Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Funk. Just Fun.

Remember that one time I told you we had BIG fun coming up. Here’s a look.

Thursday Night: Washington Nationals game with the Funks. Great game, fun friends, overpriced food. Love it.




Friday morning: A festive post-holiday Easter Egg Hunt with ward peeps. More eggs, more candy, same sorry excuse for an Easter basket. Nice.




Saturday morning: Cherry Blossom Parade with the McQueens. Fantastic grandstand seats, fabulous friends, chilly weather, and, thanks to Harley’s heckling, a private serenade from Justin Guarini. Awesome.


DSC_0011-4See the White House behind them? Great seats, no?




Saturday Afternoon: Birthday party for our cute little friend Madeline. Darling theme, delicious cupcakes and present handed over without a fit. Success.



DSC_0086 DSC_0091-1

Saturday night: Dinner in Arlington with Mary Tyler Moore! Okay, so she’s not the real Mary Tyler Moore, but we’ve been calling her that for so long I can’t bring myself to call her anything else. Anna’s lovely mother, brother and SIL came to town and took us to dinner. Anna’s entire family is pure fabulous and I heart them. Sitting next to MTM felt just like sitting next to my friend Anna (who, by the way, is one of my favorite people on the planet). Yummy Mexican food, GREAT company and a toddler who was relatively well behaved during three hours of eating and chatting. Amazing.


See? Told you we were having fun! Today Harley took his students on a field trip to the Natural History Museum. The best part? He took Anderson, who loved it, and I got an entire morning to myself. Believe it or not, I spent the time cooking and baking. Then Asialene Diva came down from Philly to meet me for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. Tomorrow the birthday madness x2 (Anderson, then Harley) begins. Then another week babysitting Lincoln. (I am determined to keep us all healthy this time.) Three days later the month o’ traveling (and visitors) kicks off. Then I plan to stop and have a baby. Yay for a busy, FUN spring!


Ming said...

Hooray for your "Baby of George!" Love all the fun. Love MTM. Love the pic of Anders w/the cute girl in the white ruffle dress holding the balloon. So cute!

Sarah S said...

That's awesome!! Loved your positive post and glad things are going well.

Jessica Taggart said...

Love the pics and LOVE the scarf! It looks great on you!


anna banana said...

So cute, so fun, love the pic in the front of the bball game, and Anderson looking so proud of his egg adventures, and of course just wish it really was me in the picture instead of MTM, or maybe just next to her or something. Miss you!

Mom said...

Great post, great time of life, great city to live in, great activities, great friends, great pictures, great family!

Codi said...

I love when life is busy with the fun stuff! We are going to be in DC for the 4th of July, so count us as visitors... don't worry we won't be staying with you:) Hopefully we will be able to see you guys and the new one if he has come yet!

Kaija said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! We had some fun of our own this weekend -- Brian Christensen came out from Las Vegas to visit to celebrate Kirk's (belated) birthday! Unfortunately, no photos were taken... We send BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO HARLEY!!! for his impending birthday! You are getting so great at taking wonderful pictures of Andersen, Wendy! I especially like the close-up of him watching the parade.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! Hooray for fun!

Amanda said...

You guys are just such a cute, fun, busy family! I love that Harley got a serenade out of awesome! Spring in DC looks fabulous =).

I can't believe you are in your 3rd trimester!

Wein said...

i love spring!

and i love how much you are celebrating life :)

happy birthday harley and anderson!!

Mike said...

Anderson is so cute. And so is Madeline. But I don't know about open mouth kisses yet.

Welcome to the terrible 2's Anderson and happy birthday Harley.

Love Grandpa Mike

Lauren F. said...

Gosh, I look mad in that picture. I didn't know that you wanted me in it! We had a great time with you guys. And yes, Spring is great in DC (minus the influx of tourists!)

Ligia said...

Looks like spring has sprung for the King's. We had so much fun at the parade! Thanks for the invite. I must say that my favorite part was Harley, the Heckler King. Parades will never quite be the same without him. We call dibbs on you guys for next year's parade, and the next year, and the next year after that times infinity.

Rob said...

Thank you for supporting a baseball team that currently houses three of my fantasy players. You'll have to go back in July when the Chosen One makes his debut. All hail Prince Strasburg.

Stephanie said...

Of course you're friends with John Funk! My roommates and I practically lived over at his apartment sophomore and junior year at the good ol' BYU! You guys look great. I'm so glad you've thawed out and can get out of the house! I love that Anderson can hang at a baseball game. Way to make that boy flexible. I'm so proud of you for not letting him slow you down!