Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Massiveness that was Utah: Part 2

Christmas Day 2009 was full of SuRpRiSeS.

My mom had to work Christmas morning, so most of us (Cheryl and Ryan were with Ryan’s family) SuRpRiSeD her by bringing our lovely selves, two hideous sweaters and Christmas carols to her and her peeps. She works in an assisted living center. If you’re old and hard of hearing, guess what? You think we sound great. My mom was pretty shocked when we burst through the front door shaking bells and singing. Please take a moment to appreciate Ali and Jonathan’s sweaters. They had recently attended an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. They raided my mom’s closet and found these gems. They were such a hit at the party (“and back then!” my mom insists) they decided to wear them Christmas morning. Yes, Jonathan is wearing a turtleneck. And Allison's sweater sings AND lights up.

DSC_0276DSC_0277 DSC_0285 DSC_0289

We continued spreading festive SuRpRiSeS by taking our musical talents to Grandpa Bud and his old folk friends. Tom had pulled an all-nighter finishing a scrapbook (yes, scrapbook) for his girlfriend so he was a little tuckered out.DSC_0294 DSC_0318

That afternoon our family Christmas traditions began. Brunch, stockings, presents. Santa SuRpRiSeD Anderson with an awesome monkey backpack. Anderson SuRpRiSeD us by refusing to wear it, no matter how many monkey noises Harley made. This backpack now has big plans to make a “new” appearance on Anderson’s birthday.


Cheryl and I SuRpRiSeD our husbands with twinner red cowboy shirts. Okay, maybe Harley picked his out and Cheryl loved it so much she SuRpRiSeD Ryan with one. Harley loves his shirt and wears it all. the. time. Ryan was not impressed. His shirt has been returned.


My sisters, brother and I SuRpRiSeD my dad with a Jazz sweatshirt hiding game tickets for the whole family in the front pocket. Finally, a gift the man loved.

DSC_0360 IMG_0066

The biggest SuRpRiSe came at the end.


Watch it bigger here.

You heard right. Around 1:50 my mom says, “Wendy, I thought you were looking a little thick.” Later my brother agreed. Thanks guys. Nothing like family to tell you the truth. And to give the best reactions ever. I forgive my mom because the rest of her response is so great. Need a look at those reactions again in still picture? No problem. Ali and Jonathan got a new camera for Christmas so between their camera, our camera and Cheryl’s video camera we had paparazzi action going on. I love my family for their excitement, support and Harley’s… ????.


After presents we went over the river and through the woods to Grandma Jean’s house. The woman is pushing 80 and still puts on a huge, delicious Christmas dinner for the entire family (40+ people) every year. Anderson performed Jingle Bells in the talent show and spent the rest of the night SuRpRiSiNg people with his Big Brother shirt.


DSC_0413 IMG_5182 Lisa, what is this face? I include this picture so everyone can admire your Elvis lip.

The next day we enjoyed Temple Square lights then watched the Jazz beat the 76ers. The win meant everyone got a free Big Mac. It was my first Big Mac. Tasty, but it doesn’t beat my McDonald’s staple.



I love spending the holidays with these people.


DSC_0170-1 DSC_0172-1 DSC_0177-1


So there it is, Merry Christmas. SuRpRiSe, it’s only two months late!

Catch up on massiveness here. More massiveness ahead.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Massiveness that was Utah: Part 1

My biggest blog fans (hi best friend and Mom!) want to know when I’m going to blog about Utah. Okay, for you two supporters, I’ll do it! Yeah, yeah, it’s probably great to do it anyway for history sake. :) Don’t know how quality these posts will be, but something is better than nothing, right? Here we go.

We went to Utah and Idaho for 30 days over the holidays. We schlepped so much stuff. So. much. stuff.



One day we played in the snow. Back then we figured this was the best snow we’d see this season.

DSC_0102 DSC_0114 DSC_0110DSC_0085


We made (read: burned) sugar cookies.


We caught up with our dearest friends.

DSC_0033Palladio Peeps: The Chadwicks in their new, beautiful home

DSC_0018Childhood Bestie: Haley “Oscar” Mack


2nd Chance Favorites: The Wickstroms in Becky’s new, AMAZING kitchen


DSC_0022Divas + Diva Disciples (WHO planned this shot?)

DSC_0421 The Team (Why are we addicted to pictures on stairs? Are we going to Prom?)

On Christmas Eve we played in more snow and went sledding (with a kneeboard). Except sledding was more like pulling and it became a battle of muscles between Papa, Ryan and Cheryl. Anderson wasn’t a fan of riding solo, but he loved riding partners.DSC_0199 DSC_0205DSC_0211





The whole fam damily went bowling.

DSC_0157 DSC_0161


DSC_0189DSC_0190The ladies: Grandma, Cheryl, me, Ali, Lisa, Mom

DSC_0187The men: Dad, Ryan, Harley, Tom, Jonathan, Grandpa

DSC_0177The kiddos: Anderson & Lincoln


Anderson had his first professional haircut.

DSC_0188-1 DSC_0186-1 BEFORE: Seriously, WHAT to do with the double cowlicks?



DURING: Would you trust a woman with purple streaks in her hair?




Grammy and I celebrated Anderson’s milestone with pedicures next door. Gotta love one-stop-shop Walmart. It was my mom’s first ever pedicure! She was so impressed she sprung for a mani at the last minute.

Some days we partied so hard, we crashed like this.


And every day we had general silliness.



DSC_0019 DSC_0424DSC_0219

Most of that was just the first week. More to come.