Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Buds


Thanks to Cheryl & Ryan’s vacations in Costa Rica and Mexico, followed by our vacation in Florida and Cheryl & Ryan’s 3-day stay in DC in between, Anderson and Lincoln have spent A LOT of time together in the last two months.

Some times were rough. Other times were pure cousin joy.


DSC_0008-3Anderson & Lincoln at Maryland Day 2010

While Lincoln stayed with us, we taught him the sign for “more” and the “So Big!” trick. While Anderson stayed with Cheryl & Ryan, they taught him how to do sit-ups and push-ups. If you know me and you know Cheryl, that sounds about right.


DSC_0052-42-year-old toddler, 9-month-old baby, 7-month-old fetus. That’s a lot of kid. People at Maryland Day definitely noticed us.

These two are now pretty much the best of buds. Lincoln is visiting us (with his parents) again this weekend. In 10 days, Anderson is going to Charlottesville to stay with Lincoln for a week. Cheryl and I are swapping kids as much as we can before they move to Pittsburgh in June. We will miss them and our little buddy Lincoln so much!

DSC_0131 DSC_0115-1Such a beautiful family, right?

Speaking of Anderson’s buddies, his girlfriend, Sophie, visited from LA last weekend. Sophie brought her mom who happens to be my high school BFF Sara. Anderson and Sophie were smitten with each other.

DSC_0008DSC_0003 DSC_0002


Anderson’s life is full of wonderful people. (Mine too.)


Ming said...

So fun to have a cousin so close & hooray for girlfriend visits. Cute pics of all the kiddos.

janaemadsen said...

seriously Lincoln is darling. I wish I had family that traded like that.

lys said...

Looks like Anderson is ready for a little bro!

Szobonya Bercel said...

How cool is that - having such a good cousin - they're adorable together! :)

Anderson is soooooooo handsome. I'm gonna introduve him to my little girl for sure! : (well, she's not born yet, she's not even our minds, BUT we'll have her someday... :))))

Mike said...

When 2 more brothers come this summer you will really have lots of full time buds to pal around. It is fun to see a picture of Sarah. Haven't seen her in a long time. She really looks great.

Love Dad

Marie Davies Howick said...

Ok Anderson and his cousin could be in little baby advertisements. They are adorable! Also, you are SUCH a cute pregnant lady.

Calley and Josh Willis said...

That is so crazy seeing you and Sara's KIDS together!!! How did time go so fast! Just yesterday we were tossing the rotten orange in your basement at your birthday parties!