Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cousin Explosion

For years there were no Weiler grandchildren.  My parents were sad. 

Then came Anderson.


15 months later, Lincoln followed.


They’re pretty much the best of cousins (except when they get each other sick).



Last fall Allison announced she’s expecting this spring.  In January (on my birthday!) she baked a cake to reveal her baby’s gender.




Inside of the cake=pink!  IT’S A GIRL!


DSC_0160-1DSC_0155-1The girls are pretty excited for a girl.  Shout out to Mom’s nose strap.  (It helps her sleep.  She was ready for bed.  It was late when we cut this cake.)


Allison and I are 7 1/2 weeks apart.  She’s due May 17th.  I’m due July 8th.  Here we are with belly shots, back in January,  at 21 1/2 and 14 weeks respectively.


So that makes 2 cousins now and 2 on the way.  But wait for the twist… guess who ELSE is preggers?  Cheryl!  She did a great job keeping this pregnancy on the DL from almost everyone (including our Mom!) for months.  She’s made it to 16 weeks and both she and the baby are 100% healthy!  She’s due September 3th.  If you’re doing the math that’s 3 new grandbabies in less than 16 weeks.  Best friend triplets for life!  That will make 5 grandchildren in less than 2 1/2 years.  My parents are beyond happy.  Oh the fun.  Oh the craziness.  Oh the joy!


Ming said...

Yea for cousins,babies, and being pregnant with your sisters! SO fun!!! Remember how you felt last week with the two kids so close in age? That is going to be Cheryl's life. Good luck.

Darling pics of the cousins and fam.

Ming said...

PS Glad you are enjoying Firefly Lane.

Kelly D. said...

That's awesome! My kids have exactly one cousin. It took Cart's parents SEVEN years to get five grandkids--and I had to do most of that heavy lifting myself (my parents still aren't there yet!). The Weilers know how to do it right ;)

Mom said...

Thank you Wendy for sharing my nose strap with the world wide web!Great pics of the cake cutting anticipation and the gender reveal.
Papa and Grammy and so blessed and excited.

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to fix the b-ball hoop now that I'll have a team this summer. Way to go kids.
Love Dad

lys said...

Congrats to Cheryl. She is a brave, brave, brave soul to have two kiddos so close together.

anna banana said...

So fun to have you all be pregoes together! I love cousins being born close to each other!

Rob said...

Don't know if you guys are trying to play catch up with the Barnes, but this is a serious head start you got going with the W's. It's fantastic. I love it!

Codi said...

I think that is pretty much record time! Congrats to all!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh how nervous I really am about the whole thing. Two babies....Lincoln probably won't even be walking, new city, no husband...PRAY FOR ME! They will be such besty cousins though.

Brooke said...

Love this post! (I'm going to have to tuck the gender cake idea away for future use.) That's so awesome that you are all preggers together! That would be my dream come true. So fun! Congrats to all. And good luck to Cheryl... Lincoln is adorable, btw!

Ali Snow said...

Soon our family will be that family that makes family gatherings all the sudden feel HUGE and chaotic. Can't wait until we're all together!

Lisa said...

That's so exciting! We are so happy for your family!

Alex and Katie said...

Wow-- good thing the Weiler side is exploding because the King side is all quiet on the Western front, and should remain so for a couple of years.

So happy for everyone!

Kellie said...

So cute!! Anderson is getting so big and I LOVE, LOVE his hair! I hope you are feeling good being prego. You look fabulous!!

Brittany said...

Seriously cousins are the BEST! My parents have 11 grandkids under the age of 7! It's crazy when they are all together, but so so fun! Love the pics of Anderson and Lincoln! :) They are both so cute!