had pictures of:

1) Keeping my mom up waaaay past her bedtime telling her all about my amazing Divas.

2) Staying up even later with Lisa bonding about friends, life plans and how a baby changes everything. We literally talked ourselves to sleep. I loved it.

3) The big family sleepover we had at Ali’s house. Dad, Mom, Ali, Jonathan, Hannah and me… just hanging out, watching Hannah. My mom made the biggest, yummiest cinnamon rolls in the morning. I can’t stop thinking about them.

Since I can’t show you any of that, I’ll throw in one more of that new favorite family member.

W and H 6


Kell's Belles said...

I don't know how you did it all! Amazing!

I'm obsessed with shirt dresses right now, too. I've gotten three in three months! Love 'em! You'll be rocking them before you know it ;)

Ming said...

So glad it worked out for us to get together. I only wish we'd had longer, but we did pretty dang good considering your crazy full schedule. Love all the pics. You are blessed with many many friends who all love you.

anna banana said...

I said this on Mindy's blog, but once again, wish I was there, if only I had family in Utah....and love your shirts! Darling!