Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Massiveness that was Utah: Part 2

Christmas Day 2009 was full of SuRpRiSeS.

My mom had to work Christmas morning, so most of us (Cheryl and Ryan were with Ryan’s family) SuRpRiSeD her by bringing our lovely selves, two hideous sweaters and Christmas carols to her and her peeps. She works in an assisted living center. If you’re old and hard of hearing, guess what? You think we sound great. My mom was pretty shocked when we burst through the front door shaking bells and singing. Please take a moment to appreciate Ali and Jonathan’s sweaters. They had recently attended an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. They raided my mom’s closet and found these gems. They were such a hit at the party (“and back then!” my mom insists) they decided to wear them Christmas morning. Yes, Jonathan is wearing a turtleneck. And Allison's sweater sings AND lights up.

DSC_0276DSC_0277 DSC_0285 DSC_0289

We continued spreading festive SuRpRiSeS by taking our musical talents to Grandpa Bud and his old folk friends. Tom had pulled an all-nighter finishing a scrapbook (yes, scrapbook) for his girlfriend so he was a little tuckered out.DSC_0294 DSC_0318

That afternoon our family Christmas traditions began. Brunch, stockings, presents. Santa SuRpRiSeD Anderson with an awesome monkey backpack. Anderson SuRpRiSeD us by refusing to wear it, no matter how many monkey noises Harley made. This backpack now has big plans to make a “new” appearance on Anderson’s birthday.


Cheryl and I SuRpRiSeD our husbands with twinner red cowboy shirts. Okay, maybe Harley picked his out and Cheryl loved it so much she SuRpRiSeD Ryan with one. Harley loves his shirt and wears it all. the. time. Ryan was not impressed. His shirt has been returned.


My sisters, brother and I SuRpRiSeD my dad with a Jazz sweatshirt hiding game tickets for the whole family in the front pocket. Finally, a gift the man loved.

DSC_0360 IMG_0066

The biggest SuRpRiSe came at the end.


Watch it bigger here.

You heard right. Around 1:50 my mom says, “Wendy, I thought you were looking a little thick.” Later my brother agreed. Thanks guys. Nothing like family to tell you the truth. And to give the best reactions ever. I forgive my mom because the rest of her response is so great. Need a look at those reactions again in still picture? No problem. Ali and Jonathan got a new camera for Christmas so between their camera, our camera and Cheryl’s video camera we had paparazzi action going on. I love my family for their excitement, support and Harley’s… ????.


After presents we went over the river and through the woods to Grandma Jean’s house. The woman is pushing 80 and still puts on a huge, delicious Christmas dinner for the entire family (40+ people) every year. Anderson performed Jingle Bells in the talent show and spent the rest of the night SuRpRiSiNg people with his Big Brother shirt.


DSC_0413 IMG_5182 Lisa, what is this face? I include this picture so everyone can admire your Elvis lip.

The next day we enjoyed Temple Square lights then watched the Jazz beat the 76ers. The win meant everyone got a free Big Mac. It was my first Big Mac. Tasty, but it doesn’t beat my McDonald’s staple.



I love spending the holidays with these people.


DSC_0170-1 DSC_0172-1 DSC_0177-1


So there it is, Merry Christmas. SuRpRiSe, it’s only two months late!

Catch up on massiveness here. More massiveness ahead.


Mom said...

Great post Wendy, so fun to get everyone's reactions. We had a Norman Rockwell Hoilday.
I love my family, thanks for documenting the memories.

Kelly D. said...

I love how your dad goes, "Oh, SUE! You don't say that!" Too cute and too funny!

Love all the surprises :)

Wein said...

i really like the picture combo with all of the shocked faces :)

Ming said...

Such a fun post! I loved seeing the live video. Great reactions! So funny. I feel like I have more to say on this, but lets discuss when we chat.

Carter said...

What game were the Jazz tickets for?

Codi said...

I love your mom. That video is so funny. You got some great pictures of Christmas!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Wish I could have gone Christmas caroling at Grammy's with ya'all. That looked like fun. Good Post. Nice pics. esp. that reactions grouping of pictures you professional blogger you.

Logical Libby said...

A LITTLE THICK? Wow, Moms sure now how to cut through all the syrup and get right to the point...

Kelley said...

i loved seeing all of your holiday pics. what a fun gathering! you have a wonderful family! i'm impressed with your awesome blogging...the pics, videos, & text. it's nice to "see" you here! i love you w2k!

Gwendolyn said...

That is SUCH a great way to surprise your family! And way to completely throw them off with the "Will it be Jazz or BYU?" comment.

anna banana said...

I love seeing what you have done, so thanks for the post! Love Anderson's haircut, we have the two cowlick problem, but no solution... (except keep it short)

lys said...

You always have THE BEST pictures. Way to capture the moment you made the announcement!!