Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Massiveness that was Utah: Part 4

I turned 30 about two months ago.  (Yes, we were still in Utah.)  Ugh.  Sounds pretty old, right?  In the weeks leading up to Dirty 30 I behaved in each of the following ways trying to prove I’m relatively immature and not that old:

1.  I painted my nails very dark.  My in-laws called it power ranger blue and asked if I was trying to get in touch with my 80’s roots.  I called it Navy and insisted it’s in style.

2.  I broke down in tears for no good reason during a family card game when my brother said something slightly insensitive.  Maybe it was that thick comment?  Don’t remember much except suddenly being in tears.

3.  I jumped at the chance to eat my birthday lunch at my alma mater, BYU.  Who goes to Provo to eat with Zoobies on her 30th birthday?  Apparently I do.  Why?  I love, Love, LOVE the Cougareat’s L&T Wraps.    Chef salad on tomato wrap, 2 scoops of ranch with a wheat roll, please.  L.O.V.E.!  My time to get to BYU to tap a wrap this trip was running out, so when my dad was heading to Provo on my birthday to fix my sister’s car, Harley and I happily tagged along.  Sure we felt a little out of place but worth it for that wrap!  We kept asking my dad if we could pass for super-seniors and his answer was, “Uh… NO.”  (Except remember how Harley is kind of a super-super-super senior right now?)  We ran into my famous second cousin in the WILK (you’re never too old to escape BYU without seeing someone you know) and topped the experience off with my favorite BYU treats.  It was awesome.



As much as I dreaded turning 30, the birthday itself was fabulous.  After lunch and a few P-town errands, we headed home, showered and I actually caught a little nap.  Hi, old age.  Nope, we’ll call it pregnancy instead.

Harley told me to be ready for a date at 5:30.  Little did I know he had dinner reservations at one of our favorite Salt Lake City restaurants.  He also surprised me in the car by blasting tunes from my new favorite CD.  Great gift!


The night was wonderful.  Just me and Harley and a meal in peace.  No interruptions.  Delicious food.  Romantic and sentimental ambiance.  I loved it.  I thought we were completing the evening with a family cake and ice cream party.  What I didn’t know is Cheryl and Harley had been plotting for weeks to stage a SURPRISE party for me.  I walked in my parent’s house to see my family around the cake and my first reaction was, “Anderson, they let you stay up!”  Then I saw Carter dart out of the living room.  Following him came a dozen of our closest friends yelling “surprise!”  I was surprised!

DSC_0051-1 DSC_0054-1DSC_0061-1

 Family tradition:  a Pillsbury funfetti cake with Betty Crocker rainbow chip frosting (the combination is key) in the shape of a 30.  Thanks Mom!

The best part of this party was it included almost every one of my favorite Utah people.  With a few exceptions, all my Utah VIPs were there.  The girls in the picture below include my sisters, a childhood friend, college girlfriends and adult married-life friends.  I adore each of these girls and nothing makes me happier than having them all in the same room at once.  I’ve come to realize gatherings like these only happen a few times in your life.  Your wedding is one of them.  I always tell a bride-to-be to take a moment on her wedding day, look around and appreciate that everyone you love is in one room at the same time because it will likely never happen again.  That moment was one of my favorite things about my wedding day.  The next gathering, on that scale, might not be until your funeral.  Morbid, but true, thought.  Sometimes between your wedding and your funeral you get a handful of occasions when a few of your choice loved ones, otherwise unconnected, connect… just for you.  Here’s what it looks like:

DSC_0084-1 Allison, Haley, Becky, Taryn, Lisa, Nicole Diva, Cheryl, me, Kelly Diva & Alyssa

What gets better than that?  Seeing my friends fall in new-found friendship with each other!  My high school bff Sara and I used to explain this miracle with our stellar algebra skills:

  A (friend #1) = B (me)B (me) = C (friend #2)

Therefore, of course, A = C!

We thought we were so smart.  This equation played out right before my eyes at the party and you can see it manifest in the picture below.  Nicole & Kelly go way back to our Diva college days.  But both of them only recently met Becky.  They’d been hearing about each other for a long time.  Finally Nicole and Becky met last summer (after coincidentally,  Becky took Nicole’s old job), then Kelly and Becky met at the party.  As you can see, they hit it off.  To me, this is a little taste of heaven.  The people you love coming together and loving each other.  Happiness!  I love this picture!

DSC_0076-1DSC_0078-1The guys bonded too. 


So, 30.  You started out pretty fabulous.  We’ll see what the rest of  you brings.  A HUGE thanks to Harley & Cheryl for making my day so special!


Massiveness over.  Yay!  Did you miss it?  It’s all right here.


Logical Libby said...

I'm 35 and I always have my toenails painted blue. I think it's awesome.

Happy birthday! Welcome to the dark side.

Kelly D. said...

That party was so great! I had the BEST time! I'm so glad that you were in town and that we could celebrate with you!

I hope your 30s keep treating you well!

Jess said...

I totally understand your affinity for L&T Wraps! My favorite is the Caesar wrap, and I have spent 10 years looking for its equal and have yet to find it.

carter said...

"Carter darted out, and then after him my friends came out."

Wein said...

i like the formula you and sara created. completely agree. also completely agree with painting your nails 80's chic to feel young.

Ligia said...

So fun! I didn't know there was a surprise b-day party for you. You're one special lady! And L&T...LOVE THAT PLACE! Why have I never thought to go back there during our fam utah visits?!

Ming said...

Love that you had such a fabulous 30th b-day. I wish I could've been there. Don't understand the L&T wrap obsession, but it's one of the things I love most about you. What a great day surrounded by the people you love. That is heaven.

Love you!

hwangberg said...

man that picture of Haley holding the Jamba juice makes me want one so badly. Why does the closest one have to be off Georgia Ave?

Kaija said...

i bought that cd for myself on my last birthday (31). my current favorite too! cant wait for mid-April! thanks for sharing this gloriousness. you look beautiful. happy birthday!

Brittany said...

Girl I am seriously impressed by your posts! Job well done! They are so fun to read! Love em! FYI I swear my thirties have been way better than my twenties. I know, I know thats a huge statement. But it's true. Obviously they are different, but in my opinion better. You will ROCK your thirties 4 sure! :) Happy Happy "Late" Birthday! I love the picture of you and Harley. What a goodlooking couple.

jaredandmatisse said...

Harley, you did an amazing job! It was romantic (CUCINA TOSCANA) and the surprise wasn't too over the top. I am so happy you two are in love. Wendy, you do not look prego at all! You look amazing. Such a beauty.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

So glad you liked it! It was so fun to plan and do. LOVE YOU!

Jen said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! I love that picture of you and Harley together! You look fantastic!

Joo Lin said...

Happy (late) Birthday Wendy! I'm looking forward to joining the 30's club with you. Your posts for the trip were super fun to read. I love the family picture of you three sledding. You look GREAT!

anna banana said...

I am going to comment like I am you! (because I have so much to say)

A. Can I have your scarfs? Beautiful!

B. You look GORGEOUS in your dinner with Harley pic (and Harley you look quite stylish as well)

C. I love surprise parties and hope against hope that maybe someday Al will throw me one. Too bad I dont think he reads your blog regularly. Way to go Harley!

D. Love LT wraps, wish I could have one on my Bday

E. Totally agree with the people you love, loving each other thing. That is how heaven will be (gospel by anna) all the people you love, loving eachother and you and so much love. Love it!

And love you!

Emily said...

Happy 30! You look beautiful. Emily

Marie Davies Howick said...

Even though I am surrounded by delicious restaurants, I still crave L&T. Well played Cougar Eat.