Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part of History

It's official. DC has broken the record for snowfall. We've received 65.6 inches total so far this season. That tops the 1899 record of 54.9 inches.

And it's still snowing right now.

The latest blizzard started yesterday afternoon and is forecasted to continue until 7PM. It's supposedly bringing 15-20 inches. This storm is dumping less snow than the last one but is worse because temperatures are colder and winds are gusting up to 50 mph. Snow plows were called off the road because drivers cannot see. The weekend's storm was pretty. Today's is a white-out and just kind of scary. Here's a look from this morning, when things were tame-ish.


We're on Day 5 of living in our snow cave. Monday we left the house for the first time since Friday. We went to Costco. We got stuck 3 times in our parking lot. Costco was dead, which made for an awesome shopping experience. We ran into our Bishop who told us several ward members are without power. We went to lunch at Applebee's (remember when I worked there and it was the worst job ever?) and remembered why we don't like it.

Harley went to work yesterday and was the. only. human. on. campus. Of course he had his fruit flies for company.

Today he's trapped back home, and we're loving life again. Right now Harley and Anderson are entertaining each other bouncing tennis balls down the stairwell of our building. Cabin fever much? Oh no, people, that is good times. We only wish we lived within walking distance of some friends. Harley and I played our new favorite game, Blokus, today while Anderson napped. (Thanks Kara for explaining how it can, in fact, be a 2-player game.) It was great, and I won... but it's more fun with four players. So many friends. So spread apart. All stuck home with their worlds shut down. Oh the fun we would have camping out together. If only we could get to each other.

McQueen Superbowl Party Sunday:
didn't make it. Couldn't get out of the parking lot.
GNO tomorrow:
Ultrasound (the big one where we learn the gender) Friday:
Stake Conference this weekend:
canceled. The Quorum of the 12 made that call yesterday.

The federal government has been shut down since it's early release Thursday. It is costing $100 million a day in lost productivity.

Two more storms are predicted next week. What?!?!?

Shout out to Krysta who
delivered a baby yesterday in all this mess. Guess they're a little too busy to join us for games anyway.


Wein said...

$100 million a day! wow

Claudia said...

Good luck with the rest of this snow! Hope you see sun again soon - and enjoy the time with your boys.

Ali Snow said...

Snow days are fun. Be grateful you have power because can imagine if you didn't? And if your ultrasound gets canceled...I will cry with you.

lys said...

Not sure the status of your cell phone, but I called you today because I've been thinking about you. Every morning on the news I get the latest report on "Snowmaggedon" and I can't believe that you are living in it. Aren't we supposed to be "The Greatest Snow on Earth" here in UT? It's been in the mid-40's all week. I was looking at the calendar and wondering about your ultrasound. That would be so devastating to have to reschedule it! Ugh! I have my fingers crossed for you that Friday will still happen. And, I'll also keep thinking BOY for you. Good luck with everything. xoxo

Ming said...

It's crazy how much snow you're getting. Blue skies and sunshine here in D-town. I kind of love the huge storms that shut down the city though. Exciting and fun and great to have Harley home another day.

Have I mentioned how jealous I am that your ultra sound is Friday? Mine isn't until March 3rd! I'll be 21 and a half weeks along by then. Lame. I guess we've switched places from babies #1 when I found out at 16 weeks and you had to wait forever. I'm learning patience I suppose. I hope you make it to your ultra sound and can't wait to hear the results! Enjoy the snow.

Rachel said...

hey ya never know--maybe the roads will be clear for TT Thursday night? :)

Also went to Costco on Monday and it was PACKED!!!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

They keep talking about how heavy the snow is and how they are worried about collapsing roofs. Does this worry you at all especially being on the top story of an old apartment building? It's worrying me. Can you send Harley up there to knock off some of the snow?

Jess said...

It's even snowing down here in Dallas--we're supposed to get 5 inches! I know, you would kill for only five inches. I spent 20+ years in the northeast but the one thing I don't miss at all is the snow. Hang in there!

Kaija said...

wow. makes me want to get back on top of our food storage, etc. asap.

Holly said...

i so wish i had a fraction of your snow...

we got blokus for Christmas. love it!

jaredandmatisse said...

Jared is so jealous of all the snow you stole from New England! We were told a "Big Storm" was on the way twice and only go a dusting.

Kara said...

Why, oh why couldn't you guys live 1/2 hour south so we could all play hours and hours of Blokus together and pig out on chips and salsa and Coke through this craziest of snow weeks? Glad you're having fun with your men, though. Drew had to go back to work today (I think he was ready). Can't wait for GNO Tuesday!!!

anna banana said...

Wait so you should know now what you are having? Unless the ultrasound got canceled. I hope it didnt!

Sarah S said...

it is CRAZY how much snow you guys have had. this week when we got a foot of snow (which normally feels like a ton), I kept thinking, it's not as much as DC!

And crazy that Stake Conference had to be cancelled. I bet that doesn't happen very often.

P.S. - I'm going to blog about this at some point, but Ben and I have a new favorite game that we play all the time when we're cooped up in these dreary winter months. It's called Dominion - sort of Settlers of Catan-esque... but not really.