Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After Lincoln’s sickness, between Anderson’s sicknesses, before Harley’s sickness and just before my sickness got really bad, we all got lucky. Lucky enough to feel better for about 36 hours. Lucky for us, the Whalen’s St. Patrick’s Day party fell smack dab in the middle of our illness respite.

Years ago, at one of the famous Lind St. Patrick’s Day parties our dear friends Emily and Joe showed up like this. It was amazing.

HPIM0691 HPIM0692Emily was nine months pregnant at the time. If I remember correctly she gave birth about two weeks after this party. She really rocked that belly and everyone loved it. I tucked away her great idea and thought, “If I’m ever pregnant on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m totally stealing that costume!”

Five years later, here I am, pregnant. So just as I said I would, I stole her idea. I didn’t pull it off nearly as well as she did since I’m only six months pregnant, and in this case, I think it’s kind of the bigger the funnier.... Buuuuuuut, here it is:

DSC_0002-2 DSC_0004-2

DSC_0005-2 We adorned the kids in green and silly accessories. Yes, Lincoln is wearing a pin that says “Pass the Beer.” We thought this was hilarious.



We had a great time eating delicious Irish-themed food, visiting with friends and playing games.


The night ended with a spirited game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Adam was the big winner. I love this picture of him.


Thanks for a great party Sean & Shauna! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all! My gift to you: a promise you will never again have to see my bare belly during this pregnancy. You’re so lucky.


Ming said...

Oh I'm SO glad you ended up doing this too! When I saw your last post about all the sickness I thought for sure you must've missed the party. LOVE the shamrock prego belly. Your belly is not so big either. Emily's really does look best, but proud of us for going for it anyway. The kiddos look cute in their gear & yea for Harley joining you. Jeff chickened out, but his flag idea turned out pretty darn funny.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We'll be eating our corned beef and cabbage tonight, wish you could join us.

Emily said...

Yay! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm so happy that you did this. :)

You both are so cute. Mindy gets the prettiest tan belly award--seriously, it's still winter! Just because it's tan doesn't really make it any smaller, Mindy. ;) Just kidding!

What a fun and funny thing to do. I hope strangers from Ireland, Finland and Mongolia enjoy the photos.

Suzette Selden said...

Hilarious Wendy! I absolutely Love it.

Ming said...

Okay, I feel the need to address these tan belly comments. I promise I haven't done's left over from my "Summer of George" I swear. Probably the Calicoma to be exact :)

Crystal said...

All three of you women are braver than I by far!

anna banana said...

Super cute! Love it all, you are so cute!

jaredandmatisse said...

You look amazing, Wendy Diva! Your belly button is just like a real button. It is so cute.

Sarah S said...

You guys are awesome. So, so fun.