Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010


25 INCHES outside our apartment.

DC's 4TH greatest snow accumulation ever.  (To think we felt bad for missing the huge snowstorm in December.  No worries, this storm beat that one.)

Closed:  DC Temple, Church (the stake made that call Thursday), Schools, Airports, Metro, EVERYTHING.  The post office (you know, those guys who deliver "come rain, sleet or snow") didn't deliver yesterday.  Apparently that hasn't happened in this area in 30 years.

Grocery stores sold out of the basics.

What I’m saying is, this storm was  a doozy.

But to me, this is great!  It’s an entire weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  Harley left work early Friday.  We didn't have to clean the church Saturday morning.  We didn't have to find a sitter, which I was dreading, and attend stake temple night Saturday night.  We didn't have to prepare lessons, go to church or spend the rest of the day in meetings today.  Seeing as we can't make it out of our parking lot, we're probably not going to  the McQueen's Superbowl Party tonight.  (That one we're actually really sad about.)  University of Maryland is closed tomorrow.  I'm just waiting for Prince George's Community College (Harley's 2nd job) to follow suit and then we'll have a THIRD day trapped at home with Harley.  Yay!  I know I was snow over winter in the last post, but if Harley is stuck home with us, it's totally different.


It started snowing in our 'hood around 11:30 AM Friday.  It didn't stop until 5PM Saturday night.  Late Friday night it was dumping 2 inches/hour.  Some places got 37 inches.  I feel like I'm at the cabin. It’s THAT much snow.  The snow is waist-deep in parts of our parking lot.  I've seen this much snow in a non-cabin setting only one other time in my life.   When I was a teenager there was a killer snowstorm in Iowa with 10-foot drifts.  We had to build a tunnel to get to our front door.  This isn’t that bad, but it’s in solid second place.  We watched a total of four cars try to drive down our non-plowed street yesterday.  All of them got stuck.

We've spent the weekend napping, (Anderson went into hibernation mode yesterday and took a 4+ hour nap!!) cooking, (I made - made, not opened a can, two soups and Harley made enchiladas) watching movies and the news, working on The Snowman song, reading, video-chatting with family, and enjoying our fat-pant, comfy sweats.  Oh and we deep cleaned the entire apartment.  It was desperately needed and felt great. 

We have plenty of food.  Harley and Anderson ventured out Friday night, during the storm, to stock up.  We decided that was smart.  Thursday night, before the storm hit, everyone was raiding the stores and everything was sold out.  By Friday, no one (but Harley) dared go out, so he had the place to himself and the shelves had been restocked.  He came home with everything on our list except ground beef.  Unlike hundreds of thousands in this area, we haven't lost power.  And for once I’m grateful to live in an apartment because we don’t have to shovel a driveway.  It would be nice to have a garage though… (I invite you to play “Where’s Fergie?” with our car below.)

DSC_0064 This was our back porch Saturday morning.


DSC_0067 DSC_0074   DSC_0073 DSC_0071

It was all fun and games until someone dropped the dustpan over the balcony, down three stories and into a 5 foot snow drift.

DSC_0083 DSC_0085




When the snow finally stopped we ventured out to survey the area and retrieve the dustpan.  The above shots are from our building’s front door.


Pretty sure our car is in there somewhere.


There she is!


Our building.  Hope that tree doesn’t snap in our direction. 


Up the street:  How many guys does it take to get a Suburban moving?


Self-taken family shot.


Watch out when that snow decides to fall.


  Anderson was not impressed with the Snowpocalypse at first. 

DSC_0133 DSC_0131

We reminded him he could kick and throw the snow.  Then it was a party.

Too bad there aren't any decent ski resorts around here, right?  (Oh and too bad I'm prego and my ski pants don't fit.)

My heart goes out to my old Fox peeps.  Many of them moved out of their homes and into a hotel across the street from the station so they could work round the clock live coverage all weekend.  UGHI AM SO GLAD I AM OUT OF THAT BIZ!  It never really dawned on me, even in college, getting into the news industry meant working all holidays and snow days meant your life got 100 times worse.  I will teach my children to consider holidays and the definition of a snow day when selecting a profession.  If they really want to be a doctor or police officer or news producer, go for it.  But there is something to be said for automatic closures on holidays and snow days=a free  day off.  Pretty sure that something, is FABULOUS.



Rachel said...

love it! Glad you are enjoying being snowed in. :) Glad you still have power! and plenty of food! It is super fun being trapped at home for a while. Can't wait to see you Thursday! I will be mad if the snow cancels that!!!!

Ming said...

SO fun! Love snow days. Remember global warming...hmmm, not this year eh? :) So fun to have so much Harley time.

Claudia said...

Here's an angle you hadn't thought of - it's good to be pregnant now, because 9 months from now, there will be a huge run on maternity wards. Trust me, we've seen huge snowed-in storms before, and the snow-baby-boom.

Mom said...

WOW, the parking lot picture really shows the magnitude of the snow. It's fun to have tons of snow outside when all your chicks are safely in their nest.

lys said...

First time in my life that I'm glad that I live in Utah and not back where you are. First time.

Jill said...

Ugh. Snow. Sounds like it's been nice for you though. That's great that you had so much time with Harley.

Kaija said...

wow. that's some crazy snow. i can't say i miss it. though I will be in colorado during snow season this fall!

Kelly D. said...

Holy cow! That is some SERIOUS snow!!! I'm so glad you had a nice, cozy weekend (that might turn out to be four days long)!

Ligia said...

we missed you guys tonight!! ain't the same without the king's, but get ready to party and chow down for chinese new year. let's hope it doesn't snow then. glad you had a great time at home with the boys. we've loved cozying on up this weekend too! isn't all this snow ridiculous?!?!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Sweet dude. You got it worse than we did...although our power was out for four hours last night because of it.

Rob said...

Yuma shut down a couple weeks ago. TWO INCHES OF RAIN!!!! No joke. The horror.
Are you a Doug Hill fan? I'm guessing no.

Sarah S said...

I'm so glad you have power and can enjoy the snow days at home together with heat, computer, tv, etc.

It's crazy to see that much snow!!! Holy cow. It's cool that you're there for such a record-breaking amt.

Ali Snow said...

Out sledding day has been canceled due to lack of snow. Looks like fun though! Be happy you have a warm, safe place to sleep.

anna banana said...

Awesome, I have been thinking about you guys everytime I turn on the news! Fun!

Brittany said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is alot of snow! So glad you got stuck inside with your fam... I love it when we have no where to go and nothing to do... I'm not going to lie... it hardly ever happens! But when it does I love it! Great pics! :) That little Anderson is a handsome devil... love his smile!

Amanda said...

Um, holy crap! I mean, holy snow storm! Looks like a nightmare to me, so way to make the best of it =). What a cute bundled up family!

Emily said...

That is a lot of snow! I have been thinking about you when watching the news. I also think gee I really need to get that food storage going........ Em

Bethany said...

I'm making plans to steal your baby!! He's too cute! Why don't ya'll go play in another snow storm, It'll make it easier for me to get away with Anderson without you seeing me!! :)