Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Camper

Last month Harley announced he wanted to take Anderson on our stake’s father/son campout. All I could see was the nightmare that would be Anderson sleeping in a tent. On a pile of blankets. In the cold. In the woods. Filthy. Anderson had never slept uncaged in his life. We didn’t have plans to let him sleep uncaged anytime soon. The few times we’ve been forced to sleep with him in a bed (mind you, he started out these few, unfortunate nights caged) were pure misery for everyone. Harley reminded me he was going on the campout with or without Anderson since he had to play dad for some father-less young men in the ward. He pointed out I could have a weekend as a single parent or a weekend simply… single.

Bam! All I could see was me being insanely productive. Alone. In a clean apartment. All weekend.

I became a major supporter of this campout. I still thought Anderson was too young, but I willingly packed their bags, kissed them goodbye and told Harley, “Yeah, um, good luck with this.” (I also may have mentioned something about if Harley lost Anderson in the woods to not bother coming home to me.)

DSC_0001-1Anderson had the perfect outfit. Thank you Sara!


So a’camping they went. Harley, Anderson and two boys from Nepal who speak about as much English as Anderson. Fortunately two of Anderson’s buddies, Dean and Owen, came with their dads too. Dean and Owen are three years old. Anderson was the youngest camper by a year. But Harley says he was tough as nails. Anderson loved it. Even when it poured rain. Anderson’s favorite parts included throwing dirt, collecting sticks, playing baseball and eating an unlimited amount of chips and candy. Harley says Anderson didn’t quite understand the whole going to bed on a palette of blankets bit (he preferred to jump on the blankets) until he saw his friends doing it. Anderson eventually followed their lead and settled down but didn’t go to sleep until after he sang his full repertoire of songs to the entire tent for an hour. He drifted off around midnight.

HPIM4231Brimal, Bar-Shan, Owen, Dean, Anderson

HPIM42323 adults and 5 kids slept in that tent


Meantime, I camped out home alone and loved it. What a treat it was to eat meals in peace in the company of a good TV show. How I enjoyed sleeping in Saturday morning. Best of all, I loved, Loved, LOVED the apartment staying clean. Dishes went right in the dishwasher. Toys stayed in the toy chest. The whole place remained picked up. Heaven. It was extra nice to have the apartment all to myself knowing we had houseguests coming Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday we hosted ten people, in our tiny apartment, for dinner. Maybe I need to point out our table seats four.

I started my weekend with a two page To Do list. I accomplished maybe 10% of it. Turns out the campers weren’t gone that long. They left around 6PM Friday and were back by 1PM Saturday. Here’s what I got done:

    • Prepped, wrapped, carded and packaged three baby gifts  (Now it’s just a matter of shipping them…)
    • Caught up on thank you notes
    • Organized the fridge
    • Paid 2 bills
    • Fixed my manicure
    • Burned 5 CDs
    • Talked to 2 of my sisters, including brand new mom, Allison!
    • Read some blogs (I wish I could say I caught up. I am so behind. It stresses me out to open Google Reader and see so much in bold.)
    • Made plans for next week’s trip to Utah
    • Spent 30+ minutes on the phone with (Guess what gift is proving rather difficult to return?)
    • Prepared my Gospel Essentials lesson
    • Placed an order on Amazon
    • Talked to my friend Haley
    • Indulged in an episode (or two) of 30 Rock, FlashForward and Parenthood
    • Completed assignments and made preparations for the upcoming Diva May Day Getaway


I’ve decided I love camping. Especially when I don’t go.



Logical Libby said...

That was 10 PERCENT of your list? Wendy, you need to learn to underachieve.

Call me when you get to Utah! You have to meet Meg!

Codi said...

Sounds like pure bliss! I've been telling Scott for a few years that I want a vacation at home with everyone else gone :)

lys said...

Say what, you are trying to return the belly cast!!!???!!!

Anderson is adorable in his camping gear!

Claudia said...

So cool! Joshua took Theo on his first fathers and sons at about the same age - and my baby girl and I enjoyed some quality time!

Sarah S said...

Ahhh!! I need my husband and kids to go camping too. That would be a huge joke though (Charlie would prob. be just like Anderson in not falling asleep very fast). But your productivity is soooo appealing. I'm happy for you : ) And you're reminding me that I need to revisit my DMDG notes so I can get everything ready. Can't believe it's NEXT WEEK!!!

Ming said...

Best line ever, "I also may have mentioned something about if Harley lost Anderson in the woods to not bother coming home to me." Seriously laughed out loud...for a while. Not a funny topic, but funny how you said it.

Hooray for alone time in a clean house! Darling pic of the kid campers.

Oh, and the first pic is great...Harley: backpack full of gear, check. sleeping pad, check. Ready to go camping. Anderson: stuffed animals, check. snack trap, check. Ready to go camping! Oh the simple needs of a toddler.

Rachel said... glad it was a success! Cute Anderson. I love seeing him and Harley having guy-time.

Jess said...

I sent Emma on her first campout at 2 1/2. She went to bed okay (at 8 pm!) but apparently woke everyone up with song at 6. They are glorious, though, the FATHER-kid campouts. But why, oh why, does it always manage to rain? :)

Carter said...

Oh man, I hate camping. Good for Harley.

See ya next week at the GeDiva Convention.

anna banana said...

I always tell Allen that the perfect vacation for me would be to be home completely alone! It is so nice!

Jessica Taggart said...

What? You didn't find the cure for cancer over the weekend? And you call yourself "productive"....

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Sorry we blew your productivity by crashing your house on Saturday night. Glad the boys had fun.

Rob said...

I know this may be tough for you to understand, but there really is no such thing as a "camping outfit." And if it does exist, then camping is the wrong occasion to break it out. Lone exception - Boy Scout UNIFORM.

Good to know Fathers and sons benefits the entire family. I tagged along for Fathers and sons last week with the Harley-Anderson of our ward. Life was nothing but sunshine and rainbows for that kid the entire time, despite being forced to watch "The Home Teachers."

Mike said...

Did Anderson catch any snipes?

Love Dad

jaredandmatisse said...

It looks like this campout was enjoyed by all! (especially Mommy Wendy).

Mom said...

Seriously Harley, that thin blue thing is your sleeping pad? I'm so glad you don't have me sleep on that when I visit! I think you need to get an adaptor and take the areo bed on your next camp out.

Sara said...

How fun! Glad the boys had a good time! We need to catch up from Utah til now!!! And you're having a baby in 4 wks?! Ahhhhh!!!!