Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome Spring!


I’m not gonna lie. It was a long, hard, cold, sick winter for the King family. After two months of back to back sicknesses, we are finally feeling better. (Well, beside the fact that I’m T minus 95 days to delivery, already fat-faced and my ribs ache 24/7.) Harley has a relatively flexible schedule for the next two months, which is fabulously refreshing. The weather is finally warm. No, it’s better than warm. It’s 79 degrees perfection. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I think I’ve decided this is my favorite time of year in DC. If you’ve never seen the cherry blossoms in all their magnificent pink and white splendor you really should consider a late March/early April trip to visit us. If you have seen them you should come see them again. With us. We make them better somehow. Promise. We had a great week capped off with a simply lovely weekend. And we’ve got BIG fun coming up. Spring life is good.


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I’m proud to say Easter 2010 is the first holiday, other than Christmas, I’ve let myself get sucked into any commercialism and purchased anything for Anderson. I never saw the point when he was too little to get it. Now he gets is (sort of) and I have to admit, it is fun. But boy does buying into a holiday add up fast. I was too practical (cheap?) to buy an Easter basket (not to mention I didn’t like ANYthing I saw and where would I store a big, cumbersome basket anyway?), so I opted for a colorful gift bag I already owned.


Anderson didn’t care. In fact he pretty much loved everything about his Easter life this morning.


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I honestly feel like a new, warm, healthy, happy woman. Bless you springtime!



marti said...

I'm so jealous! I want it to be spring here too! I woke up to an inch of snow this morning - yuck!

Kara said...

Wait, did you guys go to the Festival on Saturday? Love those blossom pics. Regrettably, we ended up not even going (check out blog).
Beautiful pictures. Anderson is such a Spring Stud!

Jill said...

I agree with you on storing Easter baskets and on buying a bunch of unessary crap. We gave Lizzie the same thing for her first couple Easters. When she got tired of playing with the "new" Easter-themed toys I just packed them back up and saved them for the next year. I also filled her eggs with candy Drew and I liked.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Such great pictures! You all look fabulous. Love the pics of Anderson in his Easter outfit. Like your denim skirt. Can I take it to Cancun? Glad you had a fun Easter and your out of your winter funk.

Emily said...

Lovely lovely, you all looks so handsome. Aren't we all more beautiful this time of year? Especially on Easter. You look radiant!

lys said...

sandals, shorts, flip flops, short sleeves. . . oh, I hope those are in our near future. . . so jealous. . .

Ligia said...

oooohh, SO jealous right now! We totally had plans to go see the cherry blossoms yesterday, but alas, we're sick. Well, Madeleine is UBBER sick. Perhaps next Saturday they'll still be in decent bloom?! We can't wait to finally see the whole fam again.

Mom said...

Love the side by side pictures of Harley and Anderson and REALLY LOVE the last picture of YOU and Anderson!

Ming said...

I'm with your mom that last pic of you and Anders is ADORABLE! You can barley even tell you're pregnant and it's just so happy! We've had nice weather here, but it's no 79 degrees. Amazing! Shorts? Como? Spring really is fabulous. Remember how when we visited you for cherry blossoms we got snow instead. Sad. Glad you had such a fab weekend. Oh, and remember how Harley always amazes me even though I know this. So great.

Oh, and Anders looks adorable in his Easter church outfit. Love this post.

Kaija said...

wonderful beautiful pictures celebrating spring! love you guys!!!

Ali Snow said...

It snowed here on Easter. Awesome. I love the pictures of Anders in his Easter outfit and I really like your headband.

Sarah S said...

Awesome pictures!!! I totally want to come visit sometime in the spring - I've never been in DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival but have heard such wonderful things about it. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! I'm glad you're all feeling better - and I think you look great!!!

Joo Lin said...

Beautiful pics... you have a great looking family! Glad it's spring and life is good.

Happy Easter! I just got Seoul a $1 plastic bucket she could use in the garden and at the beach instead of a basket. The bag is a great idea also.

anna banana said...

Love the pictures, especially the one where you are under Anderson and the flowers are above him. Great angle!

You look darling! Yeah for spring and cute spring skirts and head bands. You guys are so cute!

The Knisley's said...

I LOVE the cherry blossoms in DC...I haven't seen them in a while, but they look so beautiful! By the look fabulous!

jaredandmatisse said...

So jealous of those cherry blossoms!I love that little boy. What a darling kid!